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The List: 11 Loungewear Outfits That Can Be Taken From Day To Night

Don’t feel like getting out of your jammies? Don’t worry, no one does. The seemingly endless months during the pandemic gave rise to a new segment in fashion, also known as the ‘Work From Home (WFH)’ style. 

Kaftans, co-ord pyjama sets, sleep shirts, and shirt dresses were the order of the day, right through 2020 and 2021. Now this year, when everyone’s going back to work, fashion-forward women are doing a little Shararat by cleverly styling the same loungewear they wore at home to look cute enough to be worn outside.

The 2022 fashion aesthetic is all about comfort chic, and it runs across all ages. Playful prints, colours, versatile round-the-clock looks, it’s all about dopamine or ‘mood’ fashion that puts you in a happy frame of mind for the day. 

So, here’s your one-stop guide to getting with the trend and shopping for loungewear outfits that are honestly too pretty to just lounge around in. 

Buying Guide: 5 Tips To Shop For Loungewear That Can Be Taken From Day To Night

1. Look For Happy Prints & Colours

Prints and colours are key to making a statement when you’re out and about. They reduce the need for accessories and can be paired with neutral tones to pull together a playful yet sophisticated look.

2. Opt For Breathable Fabrics

Trend-based fashion can be uncomfortable at times, compelling you to fidget with your clothes now and then. Luckily, loungewear is made from the goodness of breathable fabrics (like cotton) and comfortable relaxed fits.

3. Choose Loungewear That Vibes With Your Personal Style

Love dresses? A kaftan or shirt dress is a great option for you. More of a trousers-type person? Co-ord pyjama sets or even just loungewear bottoms with a cute crop top or shirt can feel like you. The idea is to opt for loungewear that vibes closely in fit, cut, and style with what you would wear outdoors on any given day.

4. Co-Ord Sets Are A Safe Bet

There is no easier way to get dressed and look fashion-forward than with co-ord sets. They’re all the rage and come in a variety of prints, colours, fits, and lengths. A two-piece co-ord set featuring a printed shirt and shorts is all you need for a brunch date. Accessorise with some nude heels and gold-toned jewellery and you’re good to go. 

5. Mix & Match With Other Wardrobe Basics

You needn’t always wear your sleepwear and loungewear the way you had purchased it. A great way to elevate the look is to pair loungewear pieces with other wardrobe basics. For instance, mix-n-match a sleepwear shirt with fitted jeans or black palazzos; pair a formal shirt with printed loungewear shorts; add a broad waist belt to cinch the waist of your loungewear shirt dress.

Add To Cart: 11 Loungewear Sets From Shararat That Are Too Cute To Not Be Worn Outside

1. Yellow Leaf Print Cotton Kaftan

The pop of yellow of this kaftan is perfectly complemented by the blue and white colour of the leaf motifs on it. While the colour takes care of your mood, the pure cotton fabric is just what you need to help your skin breathe at all times. You can wear it as a dress or pair it with a white palazzo when you step outside. 

Price: Rs 2,499 Rs 999

Buy the Yellow Leaf Print Cotton Kaftan here.

2. Royal Blue Batik Print Cotton Kaftan

Brush off your blues with this bright royal blue kaftan that celebrates the magic of ethnic batik prints. This V-neck, crop-length loungewear lets your skin breathe thanks to the super-light cotton fabric. Pair it with comfy slip-ons while lounging at home and with stilettos or flats when you have to go out. 

Price: Rs 2,499 Rs 999 

Buy the Royal Blue Batik Print Cotton Kaftan here.

3. Red Booti Print Cotton Kaftan

The red kaftan with the cute floral print will make your heart dance with happiness. The V-neck, full-length kaftan with adjustable drawstrings around the waist enables you to wear the loungewear relaxed or snugly—whichever fit you prefer. Easy to wash, pure cotton breathable fabric and a versatile piece of clothing are just some of the many reasons why you should add this piece to your wardrobe. 

Print: Rs 999 Rs 499

Buy the Red Booti Print Cotton Kaftan here.

4. Blue Rayon Tie And Dye Print Women’s Pyjama

These woven rayon pants with trendy tie and dye print are a must-have. It has comfortable drawstrings that won’t bite into your skin, is made of ultra-soft fabric, and comes with two side pockets—who doesn’t love pockets? Dress it up with a white tee or crisp white boyfriend shirt and strut out in style.

