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    Mother’s Day: 10 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Maa

    The year 2020 has us thinking out of the box with everything, and Mother’s Day is no different. So, here’s your chance to ditch the cliche cake-and-flowers and do something, thoda hatke

    Whether you are quarantined at home with your mom or live saat samundar paar, there are endless ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day, 2020! Finding the perfect gift for her during the lockdown calls for something meaningful and unique. And, we’ve decided to put a fun spin on it…by finding out which iconic Bollywood mother is closest to your maa! You can also recreate her famous dialogues like ‘khana khaya?’, ‘chup karo’, or ‘do want you want to do, mera mat suno!’ into a fun video. Here are some of those famous dialogues compiled in a video for you and mum to enjoy.

    From Sridevi to Shabana Azmi, let’s match your mum’s personality to her ‘cine-maa’ alter ego to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

    5 Gift Ideas For Your Straight-Out-Of-Bollywood Mummy

    1. Support A Charity

    Picture Credit: Indiawest.com

    If your mother reminds you of the graceful, silent supporter Shabana Azmi from Neerja, then this one’s for her. With a heart of gold, she’s always going to be happy championing causes that are close to her heart. 

    So, how about donating to a charity that she would love to get behind? In the digital age, you can make contributions to a whole host of causes like pet care, women supporters, old age homes, education for children, and many more. Once the lockdown is lifted, you can donate some time together to help out at the ground level. We’re sure your mum would love it.

    2. Pick Up A Hobby Together

    Picture Credit: The Financial Express

    If Farida Jalal from DDLJ reminds you of your mom, then this gift is perfect for her. She is your best friend who enjoys listening to you share your secrets, reads your diary with joy, and likes shaking a leg with her kids. 

    Give your BFF mom a hobby gift she has been talking about forever. Spend quality time together learning something new from the many online tutorials and classes that are just a click away. From knitting or baking, to maybe even dance lessons, participating in her passion will open up new ways of bonding with each other.

    3. Moms-Only Party

    Picture Credit: The Quint

    Sonali Kulkarni played the ‘too cool for skool’ mom in Bharat. If your mother matches this non-judgemental and progressive iconic Bollywood mom, then make her feel appreciated with this gift.

    Surprise your mom with a girls-only virtual party. Invite her friends, sisters and cousins and organise a cocktail hour packed with some fun games. Give her plenty of space, and let her have some time to unwind with her favourite females.

    4. Self-Defence Classes

    Picture Credit: Filmibeat.com

    This idea is for the protective mother who would do anything and everything for her kids. If Sridevi’s portrayal of the fearless mother in Mom makes you think of your maa, then here’s a gift she will love.

    A fierce mom will definitely appreciate self-defence classes. It is perfect for moms who want to set an example for their kids about courage and bravery. You can help her enrol in a specific self-defence program like Krav Maga, combat training or Martial Arts, based on her preferences and age.

    5. Online Peer Review

    Picture Credit: The Financial Express

    Is your mom a total boss lady like Vidya Balan in Mission Mangal? She’s always bringing her A-game whether it’s at work or at home, and believes in leading by example. Well, your maa certainly deserves a unique gift.

    Set up an online peer review for your trailblasing mum and send it to her close colleagues. Ask them to fill it up so that you can curate and give her a performance feedback she will never forget. Here are some questions that you can use:

    Online Peer Review Of My Mom (Add name and designation)

    1. What do you love about my mum at work?
    2. What would be the three words that describe her style of work?
    3. Which one of her many qualities would wish to possess?
    4. Where do you see her in the next 5 years?
    5. Comments or feedback you would like to give her as a peer.

    5 Bonus Gifting Ideas For Every Kind Of Mum

    These gift ideas are perfect for all mothers. From the dedicated homemaker who juggles multiple responsibilities to the working woman who handles work and home.

    1. DIY Spa Day

    If you are fortunate enough to be living with your mom during the lockdown, then this is the ultimate idea for you. Pamper your mom with an at-home DIY spa day to help her relax and rejuvenate. From DIY facial treatments to foot and hair spa, there are many ways to make her feel special.

    2. Desi High Tea At Home

    Picture Credit: Gettyimages.in

    Reinvent chai time and indulge in some high tea and your mom’s favourite snacks. If you are experiencing pleasant weather, there is nothing better than bhajiyas. For warmer regions, serve namkeen, mawa cake or the Goan pinaca!

    3. Virtual Scrapbook

    Ask friends and family to share wonderful memories of your mom by recording videos. Weave them together to form a virtual video scrapbook which she can cherish forever. This is a great choice for those who are away from their moms this Mother’s Day.

    4. Movie Marathon

    If you have a filmy maa who loves watching movies, plan a movie marathon for her on Mother’s Day. You can revisit your mom’s favourite movies, choose a few all-time classics or binge some new content. What’s more, you can host a Netflix Party to include your loved ones across the globe!

    5. Chores No More

    Chances are, this lockdown has been hard on your mom who has been working to the bone to take care of the home and family. Make Mother’s Day chore-free for your mum by splitting up the tasks among other family members. What’s more, you can also use it as a starting point to implement a new system where everyone pitches in every day, moving forward.

    Mothers do everything for their children and deserve to be showered with appreciation and love. Even if you are far away from her right now, there are ways to show her how special she is to you. Make it a Mother’s Day celebration worth remembering with these unique ideas.

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