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Buzz 46: 15 Bollywood Movies With Rock Solid Friendships


The feeling of having a best friend who totally gets you is irreplaceable. Everyone needs a partner in crime to talk to and actually do all the things with, one who cheers you up when you’re feeling low or one who you just have a total blast with when you hang out. We all have those special friends whom we are ready to do literally anything for. If you’re vibing to “Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha, Kaha Aisa Yaarana” this Friendship Day, then you must watch these movies and relive the iconic friendship moments of Bollywood!

15 Movies That Redefined Friendship

1. 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is a comedy-drama unlike any which you have seen so far. Whatever the problem in life is… just tell yourself ‘Aal Izz Well’. This won’t solve your problems but it will give you the courage to face the hardships life throws at you. The friendship trio, formed during their college life, helped each other in ways only friends can! Aamir Khan’s character Rancho from ‘3 Idiots’ is an ideal friend to have around. He has all the qualities of a perfect BFF. Be it his intelligence, helpful nature, or inspiring everyone around him, jugaadu dimaag – is an apt friend to have around who only has positives! This film showed us what a crucial influence friendship has on a person’s life, from moving ahead of your fears to following your passion! Right friendship teaches you everything! 

2. Sholay

Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge…. todenge dum magar tera saath na chhodenge”. These lines themselves prove that this movie is all about friendship. Sholay is regarded as an all-time classic and one of the most-watched movies over the past century. The characters Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) and Veeru (Dharmendra Deol) are still given as examples of a great friendship. The movie was a story about these two friends who are appointed by Thakur Baldev Singh (Sanjeev Kumar) the duty to protect a village that is frequently attacked by dacoits. The dacoits are however able to capture Veeru and Basanti (Hema Malini), his love interest. Jai, being a true friend, sacrifices himself just to rescue them. Nothing is bigger than sacrificing your own life for your friendship but that is exactly the kind of friend Jai was.

3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The movie which made friendship day and the friendship band popular again – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai will always have a place in our hearts. “Pyar dosti hai … agar woh meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti, to main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahi sakta … kyun ki dosti bina toh pyar hota hi nahin … simple, pyar dosti hai.” This line from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is absolutely spot on. Friendship is indeed the root of any romantic relationship. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was also the directorial debut of the maestro Karan Johar. The movie spoke about friendship in a very beautiful manner and how it continues even after decades pass.

4. Rang De Basanti

The literal title of the film translates to “Paint me with the colours of spring.” It features an ensemble cast comprising Aamir Khan, Siddharth Narayan, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Atul Kulkarni and British actress Alice Patten in the lead roles. Although the film’s primary theme was based on patriotism, it gave an excellent example of how deep of a bond friends have and the extent they are willing to go for their friends. This movie does not fail to give you goosebumps every time you watch it.

5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

How can we talk about friendship and not mention YJHD? Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is probably remembered for the sizzling chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone but the film also showed how important friendships are in one’s life. The movie gave a very beautiful message about valuing your friends. There needs to be a special mention of Naina and Aditi’s friendship, the girls who had a chance encounter at a shopping mall and went on to go on a trip together. Despite being poles apart in their choices, it was their individuality that made them embrace each other and stick by. It went on to prove that despite having everything you need in life if you don’t have friends your happiness is incomplete. We must learn to value our friends before it gets too late. And go take your Manali trip that was planned years ago, obviously once the lockdown is over!

6. Dil Chahta Hai

Look around and we bet your group definitely has one Akash, Sameer or Sidharth. Because these were not just characters but real people like us. Dil Chahta Hai is a movie that went on to change Bollywood friendships forever. Who would have thought that the story of three close friends and their messed up lives would connect so well with the generation and remain in everybody’s heart even after so many years? Dil Chahta Hai can truly be regarded as the game changer for mainstream Hindi cinema. It proved that you don’t need a typical hero and heroine pairing for making a commercially successful Bollywood movie. This movie is so relatable in every aspect. The chemistry between Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna in the movie gave us an accurate reflection of how we talk and behave when with friends.

The trademark scene in which the three friends gaze at the sun as they are contemplating life and then moments later look at each other and burst out laughing pretty much sums up the film and our lives too.

7. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Did you and your friends also plan a full trip after watching this movie? Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a perfect salute to friendship. It is a journey of three friends who go on a road trip and face the highs and lows of life together. Despite the contrasting differences in the three characters’ personalities and backgrounds, they are the best of friends who stay with each other through their ups and downs. They fought with each other, played pranks on others, had their emotional moments, confided in each other, had immense faith in each other and the sport they chose, went on a road trip, stayed awake all night and had a heck of lot of fun. Three friends during their road trip were shown underwater diving, sky diving and running from bulls at the San Fermin festival which not only showed the love these three friends had for adventure but also justified how they conquered their fear and learnt to live in the present.

