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    WorkFinanceTC46 Tarotscope: Here’s Your Finance Tarotscope For October 2021

    TC46 Tarotscope: Here’s Your Finance Tarotscope For October 2021


    Every month brings with it new opportunities and also new obstacles. Covid-19 has changed the way we view the world and has impacted the economy and our finances as well. Leave all the uncertainties behind and trust yourself. Tarot card reader Sakshi Singh is here to explain all about what the stars hold for you in the month of October. Read on to see how to navigate this brand-new month with ease and insight, and always remember how far you’ve come.

    Aries (March 21- April 19)

    This month is all about putting your creative projects ahead as they will bring in more energy and money to you this month but make sure that you don’t overexert yourself. Don’t get so lost that you forget where you started and why you started.  For this month stay away from spicy food and consume a more sattvic diet, you can opt for calming yoga as well. Finance this month will be about keeping a check and not blindly trusting people. This month can be about trickery, either you are being tricked or you can trick other people. Understand that it’s no point to put the relationship in question if you or the person tricking you get caught. You need to be strategic in whatever that you do this month. Make sure that you make 80 – 20 as your rule. By the end of the month, there is an element of generosity in terms of your wealth and abundance. You may be at the giving end to a charitable donation, fundraising or maybe helping others generally like a loan in good faith.

    Lucky Number: 6

    Colour: Orange

    Advice: Do not trust people blindly because they are your friends, sometimes the closest hurts the most.

    Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

    Taurus you are being asked to take off that mask that you have been wearing for a long time. You are in the process of understanding what makes you feel that you’re living the truth, what makes you feel who you are. Cards say that you are taking off layers one by one and understanding who you really are because all that you have faced during the past month could have only been possible because of this true self that was dormant somewhere and now it is showing up. This month just be yourself, your “true self”. A job opportunity or an offer will retract unexpectedly, you are between a few opportunities, but you might lose the one that you really wanted. Don’t go for unnecessary expenditure thinking that you might be secured in the latter part of the month. Cards ask you to meditate and quiet your inner critic. 

    Lucky Number: 1

    Colour: Sea Green

    Advice: Self-forgive, self-accept and self-love should be a mantra.

    Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

    This month seems to be about letting go, this is the phase right before enlightenment when you experience a certain void in your life. Currently, your life is about a lot of movement, you are also feeling emotionally drained. It is a good time to settle down and it comes in two phases. One, by calling a place your home so try looking for houses and you will find a perfect home, second with the one you love. Cards ask you to ground yourself by spending more time in nature, follow a routine. This month try walking bare feet in the garden and eat more root vegetables. You may get an overseas opportunity or may be able to expand your business out of your current location. You might also get a job offer out of your current location, accepting it will be tough because you are attached to the current job or location and would not like to move, but it will be all worth it.

    Lucky Number: 3

    Colour: Red

    Advice: Don’t exhaust yourself, take a pause when needed.

    Cancer (Jul 21 – Jul 22)

    This month is all about being fully immersed in what you are doing. Cards want you to understand that you should work on your talent and immerse yourself in it. Understand what you are good at and how you can improve. What are the new trends and how can you add these to your work or profession in your own way? You are not serving your highest purpose, step back into your life and make a difference in this world in your way. Collaboration is the keyword for finances to turn upright for this month, you need a lot of teamwork and acknowledge the talent of others. The month is all about creating a plan and following the schedule to reach that goal. This month you will get a lot of distractions and obstacles, your commitment comes into the picture, understand that you will not always be in the driver seat.

    Lucky Number: 12

    Colour: Pink

    Advice: Meditate as you will need the quiet time in your hustle this month.

    Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

    It is the right time to bring that idea to fruition. Now is the right time to plant the seed and bring that idea into action. Currently, you are on the cycle of creation, you have always believed that the universe has your back, why are you doubting your own creation this time. Go ahead and advertise, showcase something that you always wanted to create. This month will bring you a lot of fortune in business or work. You are somebody who is loved by all, your connections will help you reach where you always wanted to be. Finances look stable for this current month, your connections i.e. your friends and your closest relations will bring a lot of direction into your life. If you’re looking at the passion project to be a success, always rely on them. Do everything with love and things will fall in place.

    Lucky Number: 14

    Colour: Purple

    Advice: Don’t hesitate to start something, people always have your back.

    Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

    You’re exploring your own self this month and you realise that life is not about learning rather it is about re-learning. You are on the path of exploring something in the spiritual world and it’s a good start, start with connecting with your body. Try hatha yoga and meditation by chanting mantras. Usually, your mind is on a constant paddle, this exploration will help you this month in many ways. In terms of finances, you are somebody who spends and values a lot of material possessions. You have recently spent a fortune on things that you never required, which is bringing you stress and anxiety. Currently, there are a lot of challenges in terms of your financial stability, you might be having a job loss and that is also making it difficult in your relationship or your marriage. It’s time to change your relationship with money and not always see it as a priority.

