LifeFood5 Food BFFs That Work #BetterTogether

5 Food BFFs That Work #BetterTogether

Swipe left to celebrate 5 delish food BFFs that you can never say no to:

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5 Food BFFS That Work #BetterTogether
Once you have your breakfast, you dream about your lunch. You’re done with your lunch and it’s time to let your thoughts wander and plan your snack. Past snack time, it’s your chance to dream about your dinner. In the meantime, you leave no stone unturned in losing yourself in thoughts about all the delicious wonders you can dig your fingers deep in between your meals and snacks. There are certain delicacies that are fascinating in their own right but taste even better when they're paired with their BFF. One is good but two is definitely better. As they say, the more, the merrier.

Here are 5 such food BFFs that complement each other beyond what words can explain.
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1. Chai & Samosa
Nothing like a hot comforting cup of chai, monsoon or not. A simple concoction of tea leaves, along with milk and sugar to taste, but what you get as a result is holistic food for your soul. Bring a plate of the supremely crispy samosa stuffed with the humble potato in its mashed form, seasoned with the refreshing aroma of fresh spices - the combo cannot but appeal to the desi in you.
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2. Rajma & Chawal
India has made this Mexico-import its very own. If you are confused, kidney beans is what we’re talking about. It was imported into our country several centuries ago and since then, there has been no looking back. Cooked in plump tomatoes and a pot full of aromatic Indian masale is everything you need to tickle your happy hormones. Serve it with rice and it feels like seventh heaven for your senses. And, if it’s jeera chawal, it’s sone pe suhaga.
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3. Chole & Bhature
Protein-rich white chickpeas slowly simmered in a blend of golden fried onions, freshly diced tomatoes, and flavourful oriental spices - that’s the fancy spanzy definition of chole right out of a five-star menu card. Yes, the magic of our desi spices come into play yet again! Garnish the chole with a dash of ringed onions and dhaniya patti with green chillies and lip-smacking pickle on the side, and serve it with sizzling hot, freshly fried bhature right out of the kadhai. Ah, smells like home.
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4. Doodh / Rabri & Jalebi
Yeah, there’s a tie between doodh and rabri with both of them vying for your attention when you crave for the ever-so-irresistible jalebi. Not that the sugar-filled dessert is not enough to satiate your taste buds, but dunking them in creamy or condensed milk only makes it a double treat for your senses. No less than a double dhamaka!
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5. Coffee & Cookies
Hmmm…need we say more?! Bean lovers simply cannot have enough of its invigorating aroma, be it hot or cold, and in its purest form or mixed with milk and other ingredients. And when you get a cookie, especially a chocolate cookie, to go with it, how can you not go berserk with sheer joy? After all, they’re both aphrodisiacs - coffee and chocolate.
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