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11 Back-To-Work Sterling Silver Jewellery Pieces You’re Going To Want To Add To Cart, Right Now!

Want to know the power of jewellery? Remember that in the pandemic, jewellery and makeup were all we had to make our personality shine through the many Zoom and Skype calls. Because even via a computer screen, the right accessories can speak volumes about who you are and your personal style.

An integral part of workwear, silver jewellery takes the cake when it comes to wearability, versatility, and affordability. And while we do love our gold baubles, we prefer them with price tags of silver for a more practical purchase that’s still elegant and fashion-forward.

Today, we’ve handpicked 11 stunning jewellery pieces that are perfect for work wear and daily wear, too. See if you can resist buying these beauties from GIVA

11 Silver Jewellery Pieces That Are Perfect For Workwear

If you’re looking to invest in workwear or daily wear jewellery, you’ve come to the right place! Made with certified 925 sterling silver decked in AAA+ quality zircons, the jewellery by GIVA has our hearts. All the pieces are finished with a rhodium/platinum e-coat to prevent tarnish and increase the longevity of the jewellery. Consider these a gift from you… to you!

1. Anushka Sharma Golden Star Constellation Necklace

Plated in gold, this delicate beauty from the Anushka Sharma collection is a star-studded affair of your favourite celestial bodies. Pair it with a V-neck blouse or dress when you’re headed for dinner and drinks with your colleagues to make a minimalist statement.

Price: Rs 1,699

Shop Anushka Sharma Golden Star Constellation Necklace here

2. Anushka Sharma Silver Deer Heart Necklace

Another bestseller, if you’re looking for something whimsical, then this neckpiece is perfect for you. It features a 6mm heart-cut zircon topped with deer antlers. It’s perfect for everyday wear and could be a conversation starter on more occasions than one.

Price: Rs 1,799

Shop Anushka Sharma Silver Deer Heart Necklace here

Shop from Anuskha Sharma’s collection for GIVA here

3. Rose Gold Glinting Crown Ring

Shaped like a crown, this zircon-studded, rose gold-plated sterling silver ring is a beauty. The ring is adjustable, ensuring that it is a comfortable fit for all and can be worn on different fingers. Slip this on when you’re wearing a high neck that leaves no room for jewellery. Or, pair it with some stud earrings to make a more powerful style statement—two are better than one when it’s a work event.

Price: Rs 1,599

Shop Rose Gold Glinting Crown Ring here

4. Shruti Haasan Golden Sparrow Stick Ear Cuffs

Say hello to boho chic, but set in silver. The pair of stunning earcuffs are lined with two gleeful sparrows dressed in a splash of bright hues. With magnificent zircon stones for the eyes, this unmissable accessory is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons. Pair it with a dress or a skirt and top co-ord set.

Price: Rs 1,599

Shop Shruti Haasan Golden Sparrow Stick Ear Cuffs here

5. Rose Gold Tree Of Life Set

More than a piece of jewellery, the tree of life holds deep meaning in its design. The branches and the trunk signify the diverging paths of life, while the foliage (represented through zircons) symbolises the hearts you cherish most. As a whole, the tree of life stands for immortality, fertility, growth, and progress. Consider it your very own lucky charm and add this set to your favourite list of office wear jewellery.

Price: Rs 3,399

Shop Rose Gold Tree Of Life Set here

6. Shruti Haasan Rose Gold Slender Bracelet

It’s always a good idea to invest in classics, and it doesn’t get more classic than a rose gold-toned bracelet. Decked with zircons, this bracelet can be worn to work, for cocktail hour, brunch with friends, and even at weddings. 

Price: Rs 4,599

Shop Shruti Haasan Rose Gold Slender Bracelet here

7. Anushka Sharma Royal Pink Set

There’s always a time when you need to take things up a notch. Not your daily workwear jewellery, this gorgeous set featuring red tourmaline stones lined with zircons is all about that royal splendour. With earrings to match, keep this set in the mix for big work occasions, or even life events you may be celebrating.

Price: Rs 12,999

Shop Anushka Sharma Royal Pink Set here

8. Shruti Haasan Solitaire Spin Ring

GIVA Anushka Sharma Royal Pink Set

Set on a revolving base of sterling silver, a bevvy of zircon diamonds surround a splendid centre stone. This piece from the Shruti Haasan collection is modern jewellery at its best. Playful, whimsical, yet elegant, take this ring for a spin at your business and board meetings. The subtle motion will play out really well when you’re presenting to a room full of people.

