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    Famous Bedtime Stories That You Must Read To Your Kids


    We all have grown up listening to bedtime stories from our dadis and nanis, or our parents. These stories taught us the difference between good and bad things, somewhere moulding us into the person that we are today. Bedtime stories for kids is a good way to improve your child’s vocabulary and fluency in the language and a great way to even bond with your kids. Reading bedtime stories to children is a wonderful way to bond with them and encourages a love for reading.

    With the way technology has invaded our lives unlike ever before, with working parents and nuclear families, the art of storytelling to kids has become uncommon. Studies have proven that children remember most of the words during the first ten years of their lives that they later use in their lives. As they grow, it also helps them develop their listening skills. Bedtime stories for kids create magic and make us wonder about this beautiful world we are a part of. It’s a unique way to teach your children about their culture as well as other cultures, develop qualities you want them to grow with. For example, princess bedtime stories are a hit among kids from ages 3 to 10!

    “Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”

    Robin Moore 

    You may not realise it, but we all have so many stories to share. They would love to know about your stories when you were a kid. You don’t have to invent them on the spot, you can take ideas from your childhood memories or stories you learnt in your childhood. Beginners can start with reading picture books and then gradually you’ll understand what kind of stories your children like. Here are some wonderful bedtime stories to read to your kids every day.

    8 Short Bedtime Stories That Will Fascinate Your Kid

    Bedtime stories for kids are a great way to bond as a family. Storytelling to kids means a world of fun fantasy full of joy and adventure. Short bedtime stories are perfect for children aged 2 to 8.

    1. King Midas And The Golden Touch

    Kind Midas And The Golden Touch

    A very popular bedtime story for kids, King Midas and the Golden Touch deals with a king named Midas who loved gold. He had a daughter called Goldie but often neglected her because of the time he spent in his treasure rooms counting gold. But what happens when his golden touch becomes a curse for himself and his own daughter turns into gold as soon as she goes to comfort her dad?

    2. The Ugly Duckling

    The Ugly Duckling Story

    One of the most famous bedtime stories, this is one of the classic bedtime stories about being friends with people who are different from you. Will the ugly duckling make any friends? You can ask your children how they decide if a person is their friend or not. 

    3. The Fortune Teller

    The Fortune Teller

    This folk story is about a man who calls himself an astrologer and always thinks about the future. He gazes at the stars in the night and predicts the future. We all want our future to be happy and bright. What happens when you worry about the future and forget about the present? 

    4. The Monkey And The Crocodile

    The Monkey And The Crocodile Story

    This is one of the most famous Panchatantra stories. One amongst many funny bedtime stories for kids, this one has a great moral at the end. There are times when we have to think quickly to get out of a difficult situation. Has this happened to you? In this story, the crocodile’s wife demands to eat a monkey’s heart. Will the crocodile find it? What will happen to the monkey?

    5. Anaya’s Thumb

    Anaya's Thumb

    Anaya loves her thumb the most in this world. When she visits the zoo with her family, she sees that all the baby animals are the same. Then she notices the fun they are missing with their parents. Once done with the story, you can discuss Anaya’s habits and what would happen if Mummy or Papa had such habits.

    6. The Fish Prince

    The Fish Prince Story

    A courageous girl is forced to get married to a giant fish thinking of him as a prince. She fears that the fish will eat her. But what happens when the girl and fish are left alone? We all have some fears and have courageous acts, you can share your personal experiences with your children after this story. 

    7. Tenali Raman And The Proud Priest

    Tenali Raman And The Proud Priest

    A classic one from popular bedtime stories, this is one of the popular stories from the series of Tenali Raman’s stories. The priest at King Krishna Dev Raya’s court is a vain, arrogant man. He keeps bothering Tenali Raman until one day he decides to teach him a lesson. 

    8. Beauty And The Beast

    Beauty And The Beast Story

    A very popular princess bedtime story is being spoken worldwide and loved by everyone. This story unfolds with a kind and beautiful girl arriving at Beast castle. The more time she spends with the beast the situation around changes. She saves him from dying and restores his life. And then it’s happily ever after.

    Bedtime stories for kids is the best way to de-stress after a long day at work for you and can turn into cherished memories for your child. Enjoy reading these best bedtime stories with your child and make bedtime an adventure.

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