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    9 Rasile Tips To Make Spooning More Intimate During Cuddle Time, Foreplay Or Sex

    Anyone who has been in a relationship long enough will tell you that physical intimacy is not just limited to making out, indulging in foreplay or having sex. Indulging in a little cuddling, especially after sex, plays a major role in strengthening the bond between two romantic partners. Talk about cuddling, and probably the first thing to pop in your mind is spooning. 

    This intimate cuddling technique comes with an array of benefits for you and your partner. A little pre or post-sex spooning can help you feel closer to your partner, both physically as well as emotionally. But before we tell you how regular spooning sesh can help spice up your relationship, let us learn a bit more about spooning meaning and spooning technique. 

    What Is Spooning?

    Spooning Enhances Intimacy Before, After & During Sex

    Spooning is a cuddling position where two intimate partners lie next to each other while facing in the same direction. This way, one partner’s back is pressed against the other’s chest and torso. This position is quite similar to the way two spoons fit together when stacked in the utensil drawer. 

    Other than being an intimate cuddling technique, spooning can also be an extremely pleasurable sex position. 

    Now, you must be wondering what is little spoon and big spoon meaning? Let us explain. The partner in front is known as the little spoon and the other person, enveloping the little spoon from behind, is called the big spoon. Now do you understand little and big spoon meaning? 

    6 Benefits Of Spooning

    Now that you know all about spooning as well as big spoon and little spoon meaning, it’s time to find out what makes it an essential activity for every couple! 

    These amazing spooning benefits are more than enough to convince you that your private time with your partner is incomplete without some passionate cuddling! 

    1. This little spoon and big spoon cuddling technique help you get closer to your partner and strengthen your physical and emotional bond. According to a study, partners who indulge in spooning in bed claimed to have higher relationship satisfaction as compared to couples who did not spoon. 
    2. Spooning can lead to oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) release, resulting in lower stress levels
    3. Big spoon little spoon cuddling may also result in dopamine and serotonin release. This impacts appetite regulation, mood and sleep
    4. Spooning is also believed to be effective in reducing blood pressure and helping the nervous system to relax, thus, making you feel calmer
    5. Big and small spoon cuddling is also linked to better night’s sleep
    6. Spooning sex offers an array of benefits including full-body stimulation, sex without much physical strain, and high-intensity sex. This position also allows you to hit the G-spot. 

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    4 Alternative Spooning Positions & Techniques You Can Try

    Alternative Spooning Positions & Techniques You Can Try

    1. Spoons In A Drawer

    This spoon sleeping position is for people who are not comfortable with lying sideways. In this position, one partner (the big spoon) lies flat on their back while the little spoon lies on top of them, face down. The head of the little spoon rests comfortably on the big spoon’s stomach. If you want to make things a little more intimate, you can hug your partner while lying in this position. 

    2. Ball And Spoon

    In this spoon sleeping position, both the partners lie sideways hugging, with the big spoon cuddling the little spoon. But unlike in traditional spooning, here the big spoon gets the space to stretch out their legs as the little spoon lies curled up like an infant. 

    3. Spork

    The little spoon and big spoon meaning remain the same, only with a slight variation. During sporking, instead of placing your legs side by side, you and your partner will wrap your legs around each other. 

    4. Baby Spoon And Big Spoon

    This technique alters the little spoon meaning, turning it into ‘baby spoon.’ Instead of facing the other direction, the partners face each other in this position. 

    The position of the baby spoon and big spoon cuddling is somewhat the same as in traditional spooning. The little spoon, however, turns around to face the big spoon while lying in a foetal position. The big spoon can put their arms around the little one. 

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    5 Tips To Make Spooning More Intimate

    Spooning meaning is all about passion, comfort and intimacy. However, if you feel following the traditional rules of spooning is getting a bit boring, here’s what you can do to keep things spicy. 

    1. Changing Positions

    Stereotypically, the taller person is the bigger spoon while the shorter one is the small spoon. But this is just because it is more convenient this way. Change your position from time to time to add variations. You can also try out the spooning variations mentioned above to see which position suits you best. Different positions can help add different levels of intimacy. 

    2. Kiss While You Cuddle

    When done the right way, kissing can add more intimacy to any scenario. Soft, passionate kissing while spooning can make the experience more worthwhile for you and your partner. 

    3. Breathing In Unison

    Studies show that partners tend to synchronise their breathing pattern and heart rate when snuggling and cuddling. Moreover, it was found that partners who synchronised their breathing patterns had more intimacy and a stronger romantic bond. Practising breathing in unison while being so close to each other will make this big and small spoon cuddling sesh feel more intimate. 

    4. Spooning As A Foreplay

    Spooning can end up giving your partner a boner, making it the perfect foreplay. Enjoying each other’s bodies while being so close emotionally and physically can be a great start to a memorable night.  

    5. Use Spooning Position For Sex

    Spooning in bed is then the perfect position for you to try when you want to have ‘lazy sex’! Get all the excitement and enjoyment without putting in much effort. 

    Whether you are having intimacy issues or not, spooning is a must-try for every couple. This cuddling technique involves a lot of intimacy and a certain amount of vulnerability that can make you feel closer to your partner. Keep things interesting by trying out different spooning positions and see what works best for you. Having understood spooning meaning, its benefits and techniques, it’s time to go #BeALittleMore, experiment with different positions, and give yourself and your partner the pleasure that you deserve.

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