HealthFitnessVideo: Delicious & Energising Smoothie Recipes For #SuperMoms

Video: Delicious & Energising Smoothie Recipes For #SuperMoms

Tired of cooking 10 meals a day and STILL struggling to stay healthy? All of us want to get fit but moms find it difficult to focus on themselves since they are busy juggling a million things, all at once. Welcome to smoothie life. Smoothies are a game-changer as they require minimal effort and are a great way to deliver a large dose of nutrients to your body. The natural sugars help you stay focused, and the high fibre keeps you energised all day long. What’s more, these recipes are lip-smackingly delicious and have your favourite ingredients.

So, whether you’re late for work, need to rush to pick up the kids, or are busy buying groceries, grab any one of these healthy smoothies and power on, super mom!

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of A Smoothie

1. Weight Loss

It’s a great way of losing the extra weight without skipping meals. A cooling, fruity smoothie in the summer and a delicious, veggie one in the winter helps you stay healthy. You can also have these smoothies as a post-workout meal. For weight loss and reducing belly fat, these yoga asanas for belly fat reduction are effective.

2. Antioxidant Supply

Smoothies with grapes, berries, pomegranate and coconut water are great sources of antioxidants. This helps prevent diseases and ailments, supports cell regeneration, and is great for the health of your skin, nails and hair too.

3. Immunity Boost

All green smoothies and ingredients with beta-carotene help boost your immune system. These drinks are an efficient delivery system for nutrients and can help keep your body fighting fit.

4. Skin Restoration

The added dose of hydration, antioxidant boost, inherent vitamin C and essential minerals all contribute to glowing and younger-looking skin. You can further boost your smoothie with a garnish made from superfoods, nuts, seeds and raisins.

5. Bone Strength

Smoothies with spinach, green vegetables and citrus fruits as chief ingredients supply calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K. These help improve your bone health.

Drink up to good health every day of the week with our smoothie recipes. Cheers!

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