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    15 Shows & Movies To Watch With The Family During The Lockdown

    The condition of the world has changed drastically. With COVID-19, the world has come to a halt. However, it’s heartwarming to see that the environment is healing and nature is blooming. We all can make a huge difference by just staying at home and not stepping out unless it is absolutely necessary. The lockdown sounds boring but there is no denying it is the need of the hour. Try taking up these 21 activities during lockdown to keep yourself sane during this phase of anxiety and boredom.

    So, instead of complaining about not being able to go out of the house, try to see the positive side of the situation. Lockdown gives us all the much-needed family time we have been asking for. You can spend a lot more time with your family and work in the comfort of your house. And the best part is that you can watch a lot of movies and series with your family. So grab some popcorn and a drink of your choice and make the most of this free time. In case you are away from family and feeling anxious, these 12 tips will help answer the question; how to stay connected during the lockdown.

    Here is some amazing content available online, which will make your stay at home a lot more entertaining!

    15 Shows And Movies You Need To Binge-Watch!

    1. Friends

    Watch Friends TV Show With Your Family
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    Friends is an all-time classic that would make you have a good laugh even if you’re watching it for the 10th time. It’s a story of 6 friends, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. It’s pure nostalgia for millennials and a show the whole world swears by. Stream it on Netflix and enjoy!

    2. How I Met Your Mother

    Spend Time With Family And Watch
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    You’re in for a treat if you want to know this quarantine how Ted met the mother of his children. Watch his everyday journey as he goes with his friends Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin to find his soulmate. It is a very light-hearted and easy-going series. If you start this series, I can assure you one thing it’s going to be legend…. wait for it…dary, legendary. A fun show to watch with your teenage kids and bond over endless laughter. Stream it on Hotstar. 

    3. Ramayan

    Watch Ramayan With Your Family During The Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    Ramayan has become a buzz yet again. This quarantine is a great way to show your children about what was the hype about the Ramayan of your time. Also, if you are the one watching it for the first time, this will not disappoint you. Being inside has made all of us anxious and this show will surely help you calm you down. 

    4. Cars

    Grab Some Family Time By Watching Cars Movie During This Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    One of Disney’s most popular movies, Cars, is also available on Netflix. We have all imagined as kids, ‘what if cars could talk?’ Well, Cars is just what you would love to watch with your family. A perfect light-hearted movie that will allow you to spend some quality time and share a burst of great laughter with your family. 

    5. Dr Who

    Watch Dr Who With Your Family During This Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    This is a show, which depicts the adventures of a doctor also known as the Time Lord. The series is available on Hotstar+Disney. This is a one-of-a-kind series that you simply can’t stop once you start watching. The series is not only for kids but is a favourite among adults as well.

    6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Watch Brooklyn Nine Nine With Your Family This Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    Do you like cop shows, even if you don’t, you’re gonna love Brooklyn Nine-Nine! The story of the 99th precinct of Brooklyn, where the cops fight crime in their own unique and comical way. Characters include Captain Raymond Holt, detectives Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Terry Jeffords, Charles Boyle, Rosa Diaz, Scully, and Hitchcock. It’s an out-and-out comedy that subtly deals with important issues in a lighthearted manner. Stream it on Hotstar or Netflix and find your inner Gina Linetti!

    7. Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo Movie
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    This is a heartwarming story of clownfish Nemo and his father Marlin. Marlin, who raises his son on his own, is left worried sick when Nemo gets caught by humans. The story revolves around the adventures of Marlin as he sets across oceans to find his son with his new, forgetful friend Dory. Watch the movie unfold lessons, fun and thrill on Disney + Hotstar. And don’t forget to catch the sequel, Finding Dory.

    8. Boss Baby

    Boss Baby - A Must Watch Movie During This Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    This is one of Netflix’s trending movies, Boss Baby. It’s a fun way of storytelling and how babies have a parallel world of their own. It tells the story of how the protagonist of the movie shares a bond with his elder brother and the fun they have together. The story perfectly showcases the bond between the siblings. 

    9. The Jungle Book

    Spend Time With Kids By Watch The Jungle Book Movie Together
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    The story of Mowgli is doing rounds almost every decade. Each generation has its representations. The Jungle Book is not to be given a miss. It tells the story of how a human baby grows up with the wild jungle creatures. The bond of Mowgli with Bagheera and Balu is unexplainable. Also, who can forget the fight with Sher Khan?

    10. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things - Perfect Movie For You And Kids
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    The Demogorgon in the show (a fictional character) will put you on the edge of your couch. This show is perfect for both your kids and you. This is a story of a group of friends, Dustin, Will, Mike, and Lucas, who find a super kid Eleven. With the help of Eleven, they save their town with creatures like the Demogorgon. Stream this rollercoaster of a show on Netflix.

    11. One-Punch Man

    Watch One-Punch Man Movie Streaming On Netflix With Your Family
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    There is no hero like Saitama, who defeats all his foes with one punch, just because he is super strong. The story of Saitama, the hero for fun and his super friends save their city from attacks of super villains and monsters. It is an anime show streaming on Netflix.

    12. Tangled

    Watch This Disney Movie
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    One of Disney’s best movies is Tangled. The Disney princesses have always been a favourite among kids. And why not? Tangled is a story about the Disney princess Rapunzel, the one with long and beautiful hair. Discover her story and set out on an adventure with her with your family and loved ones. 

    13. Mahabharata

    Bond Over Mahabharata With Family During The Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    Speaking of Indian series and shows, no one can forget Mahabharata. Just like Ramayana, Doordarshan has begun the repeat telecast of Mahabharata. This is a great way for the entire family to bond, especially the grandparents and grandkids. And it is an interesting way to learn a few lessons from Indian mythology.

    14. Sherlock

    Sherlock - A Thriller Show To Watch During This Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    Well, who doesn’t like thrillers and dramas better than Sherlock Holmes himself? Well if you want to know the stories of detective sherlock holmes and his protégé Dr Watson, this one will surely interest you. This includes their journey on finding the story behind crimes and finding out the guilty with their super detective techniques.

    15. The Big Bang Theory

    Watch Big Bang Theory With Your Family During This Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Amazon

    Last but not the least, the best comedy series if you love science. The series is based on a group of nerdy scientists, Dr Sheldon Cooper, Dr Leonard Hofstader, Dr Raj Koothrappali, and Mr Howard Wolowitz. And the story of how they spend their time by playing Dungeons & Dragons or watching Star Trek, until a neighbour moves in right next door, Penny.

    These are our list of 15 amazing shows and movies which will keep you entertained during the lockdown. These series and movies will allow you to share a laugh with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Stream your favourite show or movie and enjoy!

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