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11 Positions To Have Spicy Hot Sex In The Kitchen

Bedroom sex can get oh-so-boring if you don’t change up things a bit. You can try out a plethora of sex positions, all from the magical world of Kamasutra, but ek time aayega when they will become a tad repetitive. So, when you’ve exhausted every sex position from the book and don’t know how to keep things interesting in your sex life, changing the setting will do it for you. And, the rasoi is one of the places where you can heat things up and see your sex life sizzle. 

Here are 11 sex positions that you must explore in the kitchen to #BeALittleMore experimental with your sex life and experience explosive sex.

1. Woman On Table Sex

This position is ideal if you’re looking for sex that involves a great degree of powerful thrusting. 

How To Do It

  • Lie flat on the table, the height of which should ideally be waist-high for your partner. 
  • Make sure that your buttocks hang a bit off the edge to enable easy penetration and thrusting.
  • Next, wrap your legs around your partner. Here, you can experiment with the position of your legs. You can mount it over his shoulders or simply keep it hanging down. You can even try lying on your side to explore a different angle of penetration.
  • Let your partner penetrate you.

2. The Paradise

Get up close and personal with your man here. This position enables sexual pleasure as well as physical and emotional intimacy as a result of the closeness with your partner. It enables the penis to push hard up against the upper floor of your vagina, allowing the perfect angle for some intense thrusting and equally explosive orgasms.

How To Do It

  • Let your man sit on the edge of the kitchen counter or a table.
  • Sit on his lap and wrap one of your legs around his waist, so he can penetrate you

3. Interlude

Yet another sex position that you can try out that leaves enough space for a serious makeout session, apart from intense penetrative sex. This is more effective than The Paradise in terms of the depth of penetration and an even deeper physical and emotional closeness.

How To Do It

  • In contrast to The Paradise where you straddle your man with one leg, this position involves straddling him with both your legs around his waist. This ensures that his penis fits tighter in your vagina.
  • Your partner can hold on to the edge of the kitchen counter or table, whatever platform he is sitting on, while you ride him and move your torso, to make himself comfortable.

4. Reverse Cowgirl Variation

If you’re looking for some kink by the kitchen sink, this is one of the positions that you must definitely try. What makes it a bit hatke is that it involves a chair, unlike the kitchen counter or table that we have been discussing until now. 

How To Do It

  • Let your man sit on a chair. 
  • Straddle him and bend forward a bit while facing away from him. 
  • You may prefer to hold the edge of the kitchen table or counter to get some support while lifting your pelvis up and down movement over his penis.

5. Pile Driver

When you’re done with the kitchen counter and/or table, and the chair, it’s time to explore other surfaces. So, this is for the kitchen floor. But, do this only if you are adventurous enough to try these sex positions.

How To Do It

  • Lie down on the floor on your back.
  • Let your man hold your thighs and lift your legs up slowly till your torso comes off the floor a bit. The right position is where your buttocks are at a level just above the level of your head.
  • See him straddle you and then penetrate you. Your partner may have to lean forward a little to achieve the right position for easy penetration and deep thrusting. 

6. Kneeling Sex

This position is great if there isn’t a lot of difference in height with your partner. Find a yoga mat or a cushion to bend to ease the strain on your knees and try this sex position in the kitchen.

How To Do It

  • Let your partner kneel on the yoga mat or cushion and then position his left outstretched knee to your left. His right knee should be behind him. 
  • You do the same and allow him to lower his pelvis below yours and then penetrate you.
  • Rock your pelvis in and out of the penis.
  • If your partner does it right, there is just enough room for clitoris or nipple play with his free hands.

7. Doggy Style Variation

When you get bored doing the doggy style in the same setting of your bedroom, bring it to your kitchen. Some changes in the surroundings will bring a gush of adrenaline while you repeat the same position.

How To Do It

  • Rather than you being forward like you do during the regular doggy style, stand on your feet.
  • Let him stand behind you and enter you from the back.
  • Unlike in the case of regular doggy style, you can use your free hands to stimulate your clitoris or grab his balls. 

8. Kneeled Pleasure

This face-off position ensures closeness, an opportunity for long eye contact, and intimacy despite your man being on his knees, he doesn’t need the support of a cushion or yoga mat. You will soon see why. What’s more, the convenience of you exploring this position anywhere and everywhere makes exploring it in the kitchen worth your time. 

How To Do It

  • Let your man position his buttocks on his hamstrings. 
  • Sit down slowly on his lap, wrap your arms around him for support, and then rock yourself on his penis.

9. The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow is more of a transition pose that you can fall back on between exploring other sex positions. This is less likely to lead to orgasms or long-lasting sex. But what’s the harm in trying something new, hai ki nahi?

How To Do It

  • Get down on all fours and then slightly move your pelvis up so that it is on the same level as your partner’s penis.
  • Let him penetrate you from the back.
  • Rather than him pulling you back and forth, like in the case of doggy style, let him allow his hips to do all the work.

10. The Snuggy

We’re back to the table or the counter after experimenting with all the positions that you can do on the kitchen floor. This one is a great recipe for receiving all the powerful thrusts, leading to a great orgasm.

How To Do It

  • Lean down from your waist and take the support of a table or the counter.
  • Let your man do all the work by taking you from behind.

11. Missionary With A Twist

Ah, just when you thought the missionary position is so dead, bring it to the kitchen and innovate with it a bit to feel it work wonders for you! But if you’re bored of it and would like to spice it up a bit, here’s the twist that you can go for. And, not to mention, phenomenal orgasms are a guarantee here if you do it right.

How To Do It

  • Bend back a bit and prop up your torso by taking the support of your elbows. Keep the back of your buttocks hanging off the edge of the table or the counter.
  • Have your man stand between your legs, while you position your legs on his shoulders.
  • Let him penetrate you while holding her thighs and adjust the force and depth of penetration by rocking you to and fro. 

The above are just 11 of the sex positions in the kitchen that you can try out. You can definitely improvise on these to give wings to your imagination and make it more pleasurable for you and your partner. So, go for it!

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