Price: Rs 1,499 Rs 599

Buy the Blue Rayon Tie and Dye Print Women’s Pyjama here.

5. Peach Buti Print Women’s Cotton Pyjamas

The relaxing pastel shade of this cotton pant wonderfully complements the tiny traditional motifs in red. The cotton fabric and elasticised drawstrings enable you to breathe, relax, and stretch as much as you want to. Complement it with a white t-shirt, or you could even wear it as bottoms under an ethnic kurti.

Price: Rs 1,499 Rs 599

Buy the Peach Buti Print Women’s Cotton Pyjama here.

6. Grey And Off-White Cotton Stripe Pyjama

If stripes are your vibe, then here you go! The grey and off-white cotton pyjamas can easily be passed off as formal pants. Pair these bottoms with a button-down shirt, or if you’re going for the athleisure aesthetic, wear it with a black tank top and white sneakers.

Price: Rs 1,499 Rs 599 

Buy the Grey And Off-White Cotton Stripe Women’s Pyjama here.

7. Light Brown Floral Printed Cotton Women’s Night Suit-Shorts Set

This unique brown loungewear with simple ethnic foliage prints is a lesson in comfort and style. It has an elastic skin-friendly waistband and two pockets on either side of the shorts. The set is easy to wash and does not lose its colour even after multiple washes. An ideal homeware set, you can transform this into casual wear by pairing it with other wardrobe basics like a black tee with shorts, or blue jeans with the shirt.

Price: Rs 2,299 Rs 899

Buy the Light Brown Floral Printed Cotton Women’s Night Suit-Shorts Set here.

8. Dark Grey Floral Printed Rayon Women’s Night Suit

Do you know the easiest way to wear loungewear for a formal occasion? Pick a dark colour. Blues, blacks, and greys are a safe bet, which is why we’re loving this floral printed set. The unique fit and flare style of the top makes it a cute option over formal trousers or jeans. The bottoms can be paired with any black top (crop, t-shirt, formal shirt) and some gold accessories to complement the gold floral print. 

Price: Rs 3,299 Rs 999 

Buy the Dark Grey Floral Printed Women’s Night Suit here.

9. Green And White Floral Cotton Printed Women’s Night Suit 

The relaxed-fit white shirt and pyjama co-ord set with green delicate floral prints revel in the aesthetic of leisure wear. Soft to touch because of its pure cotton material, the elastic waistband sits easily on your skin. Accessories the co-ord set when you plan to venture out and, ta-da, you’re ready to embrace slow fashion because this set can be worn to brunches, shopping dates with your BFF, and even as resort wear.

Price: Rs 1,499 Rs 799 

Buy the Green And White Floral Cotton Printed Women’s Night Suit here.

10. Yellow And Black Check Print Knee Length Cotton Sleep Shirt

Time to look like a cute little siren in this yellow and black chequered sleep shirt. Made with 100% cotton, sleep shirts are a fashion statement that looks good on any woman. All you need to add to this look are some sneakers or flats and a mini bag under your arm.

Price: Rs 2,199 Rs 899 

Buy the Yellow And Black Check Print Knee-Length Cotton Sleep Shirt here.

11. Light Blue And White Stripe Knee Length Cotton Sleep Shirt

Classics never go out of fashion and this sleep shirt is one of them. The pristine blue with white vertical stripes makes this piece easy to fashion into workwear style. You can belt it for a fitted silhouette or leave it as a relaxed fit as it is. Accessorise with a delicate pendant and some gladiator sandals and you’re good to go.

Price: Rs 2,100 Rs 899 

Buy the Light Blue And White Stripe Knee-Length Cotton Sleep Shirt here.

Shop for more fashion-forward loungewear sets, kaftans, and sleep shirts at The dopamine-focused brand focuses on mood fashion, using playful prints and vibrant colours to inject the same sense of whimsy and naughtiness we have as kids. Because you’re never too old for some Shararat! Helpful guide on how to remove colour stains from white clothes. Click Here.

Check out fashion influencer Sakshi Chaudhry’s (Instagram: @ootdbysakshi) top 5 loungewear picks from Shararat and tips to style them when you’re wearing them outside.

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