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    21 Trendy Home Decor Ideas For Living Room


    The first impression is the last impression goes the old adage. And that’s quite true too. Think of your living room, for instance. Your living room is the first thing that people notice when they enter your house. And your living room design ideas speak for your standard and your lifestyle. It is self-explanatory. Your rooms have a charm of their own but with time even they need an upgrade.

    21 Ways To Redesign Your Living Room Decor

    To help you upscale your living room interior design, well within your budget, try out the following home decor ideas.

    1. Add Colour To The Living Room

    Add Colour To Enhance Your Living Room Decor

    Your living room interior design should be calming and at the same time lively. To bring out these vibes, opt for a light colour. These days the hues of blue, grey and white are quite popular. If you want to add a touch of youthfulness to the look, pick vibrant wall painting designs for living room. The wall art also works wonders to give a happy touch to the living room.

    2. Declutter

    Declutter To Make Living Room Spacious

    You need to make your living room look spacious. For that purpose, decluttering is essential. By decluttering, we mean to un-haul the unnecessary items. Keep the furniture to a bare minimum. The coffee table, the couch, a bookshelf, some decorative items for living room like a plant or lamp can be a part of the living room design.

    3. Realign The Setting

    Realign The Setting To Lift Up Living Room Interiors

    Utilise the furniture that you have. Change the setting of these items. Realign decorative items for living room. If your couch is pushed against the wall, pull it to the centre of the room. Fill in the space between the couch and the chairs with a small plant or a side table.

    4. Go Wooden And Metallic

    Wooden And Metallic Furniture To Accentuate Living Room Decor

    Accentuate the soothing palette of your living room by using a combination of wooden and metallic furniture. A combination of a brass pot and a wooden teapoy will give depth to the living room’s interior design.

    5. Wall Painting Designs

    Creative Wall Painting To Enhance Living Room Interiors

    These days the living room is all about great wall art and wall painting designs. When you have a colour palette ready, check the suitable wall painting designs for living room. Online stores will give you perfect options for wall painting designs for living room. A beautiful symphony, a spread of flowers or an elegant painting of Krishna can add a dimension to the whole look.

    6. Lights

    Lights For Healthy Makeover Of Living Room

    The aim is to infuse living room decor ideas that give your room a healthy makeover. And your living room decor will look more polished by using lighting in the right places.  Use low ceiling lamps or chandeliers or the ceiling lights that give a warm glow. It adds to the quiet of the living room. Lights give a sense of grandeur to the living room.

    7. Decorative Items

    Add Decorative Items To Your Living Room Decor

    In the list of decorative items for living room, blindly pick up plants, lamps, dream catchers, paintings, Swiss cowbells. These are cliche decorative items but they add to the vibes of the room. Pick home decor ideas for living room that show off your personality and are pocket-friendly. The only thing to be kept in mind when picking these items is that it should also suit the palette of the living room.

    8. Add A Bookshelf

    Bookshelf - A Popular Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

    Adding a bookshelf is amongst the most popular home decor ideas for living room. The idea is to add a touch of grace to the feel of the living room with the help of a bookshelf. Create a reading nook alongside. It feels welcoming to the guests

    9. Add Layers To The Living Room

    Add Layers To Living Room Decor

    Move away from the same pattern and the same designs. Add layers to your room. Adding layers to the living room can uplift your living room interior design. Use rugs, floor pillows or pouffe stools that instantly up the style quotient.

    10. Add Textures

    Textures To Uplift Your Living Room Interiors

    Throw in different textures to uplift the makeup of your living room. Pick a combination of fabrics – nylon, velvet, and cotton. In the living room wall decor ideas, incorporate a tinge of rough surface here and there like putting up a brick wall to the living room design. The living room wall decor ideas can include a cliche wall hanging or an antique.

    11. Picture Frames

    Picture Frames To Give Personal Touch To Living Room

    Give your living room a personal touch. Add picture frames as a part of living room design ideas. Picture frames with positive quotes or polaroid picture frames highlighting your memories are quite popular these days.

    12. Minimalistic Accessorising

    Minimalistic Accessorizing To Keep Living Decor Simple Yet Elegant

    If your home decor ideas for living room are keeping it simple and elegant, then minimalism is the way to go. Minimalist designs are quite a rage with people. But just one colour palette can be blinding. In such cases, just throw in a jute pouffe stool or a leather armchair to add a feel to the look.

    13. Wall Shelves

    Wall Shelves To Add To Aesthetics Of Living Room

    Add wall shelves to the corners in your living room. These wall shelves will add to the aesthetics of the living room. On these wall shelves display your photo frames or decorative items or your trophies. Pick those decorative items that work with the theme of the living room.

    14. Artificial Plants

    Artificial Plants To Give Fresh Feels To Living Room

    Your living room decor ideas should look and feel healthy. Add artificial plants to your shelves or coffee table. This brings vibrancy to the room. Caring for real plants is a messy business. So, artificial plants are the best option and inexpensive as well. 

    15. Experiment With Seating

    Experiment With Sitting Options To Match It Up To Your Living Room Decor

    Move away from the cliche. Experiment with the seating options. Add a rocking chair, bean bags, settee bench, a recliner, a wing chair or a deck chair. Handpick the fabrics for your seating which match the look and feel of your room.

    16. Modern Art

    Abstract Paintings To Bring An Eclectic Touch To Room

    Modern and abstract paintings change the overall vibes of the room. Hang a colourful modern painting behind the couch or on a lonely wall. It brings an eclectic touch to the room.

    17. Different Geometrical Designs

    Different Geometrical Designs To Lift Up Your Living Room Interiors

    Experiment with shapes. Pick different geometrical designs. A combination of circular hanging lights or paper pendants and rectangular coffee table is most common but works well.

    18. Mood Swing Chairs

    Swing Chair To Give Peppy Young Feeling To Your Living Room

    Mood swings give the room a peppy, young feeling. Hang a mood swing chair in the living room. It instantly uplifts your mood after a long tiring day.

    19. Hide Your TV

    TV Setup Behind A Bifold Panel Painting In Living Room

    Hide your TV. Go away from the old couch-facing-the-tv setup of the living room. Conceal your TV behind a bifold panel painting or an equally lively curtain.

    20. Colour Blocking

    Colour Blocking To Add Sparkle To Your Living Room Decor

    Try colour blocking. It adds a sparkle to the living room. Colour blocking is the method of using bold and solid chunks of colour. Throw in a colourful rug, pillows, curtains or wall painting designs.

    21. Reuse Waste

    Enliven Living Room Decor With Wall Hanging Made Out Of Waste

    Be creative and productive. Enliven your living room interior design by recycling. Reuse the junk products like an old cycle or a ladder that you may have. A repainted old cycle hung on the wall gives a rustic look. And a repainted ladder makes for a great magazine or novel rack.

    The interior design of your living room is essential to retain the lively vibrations of your home. If your home decor ideas have the spunk, your living room will inhibit a youthful personality. The idea is to innovate, experiment and recycle to bring alive the living room of your imagination. Carefully chalk out the living room decor ideas, gather the resources to put together these design ideas and just bring back the spark in your living room. Also, check out these office desk decor ideas to give a makeover to your workstation.

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