LifePowerful Habits To Overcome & Rise Above Failure

Powerful Habits To Overcome & Rise Above Failure

There is always a good day and a bad day! Failures and life go hand in hand while serving as a reality check to each one of us. So, if you are wondering how to overcome failure in life, it’s best to take things step-by-step and with a pinch of salt.

Failures are bound to happen no matter how hard you may try. They also make for the toughest but the most important lessons that we learn along the way! So be brave, work hard and let’s learn how to overcome the fear of failure. 

Failures are basically goals that you haven’t been able to achieve. And in order to understand how to overcome failure, one must understand the importance of failure and not be afraid of it. Instead, accept and focus on ways to move forward positively and productively.

We Fail Every Day & That’s Okay

How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Failure is the stepping stone to success. There isn’t a successful person in the world who hasn’t gone through their share of lows. The idea is to keep trying until you get things right. All this should be done while keeping a positive attitude, leaning for support on your family, friends and peers, and making new mistakes every time, instead of the same ones again and again. Learning to overcome and rise above failure is a life-long process.

Also, we may fail in various aspects of our life, both personal and professional. For example, a breakup or a failed relationship is a painful process where you might feel like you’ve failed. So, how do you cope with failure in love? You need to give yourself time to heal, let go of the negative memories and hold on to the positive ones. Acceptance of the end of the relationship is key. Letting go of your past will help you embrace your future with positivity. Do not be scared to love again.

How To Overcome Failure In Personal Life?

1. Acknowledging The Problem

Overcome Failure In Personal Life By Acknowledging The Problem

Understanding how to overcome failure in love or managing any kind of relationship isn’t easy. It requires two people to equally work towards it. It could be two people in love, a parent and child, two work colleagues, a teacher and a student, and so on. Relationships of any kind require understanding, compassion, patience and respect. Without these elements, one is setting themselves up for failure!

Most of us have faced heartbreak, failed relationships and even felt like we’re not doing a good job as parents. The key is to decide what you want from this situation in the end. Overcoming failure involves working towards a solution. So, for example, a broken marriage could mean two people fixing their relationship through counselling, or parting ways because it is a better option for them. Similarly, as parents, you may choose to demarcate your time to be around your kids for longer, or accept that you want to focus on your work and enlist help from friends and family to manage the kids.

2. Understanding Self Worth

Overcome The Fear Of Failure By Understanding The Self Worth

Understanding your self worth will help you stand up for what you deserve. It will also help you recognise your weaknesses and be accepting of your faults. This is crucial in order to overcome your fear of failure. You walk into a situation with complete awareness of what you bring to the table and complete acceptance of what you will be good at and what you won’t be great at. This minimises the feeling and fear of failing.  

“Entrepreneurship is about being able to face failure, manage failure and being able to succeed after failing.” – Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon Limited

How To Overcome Fear Of Failure At Work?

1. Being A Successful Employee

Accepting The Failure At Work

Accepting failure at work and rising above it means you need to learn to take criticism constructively. Always be open for feedback, not just from your boss but your peers too. If there’s a consistent point being made, try and work on it on your own time to not just bring a positive attitude to work, but enhance your skill set and work ethic too.

2. Being A Successful Business Owner

Reach Out To Experts To Overcome The Failure In Business

Being your own boss comes with its own set of challenges. It’s about taking risks and being responsible for a lot of make-or-break decisions; invariably, some will be good and some not so great. Overcoming failure in business is about not letting your entrepreneurial journey become a lonely one. Reach out to advisors, mentors, and people with experience for feedback and insights. Even if you fail, you need to keep learning, not be afraid to keep trying, and always be as well-informed as you can be to make better decisions the next time.

Simple Changes That Can Help You Rise Above Failure

1. Re-evaluating 

If you have experienced some kind of failure, take time to re-evaluate. Think of a situation when you succeeded and keep those steps in mind. It may help you going forward. 

2. Make A Vision Board

Vision boards are an excellent way of envisioning where you’ll be in a few years. It helps you to think, plan and execute your dream. Being prepared and having a goal in mind is the stepping stone to success.

3. Plan For The Worst 

When devising an action plan, always prepare for the worst and have a Plan B in the works. This way you’ll never be taken by surprise and will have the will power to overcome your problems. 

Failures are a part of life and the sooner you take them in your stride, the better you’ll get at dealing with them. Always remember that failing at something isn’t the end, in fact, it is the beginning of you trying to get it right. Focus on an action plan to move forward rather than getting stressed about what has already happened. Having a solution-oriented mindset is always better than having a problem-focused one.

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