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    21 Creative Yet Productive Ways To Deal With The Lockdown

    The lockdown has us scratching our head. Though we are all more than happy to do our part as an informed citizen of the country, most of us are lost on what to do. A majority of people are working from home and that gives them plenty to do. They have a routine and a schedule they adhere to, giving them a few hours of free time. This works amazingly well for them.

    But what about those who aren’t working, homemakers, part-time business owners or kids on vacation? We bring you 21 ways to spend the lockdown in productive, creative and unique ways.

    1. Hygiene

    Personal Hygiene To Stay Away From Covid 19

    We are all aware that washing hands regularly with soap and water is the only prevention. So don’t skip on that. Sitting at home can demotivate us when it comes to bathing. Avoid skipping baths and make sure you stay as clean as possible. Dust your house, scrub what needs to be scrubbed and wash what needs to be washed. This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself and your house to be squeaky clean.

    2. Games

    Play Intellectual Games During Lockdown

    Find those cards and stashed-away board games and try your hand at Uno. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate your brain as well as kill time productively. Video games are an amazing option for those who have been waiting to check out newer versions. While Fortnight, CS, GTA and PUBG are our all-time favourites, do check out the fresh ones like Bleeding Edge and Half-Life: Alyx. There’s more; a lot of our childhood games like Ludo and Monopoly can be played online with friends and family that are far away.

    3. Fitness

    Follow Fitness Routine During Quarantine Period

    If your hectic schedule was an excuse to not work out, it’s no more a hindrance. Practising yoga at home, for example, is a great way to start your stagnant fitness routine. This will give you the confidence you need to stay fit at a controlled pace. Along with that, yoga is a great stress reliever and will help you get rid of anxiety and depression. A lot of fitness experts are giving out free tips and even conducting live online workout sessions. Hop on this fitness train and use this time to your advantage.

    4. Learning

    Indulge In Self Learning During Lockdown

    Have you been thinking about taking up a digital marketing class or learning a new language? While your daily schedule might not allow that, this lockdown is perfect time for gaining knowledge. There are several online classes, seminars, sessions and so much more. So check them out, assess what works best for you and start learning today.

    5. Self-Care

    Pamper Yourself More During This 21 Days Lockdown

    Many of us procrastinate when it comes to self-care and would rather take a nap. Women, after a hectic day, hastily take off their makeup and do a half-hearted cleanse. Well, you can no more give an excuse. Use this time well to pamper yourself. Set up an elaborate skincare and haircare routine for the morning as well as night. Try the face mask you have hidden, awaiting a ‘special occasion’. It’s time for self-care.

    6. Diet

    Being at home all day eventually turns into us opening and shutting the fridge hundreds of times. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of ‘snacking’. With the lockdown in place, we will not be able to venture out anytime we want. We must be prepared and this entails rationing the food we have. There is, of course, no need to panic-buy as the government is well-equipped with a ton of food and medicines. So, follow a steady diet and workout routine during the lockdown, cook your meals as and when needed, and avoid putting on unwanted kilos.

    7. Music

    Listen Calming Music

    Whether you play a musical instrument, sing or just enjoy listening to music, this is a great time for all music lovers. If you have been thinking about perfecting your guitar playing skills, go ahead and jam all day. If YouTube videos are inspiring you to hone your singing skills, sing to your heart’s content. Music puts us in a good mood and affects our emotions. Listen to happy, upbeat music and stay away from depression.

    8. Arts & Crafts

    Indulge in Arts & Craft Activities During Lockdown Period

    This is an amazing activity that can get your kids to calm down and have fun at the same time. Drawing, sketching, painting and colouring are all entertaining. This helps kids vent out the frustrations of being inside the house all day. But this isn’t just for kids, adults can enjoy arts and crafts as well. Grab a paper, pencil and some colours and have fun.

    9. Reading

    Induldge In Reading To Keep Yourself Engrossed

    Are the books on the shelves calling your name? Have you been picking up your phone over a good book on the weekends? This lockdown has given you the opportunity to read up. Grab that book you bought the last time you went into a Crossword. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to give their kids the gift of reading. Watching you get engrossed in a book is a sure way for your kid to get curious about it too.