Price: Rs 1,799

Shop Shruti Haasan Solitaire Spin Ring here

Shop from Shruti Haasan’s favourite jewellery pieces here

9. Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Supple Bracelet

A ring that can be stretched to be worn as a bracelet—what’s not to love? This two-in-one jewellery piece is a great investment. The transition mechanism ensures that the ring-cum-bracelet is a good fit for every finger and wrist size. Wear it on your finger one day, your wrist the next… maybe even as an anklet? Make the most of it, we say!

Price: Rs 4,599

Shop Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Supple Bracelet here

10. Silver Diamond Sparkling Fern Pendant


We’ve all worn diamonds set in gold but, how much do you love diamonds set in silver? The newly-launched diamond jewellery range from GIVA is a real treat. It features 3 SGL/IGI-certified diamonds set in premium sterling silver to create a design of dainty leaves, an ode to the abundance of nature. The platinum finish ensures that the pendant stays rust-proof. And if you’re thinking the price is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Think again!

Price: Rs 6,449

Shop Silver Diamond Sparkling Fern Pendant here

11. Lovestruck Couple Pendant With Link Chain

A personalised category bestseller, you can get your name and your partner’s name etched into a pendant made using gold, rose gold, or silver as the base. A great option for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, or even just as a grand romantic gesture, if you’re someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, this is the best way to do it.


18K Gold & 18K Rose Gold: Rs 2,899

18K Silver: Rs 2,599

Shop Lovestruck Couple Pendant with Link Chain here

8 Tips On How To Take Care Of Silver Jewellery

If you want to know how to take care of silver rings, neckpieces, and earrings, here are some tips to keep them as good as new.

  1. To restore the shine of your silver jewellery, polish it with ingredients like: 
  • Vinegar
  • Toothpaste
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Potatoes
  • Aluminium foil
  • Soap and water, or
  • Lemon juice and olive oil
  1. Don’t store your silver jewellery in the open to protect it from humidity. Keep them in a dark, cool place, away from the heat and sun. 
  2. Wearing your jewellery while taking a shower is also best avoided because the moisture of the water can wear off its natural sheen.
  3. Avoid wearing silver pieces while participating in activities that make you sweat to prevent wear and tear.
  4.  If you’re wondering about how to take care of silver necklaces, rings, and earrings, here is a lesser-known trick: Store your jewellery pieces in a deflated, airtight storage bag like a Ziploc to preserve their longevity.
  5. Keep each jewellery piece in a separate storage bag rather than dumping them all together in one bag.
  6. Ensure that each piece is wiped thoroughly and dried before storing them away.
  7. Wear your perfume and hair care sprays before putting on your silver jewellery to prevent the chemicals from damaging them. This goes for your mirror work silver earrings, neckpieces, and rings as well. 

Shop from Anuskha Sharma’s favourite jewellery pieces here

5-Point Guide To Check The Quality & Authenticity Of Your Silver Jewellery

1. Look For A Stamp Of Authenticity

Reliable silver jewellery will have a stamp on the product or the product will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as proof of its purity and quality. If there is no such stamp or certificate, there are chances that the silver jewellery is either not authentic or has been crafted in a country where the stamp of authenticity is not mandatory.

2. Stamp To Denote The Percentage Of Silver Used

Silver jewellery pieces will mention the percentage of silver used while crafting them. They are usually marked as 925, 900, or 800 by international sellers. 925 signifies that the piece comprises 92.5% silver, 900 implies that the jewellery has 90% silver, while 800 indicates 80% silver in the jewellery piece. 

3. The Ice Test

Place an ice cube on your jewellery. If the ice starts melting, your jewellery contains silver. When ice comes in contact with this metal, it behaves like it has been placed on something hot as opposed to an object of room temperature. 

4. Take The Magnet Test

Get hold of a strong, rare-earth magnet made of neodymium and touch the silver piece with it. The magnet not sticking to the jewellery may be a sign of it being made of silver. However, there are a few other metals that may repel magnets and can also be curated to appear like silver. Therefore, you should do another test along with the magnet test to be assured of the authenticity of your silver daily wear necklace, rings, and earrings.

5. The Silver Acid Test 

Identify an inconspicuous place on your jewellery and make a scratch on the surface for the silver acid to react with the layer beneath the upper coating. Once the acid is poured, it will give off different colours. While bright red indicates pure silver, dark red signifies that your jewellery contains 925 silver. Other colours like green, yellow, blue, and brown imply that your jewellery is made of metals that are not silver. 

Explore more authentic pieces of silver jewellery at

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