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    The Jewellery Edit: A Guide To Organise, Store & Display Your Baubles

    Jhumke, chokers, payals and so much more, the world of jewellery is vast, sparkly, and pretty. And India has been the cultural hub of various pieces of jewellery, from Kundankari, Meenakari to Lacquer (lac) and Nakshi, Temple designs to pearls and beads. But how well do you take care of your jewellery?

    Every piece of jewellery is made using different metals, alloys and materials, sometimes even fabrics. And the stones, beads, pearls are delicate and can get damaged pretty easily. Your favourite jewellery not only requires great care while storing but can be displayed to add character to your room decor as well. Here are some useful tips, tricks and hacks to make your jewellery last for a long time and keep it in great condition.

    Store It Right

    Whether you have been collecting jewellery since you were a teen or are new to this world, it’s vital to know how to store your jewellery correctly. While precious metals need to be stored in a safe or locker for obvious reasons, you might be unaware of a few tricks that help them not go dull.

    1. Malmal Ka Kapda

    Muslin (malmal) is perfect for storing your precious jewellery pieces. Malmal acts as an anti-tarnish protectant and keeps them looking brand new. While it’s great to use the original boxes the pieces come in, you can use a simple wooden box or even cardboard lined with muslin for storing gold and silver jewellery. Alternatively, you can buy some fresh and fun storage products like muslin bags and potlis available online.

    2. Wooden Boxes

    This method has been popular for centuries and for a good reason. These are eco-friendly options, are available in various shapes and sizes and last a long time. If you have a small collection of dainty necklaces and stud earrings, go for a mini 3-set drawer or if your love for rings needs special attention, grab one with tiny compartments that’s perfect for it. Get one if you have a sizable bangle collection.

    3. Drawer Separators

    You must have heard about or even used drawer separators for your clothes. But there are several options for doing just that for your jewellery drawer as well. Usually, these are adjustable and come in various sizes so that you can store a lot of different pieces. While you can get a plastic set at affordable prices, you can also get pre-made ones lined with felt if you want to splurge a little. Also, you can get your jewellery drawer customised from a carpenter!

    4. Easy Containers 

    The list of plastic containers for necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets and every kind of jewellery is unending. From tired boxes for your dresser to sets of mini drawers for Indian festive jewellery, you can store a lot of things depending on the container. Since these are airtight containers, you rarely need to add anything else. Make sure you invest in a good quality product as the use of plastic should be as limited as possible.

    5. Reusable Products

    We all get a ton of fancy mithai boxes on festivals or velvet boxes that contain wedding invitations and they are too pretty to throw away. A great use for those is for storing your jewellery. Velvet is soft and hence a great match for storing your precious jewellery. They come in a variety of designs and colours, making it fun to arrange your dresser as you like it. Make sure to clean the boxes once before use.

    Organise With Care

    While storage is all sorted, it simply isn’t enough. Organising your jewellery for easy access and to make it last a long time is crucial. Stuffing all your jewellery in a single box can do more damage than you think.

    1. Separate The Jewellery

    Oxidised jewellery is always trendy but if yours turns black quickly, you might be not storing it correctly. Such pieces require airtight containers and need to be separated from other metals. Wrap each piece individually in ziplock bags or airtight boxes. This will prolong their lifespan. Make sure you keep them away from perfumes and fragrances. The same goes for other metal necklaces and chains. Store them separately to avoid tarnish. 

    2. Take The Weather Into Consideration

    If you live in a hot and humid environment, make sure you store all your jewellery in airtight containers. Metal pieces can go black or turn unusable if exposed to humidity. If it’s always cool and dry in your city, go ahead and hand them on unique and quirky things. Reuse old hangers for chains, necklaces and bracelets. Or DIY one as a bangle rack. You can buy beautiful earring racks or small china plates for your dresser.

    3. Arrangement Is Key

    Who doesn’t love a great kundankari piece for special occasions? And if you plan on wearing yours for a long time, make sure you store it right. You can get a ton of different jewellery bags with zippers for this. Organise your Indian jewellery collection by using these and pass them on to the next generation.

    4. Avoid The Mess

    This has happened to all of us, the search for a particular necklace brings up a tangled mess often. To avoid this, use hanging jewellery organisers or get a box specially made for dainty necklaces. Even rings and stud earrings can get damaged if all are stored in the same space. Get a box with tiny compartments or DIY your own with cardboard and felt. 

    5. Store Delicate Pieces Correctly

    Silver, gold and pearl jewellery does best when it’s stored in a box lined with felt. The felt helps absorb excess moisture and prevent premature tarnishing. Jewellery, especially fine jewellery, should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Also, indulge in some professional polishing for gold and silver jewellery occasionally.

    Essential Tips To Make The Best Of Your Jewellery

    • Always wipe your jewellery after use. This helps remove dust, dirt and sweat and keeps it away from tarnish
    • Use a strong, sturdy drawer. Line it with malmal, felt or even pure cotton to keep it dry and in great condition
    • A quirky tray or dish is perfect for displaying your jewellery. Grab one that matches your aesthetic or DIY one at home
    • Beads and pearls don’t go together. Keep them separate to avoid damage due to friction
    • To flaunt your favourite pieces, go for a jewellery tree or even a crystal. It will highlight it in a unique way
    • Make sure to dust and wipe your dresser. This will help keep your jeweller free from dust and damage
    • Have old ice cube trays you’re not using? Make them a multi-storage container for your earrings and rings

    You can invest in some really unique and sturdy products to store and organise your jewellery. Or reuse and recycle plastic, boxes and containers with some easy DIYs. Use these tips and hacks to flaunt your jewellery for years to come!

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