8. Veere Di Wedding

In a world full of films dedicated to brotherhood, women were delighted to finally get a film that celebrates friendship between women. Our ‘veeres‘, Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania, showed us that no matter what happens in life, you always have your gal pals to count on! Despite different family backgrounds, and facing different issues, they are fast friends. The story revolves around the commitment-phobic Kalindi Puri’s (Kareena Kapoor) big fat Punjabi wedding. Her friends join her and the gang reunites after 10 years. It is a film that celebrates the friendship and lives of four leads. The movie reflects how the protagonists understand the value of their friendship and undergo a journey towards self-discovery. The movie gives all of us some major friendship goals!

9. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jay is our dream friend. We all want a Jay in our lives. Jay and Aditi’s friendship is immortal but there’s another relationship in the movie that teaches a very important lesson about friendship. Aditi’s brother, played by actor Prateek Babbar, tells her that she was his only friend and he hates Jay because he lost her when he came into the picture. This often happens in friendship but we must never forget that old is gold! Have you ever sung “Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi” for your best friend? If not, please do so! The story of Aditi and Jay and their friends, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is close to our hearts because we have at least one friend who resembles one of them.

10. Chillar Party

Who can depict the bond of friendship better than children? Chillar Party depicts selfless friendship where a group of children of society show their love and respect for a roadside kid who has become their friend. There is also the depiction of an unconventional friendship, the friendship of Bhidu and all the kids. The film was helmed by Dangal director Nitesh Tiwari and Queen director Vikas Bahl. It’s about what sets children apart from us grown-ups: their spontaneity, their fearlessness and their non-manipulative approach to life. A child wears his heart on his sleeve. In this film, they stand up against the system, parents and others simply to help a friend.

11. English Vinglish

This movie has some unconventional but beautiful friendships. Whether it’s Shashi with Laurent or all her classmates or her relationship with her niece. Shashi’s urge to learn English and excel in it was major because of strong mental support from her niece Radha. She was the only one in the family that Shashi trusted. While Shashi taught her to cook those yummy laddoos, Radha helped her with the language. They shared a strong sense of friendship and not just a relationship of blood. Now that’s how you empower each other.

12. Pink

The film that stands for its dialogue, “No Means No” has also shown a beautiful friendship between three friends. Minal, Falak and Andrea battled against all odds and stood by each other till the very end. The first half takes its sweet time to get established but once it does, it goes into a power-paced mode where you do not wish to blink your eyes even for a single second. The tension keeps building up with every scene leading to a nail-biting second half full of courtroom drama. The level of trust and accountability for all three friends allowed them to stand by Minal who had been taken to jail for a false case of assault against them. Despite society shunning them, their support for each other made them win the case against the perpetrator. It teaches an important lesson about trust and belief. 

13. Queen

You meet people at the most unexpected places and create memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. You fall in love with the close friendship Rani forms with Vijayalaxmi during her solo trip to Paris. Be it under the multicoloured lights or on the streets, their moments of madness were no less than a warm ode to female friendships. And of course, who else could have taken care of an innocent drunk Rani had it not been Vijayalakshmi patiently listening and consoling her.

14. Fashion

Another ode to female companionship, this movie shows how when women team up, nothing can stop them! Meghna and Shonali could have been a power team if seen from a different perspective. Both had their highs and lows and have been competitive and jealous in their modelling careers. But when they had rock bottom, they fixed each other’s crowns. Meghna’s friendship with Shonali allowed her to climb up again, and she got her redemption too, by bringing Shonali home and taking care of her.

15. Chhichhore

A film that guarantees hearty laughs and bittersweet tears, Chhichhore aptly depicts the immensely eventful hostel life in Indian colleges and the carefree fun it brings to scores of youngsters in the country. A 2019 release, the comedy-drama received critical acclaim for its direction, acting, and social message and did considerably well at the box office as well. With an ensemble cast led by late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor, and directed by Nitesh Tiwari the touched hearts for its relatable storyline that exemplified the cut-throat competition of India’s education system, the pressure it puts on young minds and how a supportive group of friends overcomes it all. There’s little in this film that you and your gang won’t connect with.

So here are the best picks on Bollywood friendship movies that will make you feel grateful for the friendships in your life. These movies are an evident part of the friendship day movie celebration but are also a crucial representation of our day-to-day relationships and help us learn the importance of true friendship. Please note, watching these movies will make you call your best friend ASAP! Have a blast with your friends while watching these movies and appreciating what you have. Here are 10 Friendship Day gift ideas to show your bestie you care.



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