HealthWhat Causes Breast Cancer? 8 Myths That Are Total BS!

What Causes Breast Cancer? 8 Myths That Are Total BS!

Superstitions are almost always myths. They are the result of sugar-coated warnings against an unhealthy or unwanted habit, or being in the dark about the subject matter. Similarly, myths related to medical conditions are a result of a lack of knowledge about health conditions and what causes them. 

But when it comes to something like breast cancer, ignorance can be a very dangerous thing. So, today we’re here to bust the most common myths about what causes breast cancer.

Debunking Myths About Breast Cancer Causes

Myth 1: Wearing Black Bras Causes Cancer

Reality: Beta, black bra pehne se breast cancer ho sakta hai. Nahi pata, tumko? Quipped your neighbourhood aunt. It is often said that black bras can lead to the development of breast cancer by obstructing the lymph flow. Want to know the reality? The truth is far from this oft-believed claim that has no scientific explanation behind it. So the next time you find yourself grimacing at the mention or sight of this colour or style of your bra, do so because they don’t suit your preference, not because someone wants you to believe that a wearing certain colour can cause breast cancer.

Myth 2: Underwired Bras Cause Breast Cancer

Reality: Bras almost always become the punching bag for anything related to breast cancer. However, the reality is so far away from the myths related to your underwear. The style of your bra is not even remotely related to the development of breast cancer. Period. If the wires make you feel lifted and better supported, by all means, wear an underwired bra. The idea is to just make sure it’s the right size and not dig into your skin, simply because it can be painful and uncomfortable.

Myth 3: Spritzing Deodorants Cannot Increase Your Chances Of Breast Cancer

Reality: The presence of parabens and preservatives are the root causes that deodorants and antiperspirants can lead to the development of cancer—specifically breast cancer. And most deodorants and antiperspirants comprise these ingredients, which are often used in the beauty industry. To top that, these products may also contain aluminium, another reason why they can make you more susceptible to cancer.

Myth 4: Sleeping With Your Bra On Can Be Cancerous

Reality: Contrary to the myth, women with not-so-heavy boobs can toss their bras out of the way before hitting the bed. For heavy-boobed women, it’s recommended that you keep your bra on while sleeping so that your assets don’t get in the way of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. If you can sleep your way to glory despite having heavy breasts, go ahead girl! There is absolutely no science to back claims that wearing or not wearing bras while sleeping can cause cancer.

Myth 5: Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer

Reality: No, there is no scientific evidence to prove that mobile phone radiation can cause breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter. The fear sprouts from mobile phones being known for their harmful radiation. Hence, people believe that holding them close to our ears and brains raises the risk of cancers of the brain and breasts. However, the belief is unfounded and not backed by research or evidence.

Myth 6: Consuming Sugar Cannot Increase Your Chances Of Breast Cancer

Reality: There is a reason why sugar is not recommended for breast cancer. The same holds true before the development of breast cancer as well. Because consuming excessive sugar, especially the quantity used in aerated and other sugar-sweetened beverages is harmful to your health. So much so that it can lead to severe health conditions like breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases, among others. The next time you feel extreme sugar cravings, you know why you should switch to healthy alternatives. 

Myth 7: Breast Injury Causes Breast Cancer

Reality: Injury to the breast brings about certain changes in the breast, which may resemble the symptoms of breast cancer on conducting medical tests like imaging. This process, known as “fat necrosis”, may appear like an irregular mass with irregular edges when observed through a mammogram. This may look very similar to a new breast cancer. However, they don’t lead to breast cancer. Therefore, a needle biopsy is often recommended in such cases to determine whether the underlying symptoms are indeed of breast cancer, or the result of an injury in the breast.

Myth 8: IVF Raises The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Reality: The treatment for IVF (in vitro fertilisation) involves prescribing drugs that stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. These medications mimic the activity of oestrogen, which made some medical experts doubt whether this might increase the risk of growth of oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. However, thorough research has confirmed that IVF does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

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