HealthSexFeeling Nauseous After Sex? Why This Symptom Should Not Be Ignored

Feeling Nauseous After Sex? Why This Symptom Should Not Be Ignored

Nausea isn’t such a common after-effect of sex, although it isn’t as uncommon as you may think it is. We simply wait, thinking it is too minuscule an issue to worry about, and when it happens every time after sex, we make ourselves believe that it’ll get treated on its own. If you’ve been experiencing anything like this for quite some time now and are getting increasingly worried about what it might mean, you need to know the possible reasons behind it. So, here are 7 reasons that may make you feel nauseous after sex.

7 Reasons For Feeling Nauseous After Sex

1. Eating & Drinking Before Sex

Feeling Nauseous After Sex? Why This Symptom Should Not Be Ignored

If you’ve ever been to the gym, we bet your trainer had advised you against doing rigorous exercises within an hour after a heavy meal. Any physical activity done with a full tummy is a strict no-no because it is bound to make you feel nauseous, breathless, and whatnot. And sex is a strenuous physical activity. So, don’t be surprised if you experience similar symptoms after a bam-chicka-bam-bam sesh post a heavy meal. It is generally advised you eat and drink after getting between the sheets or give a gap of at least one hour after it.

2. No Warm-Up Sesh

Foreplay does far more than create intimacy between the two of you and get you into the mood for sex, but it is also essential as a prep-up for your body. A nice foreplay that prepares your mind and body for what’s to follow enables you to ease into it rather than reject and revolt against it. And when the latter happens, you may feel like throwing up.

3. Intense Orgasms (In A Negative Sense!)

Now, this is a little bit difficult to explain. Sex and orgasms walk a proverbial fine line between pleasure and pain. And it’s just a slip between the cup and the lip when sex crosses over the sweet spot between pleasure and pain, and becomes a painful experience. The proverbial fine line isn’t the same for all. What is a positively intense intimate experience for you may not be the same for everyone else.

4. Endometriosis

If you have suddenly started feeling nauseous every time you have sex, despite not exploring anything drastically different, chances are that it’s because of an underlying medical condition like endometriosis. Do other symptoms like pain during sex, severe menstrual cramps, and constipation or diarrhoea follow suit? If yes, you need to see a doctor immediately. 

5. Certain Sex Positions

Feeling Nauseous After Sex? Why This Symptom Should Not Be Ignored

There are as many as 64 sex positions that Kama Sutra talks about. Phew! Add your own imagination and you might come up with some more. Some allow aggressive sex while others enable deeper penetration, simply by adjusting your pace and angle. However, our preferences vary and, hence, the way we react to each one of them. Sex positions that make way for deeper penetration or involve you being in an upside-down position may cause dizziness or nausea in some of you. So, the only way to stop feeling nauseous because of the sex position you’re experimenting with is to communicate with your partner about whatever you feel uncomfortable with.

6. Sexual Aversion Disorder

Symptoms like nausea, nervousness, fear-induced sweaty palms, or breathlessness and anxiety during sex or simply at the thought of physical intimacy need immediate attention. If it is the result of disinterest in sex and you’re okay with it, then you might as well refrain from it. However, if you want it and yet it feels intimidating and doesn’t feel right, consulting a doctor is the only way ahead.

7. History Of Sexual Trauma

Nausea, stress, anxiety, and fear of sex may have their root in a tumultuous past that is marred by sexual or emotional abuse, or a combination of both. The memories are apparently deep-seated enough to subconsciously cause flashbacks to the times that are ridden with the trauma of abuse, creating feelings of panic, discomfort, fear, and pain. Start with staying away from your triggers and inform your partner about them, so that your painful memories do not intrude into a healthy relationship that you might be in presently. And if that doesn’t work, the only way out would be to seek therapy.

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