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    Buzz 46Buzz 46: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist For Every Bride

    Buzz 46: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist For Every Bride


    You have dreamed of the perfect wedding with the best music and baarat. And now the day is finally arriving. So what now? How do you make that dream wedding a reality? And how do you plan that? It takes a lot to plan a wedding, manage orders and details. It can get overwhelming. But if you give yourself enough time to plan and sort the tasks with a wedding planning checklist and wedding timeline, the job becomes more fun and less stressful. By breaking down your work and organizing, you are taking on the planning process in bite-size pieces. And it will be easy, fun and far less overwhelming. On average, in India, engagements last for up to 6 – 8 months. So here is a checklist to make your 6-8 month planning float easy! These wedding planning apps you should surely check out for some great ideas and fun.

    Before you get on with the wedding checklist, here is a fun bride video. Check it out!

    10 Pointers For The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

    Weddings are very very confusing! Things get tied up and lost in translation. So to make things easier, always start from the beginning. For example, start with a budget. This way things don’t get overboard and walk through the rest of your requirements easily. 

    1. Budget

    Budget is the primary and most important part of wedding planning. It’s all maths and numbers but crucial to do before you start buying utilities for the big day. Start by determining an overall budget. You can then prioritise the important by breaking down the budget and allocating funds for each necessity. The numbers will vary depending on the market, hence it comes handy if all purchases are tracked. You can have an ongoing budget spreadsheet and adjust numbers as you go. 

    2. Guest List

    Indian weddings are a grand celebration. Everyone in your family is sure to get an invite. But at the end of the day, it is your wedding. You would have to call your far-off family, friends and neighbours. But chances are, you can’t! Depending on the budget and the venue, you would probably have to invite selected people. Start by inviting your close family and friends and if room permits, extend the invitation to more. 

    3. Venue & Rental Items

    When, where and who! Now that the ‘who’ is sorted, start deciding on the ‘when’ and ‘where’. Hunt and book for your dream venue ahead of time after finalising the date. That’s why you want to explore your options, visit the top contenders, and ultimately select a place that fits your guest count, style, and budget. Make sure you don’t settle for a venue, it is your big day! While you are at the venue, also book for furniture and other rental items. Get extra chairs, carpets, dance floor or the shamiana, lights, sound systems, everything that is needed!

    4. Caterer

    Your wedding is going to have foodies of every kind. You need to make sure that you have food as per your liking and theirs. Make a list of all the desired dishes and cross-check with your caterer. Your cater is most likely to have a catering package that fits your guest list and food likings. Remember to know all of your options in your price range. 

    5. Vendors

    The vendors you need to get on a call with are your florist, photographer and videographer, DJ or musicians, light and sound technicians, transportation for newlyweds, and vendors organizing the gift tokens. Finalize all the required details, advance payments well in advance. You do not need last-minute bails and problems on the day of your wedding. A month or week before the wedding, contact and reconfirm all your requirements again. 

    6. Jewellery 

    If you are planning for a ‘big fat Indian wedding’, then jewellery shopping is a must. Jewellery is a lifetime investment, so one must be smart when buying. There are tons of designs from traditional jewellery to a minimalist necklace. One must also keep in mind that your jewellery and wedding outfit must compliment each other. 

    7. Outfits, Hair & Makeup 

    Your wedding lehenga, saree or dress is not the only outfit you would be needing. You need outfits for the haldi ceremony, reception and not to forget your bridesmaids’ outfits, family outfits and grooms! Have your tailor complete the fittings well in advance. Even if you are buying an outfit, buy it at least 3-4 months before. Know what type of dress, lehenga or saree you want, and avoid the rush of last-minute shopping. 

    You must also hire your hair and makeup team before the wedding month. Check out the makeup skills before finalising a hair and makeup artist. 

    8. Cards

    Today, you can opt for e-cards or physical cards. Whichever is most convenient. But if you are planning a wedding on a budget, an e-card works just as fine! You save on paper and money. Have a graphic designer or illustrator work with you on the designs, themes and writings of your wedding card. And once finalized you can send out the card with a personalized mail and drop in a call. If opting for a physical card, you can always ask your designer to help get your card printed out. Remember to check for typos and spelling errors!

    9. Officiant

    Whether you are getting married in a house of worship or not, you need a person to help you make it official. And finding an officiant is harder than you think. You need to find a priest who is available on the date, time and location of your wedding. He or she must also be accepting of the wedding. 

    10. Final Walk Through

    The final walkthrough is checking if everything is in place. Visit the caterers, sound and light technicians, florists, tailors and venue decorations. It is your day after all, and you cross-checking on everything helps soothe the anxiety of the big day. 

    Checklist For The Night Before

    You have reached the big day at last, and everything is in place. But you need to make sure you are ready too! Here are some to relax and prepare for the big day 

    1. Get a massage and relax those muscles. It is essential to be stress-free on your wedding day.

    2. Visit the parlour for any last-minute touch-ups like waxing, eyebrows, mani-pedis. Touch up on your chips nail polish or hair colours too!

    3. Hydrate and refresh! You have spent days planning the wedding, on the last day, take a day off. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and get loads of sleep!

    4. Have your dress, accessories, makeup and shoes ready for the next day. Do not rush at the last minute.

    5. Finally and again, get your beauty sleep!

    Weddings are an inauguration to a new chapter in your life. Although planning and organizing the wedding must have broken your back and stressed you out, it is vital to remember that it is your day. So have fun and dance to your favourite tunes! Enjoy this new chapter of your life!

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