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    BeautyLike Mommy, Like Daughter: Real Women Share The Holy Grail Of Beauty...

    Like Mommy, Like Daughter: Real Women Share The Holy Grail Of Beauty Tips Passed Down To Them From Their Mums


    Moms are moms for a reason! They have a solution for every problem, especially when it comes to beauty. We all have grown up trying homemade remedies that our moms have suggested and most of them actually worked wonders for our body…isn’t it? For instance, almost everyone has tried besan and dahi paste for glowing skin…thanks to our moms and their moms. 

    Our mothers are the most beautiful women we know (inside and out). Despite the constantly changing hair and makeup trends, some of the best timeless beauty advice we have gotten has come from these incredible women. 

    Real Women Share Timeless Beauty Advice From Their Moms

    TC46 put out a post on Instagram here asking “What’s the one beauty tip you’ve learnt from your mom?” And received a ton of responses! Here are the 10 best tips that have been passed on from generations, shared by our followers!

    Multani mitti, at least once a week is our holy grail. And of course, coconut oil champi!” – Vishu*

    For healthy skin, my mum’s 5 golden rules have been hydration, washing the face at least twice a day, applying curd (dahi) once a week, applying multani mitti face pack every 15 days and eating lots and lots of veggies!” – Devina*

    After getting done with work, my mom makes ubtan with simple kitchen ingredients like bread slices, raw milk, lemon juice, and olive oil. She applies this to her face, neck and hands and then takes a shower. And god after that her skin just glows and is super soft!” – Supriya*

    My mom has always been a DIY enthusiast for soft, glowing skin. The secret passed on to us by my grandmother is to make a mask using besan, haldi, malai, honey and rose water. Make a paste using these ingredients, apply for 15 mins and wash. You can clearly see the difference!” – Bhavika*

    An old skincare ritual my mom taught me is to always remove makeup using coconut oil. Just a few drops on a cotton pad and you get your makeup removed without using any chemicals.” – Minal*

    My mom always washes her hair with reetha amla and shikakai water by soaking them overnight and now I do the same. The results are really mind-blowing!” – Kajol*

    My mother’s beauty ritual is applying malai to face and arms to remove all the dirt and dust.” – Vidhi*

    I remember, sitting as a kid and my mom just applying aloe vera plant pulp on my body, especially when I got a sunburn by playing all day.” – Anamika*

    My mom always says, nothing like DIY facemasks to banish acne! Mix neem powder with turmeric (haldi), honey, lemon juice and yoghurt. Apply it to your face for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off. And see the magic for yourself!” – Sweety*

    My mom used to apply a paste of gram flour, turmeric (haldi) and milk on her face. Her skin used to glow and now I do the same. Hopefully, my kids will learn too!” –  Nimita*

    Mothers are often among the first and most significant influences we have growing up, tasked with helping to teach us the ropes of life and typically providing our first exposure—and only—access to self-care guidance and goods. Put these excellent, tried and tested tips to use and get the most beautiful results!

    Try this amazing dahi face pack and see how your skin glows flawlessly.

    Disclaimer: Please note that the responses have been translated and edited for clarity. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

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