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Designers Bhumika & Jyoti Pick 7 Fabrics To Make Your Wardrobe Summer-Ready

Feels like the month of May always lasts a 100 days, doesn’t it? Also, with work-from-home being the new normal, the cushy air conditioning of corporate offices can’t provide the respite they usually do. Designers Bhumika & Jyoti of their namesake brand help you put together a Summer wardrobe with weather appropriate fabrics that will keep you cool.

7 Best Fabrics You Should Consider Wearing In Summer 

1. Cotton

The cotton fabric has been experimented with a lot of other yarns to make it more durable and affordable. It comes in varied thickness and weight. During Summer, the most preferred variety should be mal cotton as it has airy loops. This makes the fabric breathable and allows for air circulation. The best feature about this fabric is that even if you sweat in it, it dries faster.

Care Tip: Pure cotton tends to shrink hence it is advisable to pre-wash the fabric before production. It is recommended that you wash it in cold water on low tumble and then air dry it. Using a hot iron to remove the creases works wonderfully.

2. Linen

One of the most loved fabrics is linen. It is one of the top picks for Summer as it comes in different textures and weight. It’s made of natural fibre from plants which leaves you feeling cool. The texture makes it look rich, which gives it a formal look too.

Care Tip: Due to the natural fibre ingredient, it makes it necessary for linen to be pre-washed before production. This helps prevent the fabric from shrinking. Dip it in cold water for 10-15 minutes beforehand. You can either hand wash it by rinsing it in light soap water a few times, or machine washing it on low tumble. Avoid drying it in the machine as that will reshape and shrink the fabric. The best practice would be to dry it flat and when it is a bit damp. The use of an iron with moderate heat on damp linen fabric delivers a creaseless and sharp looking outfit.

3. Lawn

Lawn is one of the most used fabrics in Summer. It’s soft, lightweight, and easy to handle. The fabric is a blend of cotton and linen. And just like them, it has airy pockets making it one of the best options for the season

Care Tip: A good tip for lawn garments is to wash them in cold water. A machine wash and any other normal cleaning treatments work fine. But, avoid using the spin feature as it does tend to loosen up the fabric.

4. Rayon

This man-made fabric is one of the best options for the Summer wear. It’s cool due to the content of wood pulp and other natural synthetics in it. The fabric doesn’t crease much either.

Care Tip: Rayon garments should be turned inside out to secure the print and colour while washing. Use cold water for machine wash and run it on low spin. Avoid machine drying rayon garments or using high spin. This will extend their lifespan and wearability.

5. Hemp

Hemp is one of the oldest and best fabrics available. It’s made from a variety of cannabis Sativa plants and is the easiest to cultivate. For centuries, hemp has provided fibre for multi-purpose use. It’s one of the more natural and environmentally-friendly fabrics that can be worn this season. The fabric is completely biodegradable, making it one of our top choices for sustainable fashion.

Care Tip: It requires similar care to linen. You can use cold to warm water. Avoid hot water as hemp fabric shrinks in it. Regular use of hemp clothing makes it smoother. With a good wash and care routine, hemp garments can last for more than 25 to 30 years.

6. Chambray

A lightweight woven fabric, Chambray looks and feels like denim. It’s a long-lasting and low maintenance fabric which makes it a better alternative to denim when it’s hot outside.

Care Tip: Chambray is a strong and durable fabric. Wash it in cold water and for machine wash, use the low tumble feature. Every wash makes it softer and helps it feel smoother.

7. Liva

Liva is certainly one of the best man-made fabrics of today’s times. It is made up of natural cellulose fibre. Thus, it is very soft and fluid, falls well and is almost creaseless. Its able to absorb sweat without leaving any stains.

Care Tip: It can be machine washed or hand-washed. Liva holds the colour and print well. Hence, even multiple washes don’t fade the freshness of the garment. Use cold water to make your garment last longer. 

5 Fabrics You Should Avoid Wearing In Summer

1. Lycra

Lycra tends to stick to the body and leaves no gap for the air to circulate. This makes the body surface sweaty and makes you feel itchy and uncomfortable.

2. Polyester

This fabric is not natural and definitely not breathable. It holds onto sweat and moisture, making it extremely uncomfortable for Summer.

3. Nylon

One of the worst picks for the season, nylon makes you feel very sticky very quickly, especially in humid weather. 

4. Corduroy

Though corduroy is available in various weights and thickness, its construction makes it unsuitable for Summer. It can make you feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

5. Wool

Wool has air pockets which naturally traps the external air. In Summer, the heat gets trapped along with the body heat. This generates excessive heat which leaves you feeling like you’re burning up, and are uneasy and itchy.

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