    Lucky Number: 4

    Colour: Yellow

    Advice: Money will not buy you happiness so start to value people who are there in your life, they are gems. 

    Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

    The universe is helping you achieve a lot this month one thing leads to another and you are just getting things done. You no longer have to push things, as everything is just working out in your favour. Generally, in your life your intuition has never failed you, these intuitions will come only in phases. See how you can channel your intuitiveness, it can either be through meditation, doing what you love, writing, singing, or dancing. In finances, you must have started something of your own and you are not reaching the milestone that you thought of or in work you have not been praised. You are not somebody who likes to be praised publicly but appreciates efforts and would like others to do that for you as well. The advice for this month is to trust your intuition for your business or your work-related opportunities and you will see the result immediately.

    Lucky Number: 6

    Colour: Midnight Blue

    Advice: Don’t get discouraged with criticism as people only see the result, not the hustle.

    Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

    Currently, you are setting goals for yourself and achieving them one by one, you’re focused and whatever life throws at you. You are somebody who is not open in sharing much about yourself or your thought process with others. October will be a month of dissolution of any illusions or limitations that you have in reaching out to others and giving out your true self. It is advised to reach out to people and let them in your space for them to understand you better. Despite all your efforts, there will be a delay in success. There is a betrayal in terms of finances, somebody is not the way they are projecting, so be alert about who you lend your money to. You are being naive in this situation; you are not looking at what might go wrong and blindly trusting. In terms of investment, there might be a satisfactory gain. 

    Lucky Number: 10

    Colour: Peach

    Advice: Action speaks louder than words, so look carefully at what people do.

    Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

    You are currently in the period of restoration, hibernation which is something needed. This month you will only achieve balance if you give proper rest to your mind and body. You need to rejuvenate your system to be something and to achieve something. You need to watch out for your thoughts as manifestations happen through with your thought process being aligned with the universe.  As the month will be slow the thoughts might get negative, but you need to put up positive affirmations to go. Speak to yourself the way you will speak to a 5-year-old, you’ll never let them hear something bad, right? In terms of finances, there will be certain setbacks, but this will only be a temporary phase. You might have a job loss or an opportunity loss. It will be a difficult time and you feel everybody is against you, keep your faith and keep going. In the later part of the month, if you have a legal matter in hand to be resolved, you will have the decision in your favour.

    Lucky Number: 5

    Colour: White

    Advice: Keep going as this month will only be about temporary setbacks and you will be back with a bang!

    Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

    This month is all about exploring new topics, new places, new books and new cultures. It is time for you to unlearn and learn so that you can become who you are. People in your life feel that they have the right to give you directions on how to do things, listen but don’t follow. If you are in love, you will feel the bliss of being with your partner. If you are not in love, you will be meeting your soulmate this month! Finances are solid this month as you might get a new opportunity or a new job or you might manifest what you always desired. You might be in a phase of developing a foundation for this new business plan and everything will magically start happening. Abundance is on its way, get ready for an adventurous October.

    Lucky Number: 7

    Colour: Grey

    Advice: Don’t be shy to put out your needs because the universe is listening.

    Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

    This month calls you for being a teacher for others. You have a talent and people are looking forward to learning it, so help them out. This month is all about understanding where everything exists in a general sense, and nothing is good and bad. Start practicing non-attachment to the material world as recently you have been on a spree of collecting things. Your finances look amazing, you will be achieving everything that you always wanted to have whether it’s a relationship, money, or stability. You are going to enjoy a period of reunions, gatherings, and a happy environment. In the latter part of the month, be careful with lending money to people in your circle as they might not return that in near future.

    Lucky Number: 8

    Colour: Blue 

    Advice: Don’t make a decision or commitment when you are extremely happy.

    Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

    This is a month of being pulled in a different direction that you lose sight of what you wanted to do. You are trying to put all your energy in all the directions. This phase will likely last for some time and you will get exhausted if you continue to put your energy where it is not required. This is adversely affecting your health and especially your spine! Take care of your posture and try doing some exercise that will help you correct your posture. Finances are looking good for you as new opportunities are coming your way. You have a constant flow of money, and you need not worry about this aspect of your life. The advice is to concentrate on your relationships as the work is keeping you busy and away from your partner or loved ones.

    Lucky Number: 2

    Colour: Brown

    Advice: In achieving everything don’t lose the one who is always on your side.

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