Who would have ever imagined that the unstitched long piece of cloth originating from the Indian subcontinent would influence fashion designers all over the world? Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about saree: one of the most beautiful and fashionable Indian traditional attire. When paired with the perfect saree jewellery, it is the best outfit for any occasion. One of the most exciting facts about saree is that it suits every woman, regardless of her body shape, age or skin tone.

Interestingly, this 4-9 meter cloth, called saree, can be draped in multiple alluring ways. Moreover, you can choose to wear different sarees on different occasions. You can wear sparkling sarees with tempting adornments for a perfect wedding look, or you can opt for elegant cotton sarees for a casual event. Be it a formal, semi-formal, casual or festive occasion, there are specific sarees for specific times. Delightfully, you can also wear sarees on an everyday basis. 

The beauty of any saree is enhanced when you wear suitable jewellery with it. If you are looking for some enchanting saree jewellery options, get ready to explore some of the fascinating saree jewellery that will surely add an X factor to your style!

15 Different Way You Can Add Jewellery to your Saree Look

1. Get A Beautiful Look With Traditional Temple Jewellery With Silk Saree 

Traditional Temple Silk Saree Jewellery
Picture Credit: Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal

The unparalleled beauty and eternal look of temple jewellery work great with a pure silk saree. This type of jewellery with silk saree gives a perfect traditional touch to your overall appearance. Temple jewellery is mostly done in gold, and it best suits the wedding look. Thus, the newlywed brides and brides-to-be can wear this enthralling temple jewellery with silk saree to complete their bridal look. The eternally graceful Kanjeevaram saree is best paired with temple jewellery.

2. Stay Unique With Kota Doria & Oxidised Jewellery Look

Women who love wearing sarees with a unique appeal of simplicity in them can try wearing the much elegant looking Kota Doria sarees. Wearing oxidised jewellery with Kota Doria sarees will enhance your saree look. You can try a chunky oxidised necklace for saree or can explore other choices in the form of ethnic oxidised earrings, bracelets and more! Wearing oxidised jewellery with saree creates a fantastic look for every woman and makes her stand out in the crowd.  

3. Go Graceful With Nauvari Saree & Ethnic Maharashtrian Jewellery

Nauvari Saree Jewellery
Picture Credit: Flickr

Craving for that perfect nauvari saree look with jewellery? The customary nauvari saree of Maharashtra has a glamorous and beautiful appeal. Those who want to complete a nauvari saree look with jewellery can try the graceful nosepiece with this saree. The nose-pin or ‘Nath’, when worn with nauvari, creates a stunning look for every woman. Furthermore, you can double the attraction of this saree by combining it with other perfect nauvari saree jewellery like a waist-chain or necklace. Made with beads and pearls and worked finely into gold, this nauvari saree jewellery is available in multiple designs and styles. Gold bangles set for saree add to the classic nauvari look.  

4. Complete Your Wedding Look With Waist Chain & A Long Necklace

Compliment Your Bridal Saree With Waist Chain And Long Necklace
Picture Credit: Wiseshe.com

No matter how modern we become in our sartorial taste, we can never lose the charm and love of traditional jewellery pieces like a conventional-looking long necklace for saree or a creatively carved gold waist chain for saree.  

5. Stay Sophisticated With Combo Of Kanchi Kora & Beads Necklace For Saree

Kanchi Kora And Beads Necklace For Saree
Picture Credit: Southindiafashion.com

Kanchi Kora sarees are an amalgamation of silk and cotton, combining the simplicity of cotton with the richness of silk. Thus, you need to pick suitable jewellery that finely compliments your saree. A beads necklace for saree can be the right pick. You can find a mono-colour beaded necklace for saree or can go for a multi-coloured necklace for saree. 

6. Enhance Your Organza Silk Saree Look With Choker

Choker For Silk Saree
Picture Credit: Boutiquesarees.com

Pair up your organza silk saree with a Kundan choker necklace and get ready for an incredibly chic party look!   

7. Look Royal With Kundan Gold Jewellery & Embroidered Chiffon Saree

Compliment Silk Saree With Kundan Gold Jewellery
Picture Credit: India Mart

Stay minimal with heavy Kundan gold earrings and maang tika when you wear a heavily embroidered chiffon saree. You can also choose to wear oxidised jewellery with your chiffon saree. The combo of oxidised jewellery with saree speaks volumes about your classic taste in jewellery. 

8. Look Adorable With Gold & Beaded Jewellery That Gels Well With Georgette

Pair Georgette Saree With Gold And Bead Jewellery
Picture Credit: Utsav Fashion

Combine two jewellery forms into one. Try a lovely long necklace for saree or wear the plain beaded chains with your georgette saree. You can also choose to wear plain gold chains. Look unique by adorning your hands with ‘hathphool’ – the traditional hand jewellery, or try colourful bangles set for saree. 

9. Stay Simple Yet Attractive With Gold Gemstone Dangle Earrings 

Gold Gemstone Dangle Earrings
Picture Credit: Lime Lush

Ornaments for saree should be picked carefully. An elegant net saree looks truly ethereal with gemstone and gold jewellery. You can confine yourself to wearing just the earrings or a simple pendant as per the occasion type.  

10. Wear Chikankari Saree With White Diamond Jewellery 

Try White Diamond Saree Jewellery
Picture Credit: Etsy

Create an irresistible appeal with white diamond earrings paired with a white chikankari saree. Diamond ornaments for saree are available in various designs, and you can pick this favourite saree jewellery according to your taste. 

11. Colourful Polki Meena Earrings

Colourful Polki Meena Earrings
Picture Credit: India Mart

Try these beautiful polka Meena earrings with any festive saree regardless of its colour! Wearing a waist chain for saree is also a great option, and you can choose from a wide range of beautiful waist chains that are available in many charming patterns. 

12. Sea Pearls Diamond Necklace For Saree

Enhance Your Saree Look With Sea Pearls Diamond Necklace
Picture Credit: Jewellerypictures.com

The sea-pearl diamond necklaces are meant to be worn with any party-wear sarees as they augment your beauty and add to your aura.

13. Pure Gold Jewellery Set

Pure Gold Jewellery Set For Wedding Saree
Picture Credit: Crafts Villa

A pure gold jewellery set is a must for every jewellery box as it makes a lovely combination for any wedding/formal wear saree. 

14. Beaded Necklace For Formal Sarees

Try Beaded Necklace With Formal Saree
Picture Credit: The Loom

Flaunt your formal saree with a simple yet highly captivating bead necklace. Choose the colour of the beads as per the colour of your saree.

15. Kanchipuram Saree With Long Necklace & Choker

Pair Kanchipuram Saree With Long Necklace And Choker
Picture Credit: Weddingz.in

Love the Indian traditional bridal look? Create a purely ethnic look by combining a long layered necklace for saree with a choker, maang tika and bangles, and look absolutely beautiful.

These saree jewellery ideas will surely help enhance your look. Try a few different combinations and see what makes you feel the most confident. Pick your favourite one and get ready for a shower of compliments!

  1. The photos that you have shared are just amazing thank you so much for sharing these with us, these jewelry designs truly match the saree look and looks pretty amazing, I am surely going to try them all and also share it with my friends and family as well for their reference.

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