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Look Your Best On A First Date: A Complete Outfit Guide

What to wear on a first date? You’re surely wondering if you’re gonna have the first date real soon. Be it a casual movie date or a romantic dinner date, being comfortable in your outfit is a must. While we all want to look sexy on our first dates, what would be the best first-date outfit? Read on to know.

Before choosing any one of these outfits understand that sexy is a feeling. It’s the energy you got in you and not something you’ll achieve by wearing some kind of clothes. Compromising comfort just to look sexy might not be the best choice.   

Dos And Don’ts Of First Date Styling 

The first date is always a little special moment that we remember forever. While we are thinking of what to wear on a date, there are some other styling things that should be taken care of too. Here are some of them.

  • Don’t overdo anything, keep your makeup and outfit minimal and decent.
  • Iron your clothes if you’re wearing non-wrinkle-free material.
  • Add statement jewellery pieces to your outfit. 
  • Don’t wear ill-fitted clothes. Make sure the outfit you’re wearing is neither too loose nor uncomfortably tight.
  • Dress for the place you’re going. You don’t want to be uncomfortable because you are dressed differently than everybody else.
  • Make sure you wear the perfect underwear pieces too.
  • Make sure your hair is properly set. Frizzy hair doesn’t leave a good first impression.
  • Avoid wearing stilettos or dagger heels.  

5 Safe First Date Outfits That Always Work

1. White Tee Shirt And Blue Jeans

White T-Shirt And Blue Jeans For First Date
Picture Credit: Amazon

We know it sounds really simple. But if styled correctly, it looks really pretty. And it is also something we all have in our wardrobes.

Take a white tee shirt and wear it with blue jeans. Make sure both of the clothing items fit you correctly. Wear it with sneakers and carry a sling bag. And if you’re wondering “what to wear on a movie date?”, this is the answer. Add some eyeliner and mascara to this look. You can choose from these eyeliner styles to add a perfect finish to your first-date look.

2. Floral Dress

Wear Comfortable Floral Dress On Your First Date
Picture Credit: Amazon

Floral flowy dresses are trending right now for obvious reasons. They are comfortable, cute and a perfect first-date dress option.

A knee-length floral dress paired with boots will make a stunning outfit. Wear your hair in a cute, messy bun. Wear minimal eye makeup and bold lipstick. For jewellery keep it simple by just wearing earrings and a ring. Carry a black sling bag.

3. A Kurta And Ripped Jeans

Go For Kurta And Ripped Jeans On Your First Date
Picture Credit: Amazon

A kurta is a very versatile clothing item and yes, you can wear it on your first date too. Especially if you are thinking, what to wear on a lunch date?

Take a kurta which you can pair up with your ripped jeans. Wear a nice pair of jhumkas with it. For the hairstyle, leave your hair open. Wear kajal, nude lipstick and carry a tote bag. You can go for either juttis or sandals. Both will go well with this outfit.

4. Tank Tops And Palazzos

Try Tank Tops And Palazzos
Picture Credit: Amazon

Do you want to know what to wear on a first date and be extremely comfortable? Ladies, this is the solution. Both of the pieces are extremely flowy and look stunning when paired together.

Choose a plain tank top and team it up with some printed palazzo pants or vice versa. Wear them with block heels and tie your hair in a ponytail. Wear some hoop earrings and carry a small backpack or a sling bag.

5. Maxi Dresses

Go For Maxi Dress On Your First Date
Picture Credit: Amazon

When it comes to what to wear on a dinner date, we think of maxi dresses. This, again, is one wonderful first-date dress. It’s extremely flattering and comfortable as well. Pick up the right style and colour for this one.

Maxi dresses are long hence wear them with pump heels. A nice French twist hairstyle with smokey eyes and nude lipstick will look flattering. Carry a clutch and this first-date outfit will look amazing.

Now we know what to wear on a date. But often when we do things for the first time we aren’t really sure about the comfort level.

5 Tips To Make You Feel Relaxed & Comfortable On Your First Date

Here are some tips to feel comfortable and relaxed on your first date:

  1. Stop being conscious about how you look and whether they’ll like you or not. Dress your best and feel the same too. 
  2. You don’t have to agree with everything they say. Keep your points in front of them and have an open, honest conversation. Be yourself and state your opinions with confidence.
  3. Think of this as if you are hanging out with a friend. That way you won’t be super nervous.
  4. If you are uncomfortable or have a feeling that it isn’t working out, just leave. There is no point in continuing a date when you are uncomfortable just to be polite. 
  5. Do not overthink and plan everything in your head. Have a rough idea of what you are gonna talk or do on a date. But don’t plan every minute. 

Well, now the confusion about what to wear on a first date is gone. And you also know how to feel comfortable and relaxed. So make the most of your first date.

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