Distance makes the heart fonder. Or, at least that’s what you hope is true when you’re in a long-distance relationship with someone. And while being miles and miles apart may make you miss the person, you may experience a range of emotions, positive and negative, as you cope with the situation. It’s normal to feel anxious, have questions and doubts too, which may be strenuous for your relationship. Although you love your partner and want the long-distance to succeed, you come across many obstacles in your path. Instead of focusing on the bad and letting your doubts get the best of you, why not focus on making things work until you’re able to finally be together?

5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Long-Distance Partner

1. Zoom Date

Long distance doesn’t have to be via text or call. Have a cute video date. It could be in your room or kicking things up a notch, by the beach, balcony or by the sunset! Your date could be anywhere. With a video call, you can imagine you’re next to each other.

2. Netflix Party And Chill

Netflix launched a feature last year called Netflix party, which lets you watch simultaneously with someone without having to sync up together manually. You can maintain communication through text or FaceTime them so you can get all their juicy reactions and even eat the same snacks to make it feel like you’re together.

3. Gift Them Their Favourite Meal 

While you are in the mood for a date and your partner is too busy to cook up a meal, why not have a meal delivered? Type in their address and have their favourite dish delivered at their doorstep. It would be a cute virtual dinner date. If cooking or ordering food doesn’t sound great, you can always send them a cute gift and have them open it on call. This way you can see their cute reaction like you are next to each other. 

4. Sex Toys

Sexting is a great way to regain that sexual intimacy, but to spice things even further you could use sex toys. It’ll be a fun experience that’ll bring you together. For more pleasure, you could also get your hands on a virtual sex toy that is connected to your phone allowing your partner to control it. 

5. Off-Season Valentine’s Day

Make up your own Valentine’s Day on your chosen date. After all, it’s about celebrating love, not about doing it specifically on the 14th of February. Celebrate when you meet in person and make the same effort you would on Valentine’s Day.

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