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    Budget ShopperBudget Shopper: 8 Must-Buy Kitchenware Essentials At Home Centre On A Budget

    Budget Shopper: 8 Must-Buy Kitchenware Essentials At Home Centre On A Budget

    If you’re moving into a new house and starting afresh, renovating your kitchen or just thinking of replacing your kitchen appliances, it is important to invest wisely and shop for the essentials. Buying new kitchen equipment can simply put a strain on your savings. And quite frankly, do you need the 5 different sizes of kadhais and pots? All you have to do is ensure your kitchen is equipped with the essentials. Having a well-equipped kitchen makes cooking both more efficient and more enjoyable. Plus, it gives you the freedom and ability to tackle any cooking or baking project. There is so much you can do with just the regular known items that there is no need for fancy works. Here is a list of kitchen essentials you need and are of great value! 

    8 Kitchen Essentials To Shop For When On A Budget 

    1. Marley-Mimosa Textured Storage Jars

    An Indian kitchen holds a sea of spices. There are spices that we wouldn’t know by the name but know the dish that goes well with it. While there are a multitude of spices, they need jars that can preserve their taste and aroma. Kitchen storage jars are effortless and help you stay organised. They make the process of cooking easier as you can find your spices faster. 


    • A set of 6 jars, 650 ml each 
    • Airtight and spill-proof caps that ensure safe storage
    • Crafted with glass, these are an ideal option when it comes to storing snacks or groceries
    • Ideal for storing seasonings, spices, snacks, canned fruit and pickles

    Price: Rs. 599

    2. Marshmallow Sauce Pot with Lid

    A saucepan is popularly known as a milk pan. This is your all-in-one dish and a must-buy for your kitchen. They are primarily used for boiling raw food, making soup. But curries, pasta, tea, even sauces basically anything easy can be cooked in a saucepan. 


    • This sauce pot with lid, featuring a classy aluminium build and a soft touch handle for easy use
    • Scratch & abrasion resistant with marble coating
    • Non-stick coating prevents the food from sticking & is easy to clean
    • The wok has a side handle to make it easy to lift, has a spout to make pouring easy

    Price: Rs 1,599

    3. Corsica 2-Tier Multipurpose Rectangular Kitchen Trolley

    Your veggies can’t take in a bag forever. They will get spoilt and rot due to the moisture trapped in the bag. A perfect solution for your veggies is this kitchen trolley. It is a long-lasting kitchen accessory!  And can also be used to hold utensils, spoons, forks, knives, chopping boards and other cutlery. 


    • 2 tier kitchen trolley features strong wide tubes, deep holding baskets and a polished chrome finish
    • The added wheels make it easy to move around 
    • Easy to assemble with a stable stand and non-slip tray

    Price: Rs 1,599 (Rs 1,359 after discount)

    4. VICTORINOX Paring Knife With Peeler 

    A knife is the most used and important tool in a kitchen. From slicing veggies and meat to mincing garlic, knives essentially run the kitchen and cooking. A good pair of knives can go a long way but you must make sure to sharpen it once in a while. It’s hard to find a knife at this value and made by a reputable company. This kitchen knife set is a good purchase for a starter kitchen.


    • This is a popular Switzerland brand known for its knives
    • Pack contains 2 paring knives and 1 peeler
    • Body of the product is plastic with stainless steel blade

    Price: Rs 1,450

    5. 18-Piece Cutlery Set

    It goes without saying that you need cutlery. But you never know how big of a set you need. This 18 piece cutlery features forks and spoons along with a stand (which is a bonus). For the times you have a party, get together or you have your family over, this cutlery set will be the perfect dinner companion. 


    • Contains 6 forks, 6 baby spoons, 6 dinner spoons and 1 stand 
    • Designed from stainless steel, rendered in groovy pattern

    Price: Rs 1,499 (Rs 749 after discount)

    6. Victor Printed 14 Piece Dinner Set

    To accompany the cutlery you need a great dinner set. And why buy just a plate set when you could buy a whole dinner seat in the same price range. In your new house, you will be entertaining guests a lot. Friends and family and relatives will always drop-in for a visit. This 18 piece dinner serves best at times like this. It has bowls for dessert, sides and main course!


    • The minimalistic design and sophisticated charm make this printed dinner set a great way to enjoy your food.
    • Pack contains 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 katori, 1 serving bowl and 1 veg bowl
    • This set is perfect for gifting as well as self-consumption.

    Price: Rs 1,999 (Rs 1,199 after discount)

    7. Spinel Ursa Printed Coffee Mug

    Subah ki chai is a must-have and this set of mugs is a must-buy pair for your chai. The mugs feature a sleek and minimalist design with cool tones. Getting hottest tea(gossip) with your bestie just got hotter with these mugs! 


    • Contains 4 mugs holding 130 ml
    • Made with bone china
    • Long-lasting 

    Price: Rs 299

    8. WONDERCHEF 5-Pc. Burlington Cookware Set

    A whole cookware set is a must apart from a saucepan. Frying or sauteing, curries, chai dosas – cooking anything is possible with this cookware set. It  features an attractive colour and sheen making it a sleek addition to your kitchen 


    • Comes in a set of five, that includes three cooking vessels and two lids
    • Can be used on an induction cooker and in a dishwasher

    Price: Rs 3,299 (Rs 2,599 after discount)

    Kitchenware is the most important for your household as it helps sustain you. With amazing discounts right at your corner, ready your kitchen without breaking your bank! And be prepared to throw an amazing house party!

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