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5 Quickie Mid-Week Experiences For A Romantic Valentine’s Day

5 Quickie Mid-Week Experiences For A Romantic V-Day

Valentine’s Day this year is almost bang in the middle of the week and that leaves slender chances for you to go on a romantic getaway with your partner on a long weekend. But who’s stopping you from planning a mid-week quickie (*cough cough*)? Getting naughty ideas in your mind?! Well, cutting back to reality, here are 5 mid-week experiences you can plan with him for a short and sweet yet memorable V-Day.

1. Plug An Overnight Staycation 24 Hours

If you’re not getting a weekend, ek din hi sahi. Hai ki nahi? Go for a staycation with him for just 24 hours, be it within your city or on the outskirts. That’s how far you can go on a day-long vacation. Look for luxury villas or 7-star hotels with the best facilities to really let your hair down and spend quality time with him. Top-notch ambience, amenities, food, et al. And if it offers a splendid view of your city or peak of nature for you both to enjoy each other’s time amidst tranquillity, can you ask for more?

2. A Romantic 5-Course Meal On A Rooftop

Open spaces and rooftops. Phew! Who doesn’t like them? Bask under the sun, enjoy the thrilling view of the sunset, or spend time gasping at the beautiful city lights, while indulging in an extensive 5-course meal of cuisine that both of you appreciate. An ideal combination of indulging all your senses at the same time – sight, taste, smell, touch, and feel, and of course the company of your loved one. 

3. Booking Out A Theatre For A Private Viewing Experience

Sounds like a plan with Pathaan setting the screen on fire, doesn’t it? If you’re sceptical of the idea, wondering whether you have to shell out a bomb for booking an entire screen at a popular theatre, know that the popular ones like PVR and INOX offer competitive packages for a thoroughly fascinating private viewing experience. Treat yourselves to the best of snacks and finger foods, or a filling meal, cosy up with your partner and spend a completely relaxing few hours glued to the movie. 

4. A Couple’s Spa Day

Can you ever have enough of a full-body spa sesh? Truth be told, any time is spa time. So why not take the opportunity to book a spa sesh on this special day and declutter the knots in your body, while making the most of the time together? Of course, make sure that you book a couple’s spa that will offer a separate space for just the two of you. 

5. Go On An Action-Packed Hike

Do your research, get your maps out, and plan an exciting hiking tour among the gorgeous mountains, amidst the lap of nature. Let the hiking trail end in a scenic picnic spot overlooking a valley or by the banks of a calm lake, or a ground lined with dense trees. Nature, adventure, food, relaxation, and the company of your loved done – the best that life can offer packed all in one.

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