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    10 Fun Questions To Ask Your Partner To Build Intimacy

    Of course, intimacy is important in any relationship as it can boost your overall well-being. Your relationship is based on love, trust and respect and as much as these factors are really important, you must also find yourself cherishing intimate moments. If you think that somewhere you aren’t as intimate with your partner as much as you’d want to be, here are 10 fun questions you can ask to get the conversation started.

    10 Exciting Questions You Can Ask Your Partner For Intimacy 

    1. What Do You Miss The Most About Me When I’m Not Around?

    When you are in love with someone, there is no doubt that you think about them often. So your partner must be thinking about you at times and even missing you. You can ask them this question to get to know what they like about you the most. It can be as simple as the way you laugh or as sexy as the way you touch. 

    2. How And Where Do You Like To Be Touched?

    When it comes to physical intimacy, communication is the key to a good experience. The more you talk about your preferences the more enjoyable it becomes for the both of you.

    You can get better at sex once you know exactly what to do. This question is pretty straightforward and then you’d know how they like it. 

    3. Do You Have Fantasies That You’d Like To Fulfil?

    More often than not, people have some amazing sexual fantasies about things that might be out of your imagination. Whether it is role-playing or using sex toys, you can ask your partner this question to get to know if they have any fantasies you can try to break the monotony. While you are at it, you can also ask them if they want to try intimacy building games for couples. 

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    4. Is There Something You’ve Never Told Me But You Want To?

    Although this is a yes or no question if your partner says yes they are more likely to explain and tell you what they couldn’t say to you earlier. But you also have to be quite understanding when they answer this question for them to feel comfortable around you.

    5. How Can I Be A Better Partner To You?

    No one is perfect but everyone can be better and that’s the truth. By asking them how you can be better with them, you are letting them know there is room for improvement in your relationship. If you have fights with your partner often, this can be one question that can assure them that you want to be in this relationship and you are going to try and make it better. 

    6. What Are Some Things I Can Do Outside Of The Bedroom To Keep The Feelings Of Intimacy Going All Day?

    No doubt sexual acts are intimate but there are a lot more other things that go into making a relationship intimate. You can ask your partner this question to understand what they find most romantic and intimate when physical touch isn’t involved. 

    You can also try phone sex with your partner. Here are 10 tips that will put you in the mood.

    7. Have I Ever Said Or Done Anything To Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

    Everyone makes mistakes and let’s admit that you must have said something wrong unintentionally and it might have hurt your partner. By asking them this question you are getting to know their insecurities and things they don’t like talking about. You can then make sure you avoid these topics at all costs.

    8. Do You See Our Love lasting? Do You Ever Have Any Doubts?

    The best way to know if your partner sees a future with you is to ask them this question. This will help you both to be on the same page. It is very important in a relationship that you both know what the other person wants and this question will help you know just that.

    9. When Did You Realize You Were In Love With Me?

    It is believed that there is one moment where we think and realise that yes, I love this person. And if that’s true your partner must have also thought about it sometime, whether it might be on a ride back home or something else. It is very special to know what brought y’all together.

    10. How Do You Think You Best Express Love?

    Love languages are real so if you think your partner isn’t as expressive as you’d want them to be, you probably don’t know what their love language is. Some people express love by gifting stuff, some by spending quality time together. Whatever it is, make sure you and your partner are assured that you love each other no matter even if you don’t have the same love language.

    These are the 10 best questions you can ask to get to know your partner more. But while asking these questions you must also be prepared with the answers yourself as it is likely that you’ll be asked the same thing. You can also try intimacy building games for couples that can help you come closer. Which question did you feel is the one that will bring you closer to your partner? Tell us in the comments.

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