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    The ListExplore Causes, Home Remedies & Prevention Tips For Body Odor

    Explore Causes, Home Remedies & Prevention Tips For Body Odor


    Smelly pits, sweaty underarms, and the inevitable body odor. We have all been there. Nerves, exercise, and eating spicy food are all causes of body odor. No one likes smelling bad and there are different ways you can get rid of it.

    Sweating is your body’s way of regulating its temperature. The accompanying armpit smell, however, can be a major turn off. While deodorants and antiperspirants do work, the latest reports suggest that prolonged use can be harmful. This is due to the chemicals they use to make it last longer.

    It’s vital to understand that your sweat doesn’t stink. It interacts with the bacteria on your skin and that’s what causes the underarm smell. If you’re wondering how to get rid of body odor, you can try these effective home remedies today.

    8 Effective Home Remedies For Body Odor

    1.  Apple Cider Vinegar To Combat Body Odor

    Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid Of Body Odor

    What’s one cooking ingredient that works wonders to combat body odor? Apple cider vinegar! Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature. This kills bacteria and helps prevent its formation.

    • Use a cotton ball to swab some apple cider vinegar on your armpits or other areas. 
    • Let it dry and you are free to go about your day.

    2. Epsom Salt To Get Rid Of Armpit Smell

    Epsom Salt To Eliminate Armpit Smell

    Epsom salt is the ultimate answer to how to get rid of armpit smell. It is an antioxidant that detoxifies your body. It also aids the production of the happy chemical, Serotonin, helping you relax. This, in turn, makes you sweat less and eliminates body odour. Epsom salt is also an effective remedy for cracked heels.

    • Fill up your bathtub with hot water with 2-3 cups with Epsom salt.
    • Soak in the bath and relax.

    3. Use Fennel Seeds (Saunf) To Prevent Body Odor

    Fennel Seeds To Prevent Body Odor

    We all love a spoonful of saunf post our meals. Saunf promotes the secretion of digestive and gastric juices in your stomach. But did you know that they also act as laxatives and prevent body odor? 

    • Crush some fennel seeds (saunf) and add that into a cup of water.
    • Boil and strain it.
    • You can add honey to sweeten it a little.

    4. Green Tea To Get Rid Of Underarm Smell

    Green Tea To Get Rid Of Smelly Armpits

    Wondering how to get rid of underarm smell for good? Try green tea which is full of antioxidants. The tannic acid in green tea helps combat body odor. Drinking green tea flushes out the toxins in your body. Applying green tea externally eliminates bacteria by keeping the skin dry.

    • Boil some water and add in green tea leaves.
    • After it cools down, strain the extract.
    • Apply this to the most affected areas.

    5. Baking Soda To Combat Smelly Armpits

    Baking Soda To Get Rid Of Smelly Armpits

    How to get rid of armpit smell effectively? Use baking soda. It absorbs moisture and prevents sweating. Along with killing bacteria, it alkalizes your body. This neutralizes the sharp body odor.

    • Brush baking soda on the sweat prone areas.
    • Make sure you dust off the extra.

    Another easy method you can use;

    • Mix baking soda with water to form a paste.
    • Apply this to the underarms and other areas.
    • Leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off warm water.
    • Pat dry and get rid of body odor.

    6. Rose Water (Gulab Jal) To Get Rid Of Armpit Smell

    Rosewater To Eliminate Armpit Smell

    Rosewater (Gulabjal) is a regular when it comes to beauty routines and skincare. But it also works amazingly well in eliminating armpit smell. Being an astringent, it reduces the size of the pores. This helps in decreasing sweat production. And it’s a bonus that rose water smells great!

    • Mix rose water with apple cider vinegar.
    • Spray this concoction on your underarms.

    7. Neem Leaves To Remove Underarm Smell

    Neem Leaves To Get Rid Of Underarm Smell

    Want to know what works the best for removing underarm smell? Neem leaves, full of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties, work just great. Neem leaves eradicate odor-causing bacteria and remove toxins from the body.

    • Grind some neem leaves with water to make a fine paste.
    • Apply this wherever required.
    • Let it dry and then wash off with warm water.

    Another method;

    • Boil neem leaves in water.
    • Add this to your bathwater.

    8. Arrowroot Powder To Get Rid Of Underarm Smell

    Arrowroot Powder To Reduce Underarm Smell

    Curious about how to get rid of underarm smell? The solution is simple, it’s arrowroot powder. Commonly used to treat rashes on babies, arrowroot powder has anti-inflammatory qualities. By keeping the skin dry, it prevents the formation of bacteria.

    • Apply arrowroot powder on underarms as well as other affected areas.
    • Leave it on for the rest of the day.

    How To Prevent Body Odor?

    Prevention is better than cure, and it’s absolutely true when it comes to acknowledging how to get rid of body odor. Let’s take a look at a few prevention tips.

    1. Bathing with an antibacterial soap helps prevent the occurrence of body odor.
    2. Avoid foods like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, red meat, and certain fish.
    3. Wash your clothes regularly and avoid the re-use of sweaty clothes.
    4. Trimming and shaving your armpits will help combat excessive sweating and body odor as hair traps moisture.
    5. Showering frequently, especially after working out, is a great way to get rid of the odor.

    FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What causes body odor even after bathing?

    A. Body odor is caused by your sweat interacting with the bacteria on your skin. Proper hygiene helps in preventing body odor. Regular showers, applying deodorant, and wearing clean clothes regularly can help manage body odor.

    Q. What causes body odor?

    A. We sweat from our apocrine glands and sweat, naturally, does not stink. When it comes in contact with the bacteria on your skin and in your hair, it creates a foul odor.

    Q. Can you smell your own body odor?

    A. We can get desensitized to our own body odor. Most of the time, your nose can’t detect your own body odor. Everyone has unique body chemistry and some smell more than others. 

    Q. What is the best deodorant for body odor?

    A. While the above-mentioned home remedies will help many get rid of body odor, using deodorants is a plus. Brands like Nivea, Nike, Fogg, Oriflame, Engage and Cinthol have a variety of deodorants to choose from. Just make sure that the formula suits you and then you are good to go!

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