Proactive for her

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
    LifeVideo: 5 Ways You Can Make Every Day Women’s Day

    Proactive for her

    Video: 5 Ways You Can Make Every Day Women’s Day

    For over a century, International Women’s Day, held on 8 March each year, has marked a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world. And while it’s vital to continue this wonderful day of celebration, why not make every day a special day for women all around? Events with influencers, celebrities, experts and special guests bring a sense of significance to women’s day. There are gifts distributed, speeches given, contests held and so many more ways this day is celebrated. But how can you turn every day into a women’s day? Give the special women in your life the gifts of time, appreciation and encouragement and here’s how you can do it every day.

    5 Ways You Can Empower Other Women, As A Woman

    More often than not, women are either pitted against each other or women’s relations with each other are projected in a negative light. Every woman is all fighting her own battles. But what fuels women to keep going heads-up against the patriarchy, atrocities and daily struggles is the solidarity shown to us by fellow women. Be it a friend, mother, daughter, sister, or someone you barely know, learn to stand up for women! To break the glass ceiling and shatter the myths that have restricted us for years, all of the womanhood needs to come together and stand up for each other.

    1. Tell Your Story

    This is particularly important if you’re successful or holding a high-level position. You need to understand that other women look up to you and admire you. They put you on a pedestal and you seem to be unreachable, as though you were born successful. Of course, you weren’t. You worked hard to get where you are today. Tell your story, with all its ups and downs. Talk about your wins but share your losses and mistakes, too. Be relatable and candid. Women need to know your story, so they can clear the fairy tale from their minds. When they see that the road you travelled is very much like the one they’re on, they’ll start believing they have the power to reach their goals.

    2. Share Opportunities

    Women need to work together to promote themselves. If you’re in a leadership or executive role, look for women who would benefit from an upcoming opportunity and recommend them. Advocate for women with the decision-makers. You don’t have to be in a leadership role to hear about new opportunities. If you know a female colleague who would be perfect for the opportunity, tell her about it. Keep the communication channels open between you.

    3. Compliment Each Other

    Don’t shy away from complimenting each other, in public and in private. After being driven into boxes and constantly compared, women need to break these barriers together. Smash sexism, colourism, stereotyping, prejudices by simply uplifting the women around you with kind, genuine words. Have a colleague who has impeccable presentation skills? Tell her so! Your bestie finally started wearing clothes she loves after being told what she can and can’t wear? Make her day by reaching out with a heartfelt compliment. Once women start looking at each other without the glasses of patriarchy, misogyny and judgement, the world becomes a better place for everyone.

    4. Build Your Network

    Look for women who are positive, encouraging, strong and determined to help other women succeed. There’s strength in numbers, especially emotional strength which you’ll need at some stage to help you keep standing up for yourself and other women. Build a strong network both at work and outside and stay in touch. From support groups to self-help groups and hobby classes to entrepreneurial nexus, women boosting other women always work to everyone’s advantage. 

    5. Encourage Other Women

    Be it your younger cousins struggling to convince their parents of their choice of a career or a mausi or bua lacking the motivation to start something new, your encouragement can make a difference. At work, encourage women to put up their hands for new opportunities, to apply for promotions, to ask for training, to seek mentors. Showcase their talents, give them the courage to pursue their dreams and keep reminding them of their skills and abilities.

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