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    StyleClothingVideo: 5 Ways To Go Braless Even Post-Lockdown

    Video: 5 Ways To Go Braless Even Post-Lockdown

    The lockdown, though restrictive, made women all around the world be free. Lounging in pyjamas all day long became the norm and bras got pushed to the back of the wardrobe. There are plenty of benefits of going braless like higher comfort level, pain relief, improved blood circulation and so much more.

    So, why should it be something you can only enjoy in the comfort of your home? Women are going braless for life, everywhere around the world. The first time you step out of your house, you may be more conscious of your breasts and their movements. It’s going to feel noticeably different for you as there’s nothing holding your breasts up or down. 

    Common reasons women are happy to ditch the bra are;

    • You can save so much money (bras are expensive!)
    • Medically, physiologically, anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity, a study states
    • You may be able to sleep better (feel less restricted at night)

    Your Guide To Going Braless

    1. Begin your braless journey from your room to the living room, kitchen, balcony and all through the day as such.
    2. Next time you step out to walk your dog or go to the corner store, put on a bralette instead of a bra.
    3. If nipples are your biggest issue, just put on some nipple covers. Try this for your next video call.
    4. A bodysuit is perfect if you are feeling conscious yet keen on going braless.
    5. The best thing about pasties is the variety of colours, shapes, patterns and designs they come in, making them a must-try.

    And here’s how to step out into the world with confidence and without a bra! Remember, going braless is totally a personal choice and you can rock every kind of outfit, with a bra or without one.

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