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Ramadan 2020: 5 Tips To Celebrate Despite The Lockdown

The holy month of Ramzan started with the sighting of the moon. People all over the world have embarked on this journey of soul-cleansing with Ramadan. The month observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community, this Ramadan has changed a lot in the year 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. But fasting for 15-16 hours during the scorching Indian summer is still not an easy task.

While the highlights are surely the pre-dawn suhur and the evening iftar, this holy period certainly has its challenges. The key to managing thirst throughout the day is to plan your suhur. With the world fighting coronavirus and surviving under the lockdown, it might be difficult to gather food supplies. Though this year many Ramadan activities have come to a standstill, it can’t snap our spirit.

How Has Ramadan Changed In 2020?

As a quiet Ramadan dawned on the world, it has become a time for introspection. People in lockdowns and isolation are staying home and staying safe. The COVID-19 pandemic changed Ramadan from a happy public gathering to a virtual celebration. Muslims all over the world are fighting the coronavirus by staying inside and offering prayers from home. Leaders of many Mosque communities are live-streaming prayers to connect with people during Ramzan. 

Even though the times are rough and full of challenges, people are still optimistic. Muslims all around the world are connecting virtually. Many Muslims are seeking out the good in a difficult situation. The fight with coronavirus starts with us and the spirit of people during Ramadan is a strong testimony of it.

Tips To Manage Your Thirst And Hunger During Ramadan 2020 Lockdown

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

The Indian summer is right upon us, making us sweat and crave something cold. We are already experiencing 40-degree weather and that, alone, can cause dehydration. So drink as much water as you can during suhur. Drinking water flushes out toxins, re-energises the body and prevents us from feeling drained during the day. 3-4 glasses of water during sehri will help combat dehydration and thirst till iftar.

2. Do Eat Dates

Dates are synonymous with Ramadan and hold a special place in our hearts during this holy month. They are a source of antioxidants, help restore blood sugar balance and reduce blood pressure. Rich in iron, vitamins and minerals, a khajur is the perfect way to start your suhur. And they are delicious too! You can also try other dried fruits such as apricots (khubani), figs (anjeer), raisins (kishmish) or prunes (sookha aloobukhara), which provide fibre and nutrients.

3. High-Carbohydrate Food

Food with high levels of carbohydrates takes longer to digest and produces a lot of energy that can last all day. Include bread, potatoes and rice along with vegetables to fight hunger throughout the day. Avoid spicy or fried foods as that can lead to indigestion and heartburn.

Check these 10 classic and authentic Ramadan recipes for you to celebrate

4. Stay Fresh With Fruits

Fruits are the best option that balance sugar intake and water intake. Fibrous fruits like apples and bananas help combat constipation. Since a lot of fruits have high water percentages, they also aid in keeping thirst at bay. 

5. Include Dairy Products

Eating yoghurt, buttermilk, lassi and milk during sehri reduces thirst during the day. Dahi has high calcium levels and keeps us refreshed. It helps fight the scorching heat by keeping our stomach cool thus reducing indigestion, heartburn and acidity.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I wish my family and friends since I can’t meet them?

A. Iftar meals are mini celebrations wherein family, friends and relatives gather to break their fast. But under the lockdown, large social gatherings are not possible. You can connect with your loved ones with the help of technology. There are a number of video calling apps that can host several participants and make Ramadan a great time for the family to bond.

Q. How to organise a fun video family call during Ramadan?

A. Many of us are away from family during this holy month. But it’s possible to celebrate Ramadan with flair. Apps like Zoom offer a great feature of hosting a large number of people on video calls. You can plan a themed iftar party like dressing up in one colour and sending virtual eidi in the form of online gifts. 

Q. How do you make Ramadan fun for kids in the lockdown?

A. Ramadan is a time of celebration for kids and receiving eidi from elders. You can make it fun for them by engaging them in activities like making a Ramzan countdown calendar, doing arts and crafts and asking them to decorate their rooms for Eid al-Fitr. You can also read to them and share stories about Ramadan.

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