    10. Gardening

    Indulge In Gardening To Spend Your Time Productively

    Gardening, planting herbs and vegetables is one way of spending time productively. Give your potted plants some extra love. And instead of throwing away seeds and stems in your kitchen, plant some herbs and vegetables. You can plant chillies, coriander, tomatoes and sprouts easily. For kids, this is the perfect time to experiment with mustard seeds and soil. Gardening along, with these indoor activities for kids, will keep them entertained during this lockdown.

    11. Decor

    Change The Decor To Bring Freshness To Your Room

    Tired of the same old living room setting? Time to jazz things us! Move the furniture around and change the look of your house. Hang those paintings you have been meaning to get to for a long time. Change the sheets, cushion covers, bring out the new vase and put a potted plant. Changing the decor brings a freshness that we need not just physically but also mentally.

    12. Sew & Stitch

    Indulge In Sewing & Stiching During This Lockdown

    Has your nani or dadi been pestering you to learn knitting and sewing so that you can stitch your future husband’s buttons? Forget the husband and the buttons, but learning such a skill is a fantastic idea. Take the help of your grandma or turn to the endless YouTube and Pinterest ideas for inspiration. Maybe you can give your denim jacket a makeover or stitch a beautiful design on that plain kurti of yours.

    13. Watch

    Watch Shows On Netflix & Prime

    Stop scrolling through Netflix and Amazon Prime. A quick Google search will help you decide what to watch next. Put on a comforting show and get drunk in nostalgia. Or tune-up to find what’s best and latest in the world of movies and tv series. You can start a series together with a faraway friend or even your partner and discuss it over a video call. Choose wisely, for there are endless genres and infinite options.

    14. Online Dating

    Explore Online Dating Sites During This 21 Days Lockdown

    If your work hours were stopping you from dating, now is a good time to hop back on the horse. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and so many more options to choose from. And for those who wanted to give matrimonial sites a try, get chatting without the pressure of meeting up. The lockdown will ensure that you get to know the person well in advance before you meet. Isn’t that just heavenly?

    15. Cocktails

    Make Cocktails With Your Favourite Alcohol

    If you have a decent stock of your favourite alcohol at home, now is the time to try your hand at mixology. There are plenty of recipes available online and a number of expert bartenders are giving out their secrets on social media. Make the most of your time and develop a new skill during the lockdown. Make sure you limit your alcohol intake and drink responsibly.

    16. Beauty

    Upgrade During Beauty Skills During 21 Days Lockdwon

    This lockdown is a blessing in disguise for those seeking to upgrade their beauty skills. Want to perfect the winged eyeliner or a flawless dutch braid? Hop on to social media or YouTube and learn to do that with ease. Finally learn to do a sexy smokey eye look and get that voluminous ponytail. Makeup, for many, is therapeutic. So make the best use of this time and do something that makes you happy.

    17. Live Streams

    Soothe Your Mind With Live Music

    Musicians, singers and even video game players are live streaming their talent online. Watch Opera from England, shimmy to jazz from New Orleans or watch Ninja destroy his opponent in Fortnight. The choice is yours but the options are aplenty. 

    18. Podcasts

    Listen To Podcast During This 21 Days Lockdown

    Listen to a celebrity podcast talk about everyday mundane things. Or check out your favourite influencer share their childhood stories. The world of podcasts is ever-growing and there is something for everyone. From Spotify to SoundCloud, there are a lot of podcasts streaming apps and websites. Listen to podcasts like Armchair Expert or Cyrus Says and enjoy.

    19. DIY

    It’s DIY time! Grab your supplies and get creative. Paint that old vase, make candles, soaps, do calligraphy, try origami, make cards, bookmarks, homemade jewellery and the list is endless. Give all those art projects a chance to shine that you have been putting off. 

    20. Write

    All those aspiring authors, writers, bloggers and poets are blessed with an opportunity. Choose a comfy corner, grab your papers or laptop and start writing. Give yourself the luxury of diving deep into the world of literature. Also, a number of organisations are on the look for freelance writers and this can be your chance to earn from your hobby.

    21. Party

    Yes, we are suggesting you party up during the lockdown but in the safety of your own house. Those living alone can plan a date and time with their friends, dress up, grab a drink and get on a video call party. Parents can throw a bubble party or even DIY mask party for the kids. Instead of sitting at the dining table, lay out a picnic and make the most of it.

    Though times are tough and hope seems to be scarce, the goal of staying safe is of far greater importance. It’s time to do our duty as human beings and protect each other from the coronavirus pandemic. The least we can do during this lockdown is stay positive and keep living life!

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