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    10 Important Tips To Improve Concentration & Focus In Children

    Yes, every child is special and unique. However, there is one common and nagging problem that most of them battle with. It’s concentration issues. Being a kid is all fun and games until it’s time to concentrate on one thing for long periods of time. Kids are driven by curiosity, unmatchable energy, and exuberance. They face a lot of difficulties when it comes to concentrating or completing one task at a time. And parents are constantly trying to find ways to improve concentration in kids. There are an array of solutions that you can incorporate to help your little one overcome this problem quite effectively.

    9 Common Symptoms Of Low Concentration In Kids

    • Lack of interest
    • Inability to sit still and maintain a train of thought
    • Easily distracted
    • Difficulty following instructions
    • Inability to keep things organised
    • Loses things often
    • Has difficulty in learning and remembering
    • Appears to be constantly daydreaming
    • Fidgety

    Why Is It So Hard For Kids To Focus?

    1. Difficulty Level Of Task

    The difficulty of the task ideally depends on the age of the child. However, if the task is too difficult and complicated for your child’s aptitude, then he or she may find it difficult to concentrate. The easiest solution to this problem would be to break the hard task into smaller units of easier tasks. This way your child will not only find it easy but will also have fun while working on it.

    2. Distractions In The Surrounding Environment

    Children have unmatched energy levels and are extremely curious about their surroundings. If they have something around them which nudges their curiosity then they are bound to get distracted. Any source of entertainment, loud noise or probably something interesting happening outside the window can grasp their attention and make it difficult for them to concentrate. Whenever your child is studying or working on something, ensure that the room is free from distractions.

    3. Lack Of Attention

    Children crave attention. However, the lack of attention from the parental figure might cause certain cognitive issues in children, which also includes concentration difficulties. Try spending some quality time with your little ones every day. Make them believe that you have time for them and are interested in their activities. This will make a huge difference in their little minds.

    4. Nutritional Deficiencies Or Poor Diet

    Poor nutrition, lack of balanced diet or skipping of meals may lead to various physical and intellectual problems in your child. It’s very important that your child gets a variety of nutrients every day. The best thumb rule is to ensure they eat a rainbow of colours throughout the day. Different food colours are representative of different nutrients.

    5. Poor Sleep Quality

    Children require at least eight to twelve hours of undisturbed sleep every night in order to perform well in tasks. Lack of sleep will hugely impact their concentration ability. It also makes them cranky and irritated. Make your child maintain a proper sleep schedule and discourage them to stay up till late.

    6. Personal Problems Or Grief

    Children have a hard time to cope with interpersonal problems. Even issues in family or between parents have a profound negative impact on their young minds. This, in turn, will affect their ability to concentrate and be attentive to daily activities. If there is something troublesome going on at home then ensure that your child is kept away from it as it will disturb his mind.

    7. Learning Difficulties

    A number of children suffer from several types of learning difficulties or disorders. However, they go undiagnosed until things turn for the worse. Learning difficulties like ADHD, Dyslexia or ADD may be the prime reason behind your child’s inability to concentrate. You can always take your child to a professional for authentic clinical diagnosis. Such consultation will also pave the path for treatment measures which will help your child right from early stages in life.

    10 Ways To Increase Concentration In Kids

    If you are worried about how to improve your child’s concentration then incorporate the following measures in their everyday routine.

    1. Observe Your Little One’s Behaviour & Movements

    Simply just sit back and observe your kid when he or she is indulging in an action. Be it playing, talking, studying or any other activity. Try to understand their expressions, reactions, and most importantly, motivations behind their actions. You can also speak to their teacher for a better understanding of your kid’s behaviour at school when he or she is away from you. Such inputs will help you to understand your child in a better way, especially the underlying causes behind their behaviour. 

    2. Give Your Child A Distraction-free Environment

    Some kids have serious trouble in filtering out noise. Hence, they require a distraction-free environment to concentrate. Ensure that they have a peaceful ambience without loud music, TV, or any other source of distraction when they sit to study.

    3. Limit Their Screen Time

    Today’s world has opened a lot of avenues when it comes to the digital space not only for adults but also for kids. However, these modernised electronic amenities like PlayStation, iPad, laptop, and other gadgets hinder their focus and cause a significant distraction. Encourage your children to play physical games instead of sitting back and watching TV or using the internet. Also, encourage them to play concentration games for kids, which are specifically designed to improve their concentration abilities. Allot a certain time duration for your kid’s daily screen time.

    4. Set Achievable Goals

    Divide your kid’s study time into several categories, involving interesting, interactive and fun activities. Don’t make their study time boring and draggy. Prepare a timetable and assign a time slot for all their activities like play, screen, and study time. Motivate them to finish a particular task within a specified time.

    5. Assign Daily Responsibilities To Your Kids

    Assigning simple daily tasks to your kids will not only improve their attention and concentration skills but will also make them disciplined. The responsibilities will depend on the age of your child. They can include simple tasks like setting the table, organising their desk and wardrobe, cleaning their room, arranging their toys and books, etc.

    6. Break Lengthy Tasks Into Smaller Units

    Break down time-consuming and difficult tasks into small parts. Once they complete one part of the big task then they can move on to the next smaller part. It becomes easier for them to concentrate, complete the task, and be interested at the same time. There are a number of concentration games for kids available in the market that will help your child to be more focussed. 

    7. Schedule A Fixed Study Time

    Repeating the same activity every day at the same hour is most likely to turn into a habit. And habit formation sometimes can elicit favourable results. Make your child sit down and study every day at the same hour. Eventually, it will come naturally to him or her to sit and do the activity that they are habituated to practice at that particular time. It will be less of an effort and more of regular practice.

    8. Encourage Them To Be Physically Active

    Wondering about how to improve children’s concentration and focus? Give them the extra push to be physically active and fit. Significant research highlights that physical activities like running, cycling, exercising, or playing a sport regularly will not only make your kid physically fit but will also improve their focus and concentration skills.

    9. Deep Breathing Exercises Give Fruitful Results

    Some simple breathing exercises and meditation, when practised routinely, can have a profound impact on your child’s mental abilities, especially like concentration and focus. Make your kid practice simple and easy deep breathing exercises early morning when the air is generally in its purest form. This will help them to be more focussed in their tasks and activities. 

    10. Keep Rewarding Them

    Kids feel motivated and happy whenever they are rewarded after finishing a task or if they perform well in it. This feeling of accomplishment makes them more dedicated towards their task. It sparks their competitive spirit and desire to perform better. Hence, praise your child or give them small rewards after they complete their work on time or perform well. This is one of the most crucial measures when you want to find out how to improve children’s concentration and focus.

    Almost every next child undergoes significant concentration issues. However, the solution is simple. Start with looking out for the signs and symptoms of concentration issues in your little one. If you realise that there is a persistent problem then don’t think twice before seeking professional help. Remember, once you spot the primary cause of the problem accurately, you have halfway reached the solution.

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