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10 Sabse Romantic Kissing Styles You Should Try With Your Partner

The perfect chumma is a moment of absolute bliss. It’s one of the initial stages of romance between you and your partner when both of y’all feel completely into each other. When you know how to kiss well, it will draw you closer to your partner, creating a magnetic chemistry between the two of you. It’s also a great way to communicate to your partner that you like or maybe even love them. 

Did you know? There are different types of kisses. Let’s explore 10 of the most common kissing styles and understand the types of kisses and their meaning.

10 Different Types Of Kisses You Should Know About 

1. French Kiss

10 Different Kissing Styles You Can Master

Here’s how to French kiss. A french kiss is the most passionate of them all. It’s the perfect kiss to get your partner in the mood for romance. To initiate a perfect french kiss just tilt your pout and lock them in your partner’s lips. Make sure you are going slowly in the flow at the start and, as soon as you start losing yourself in the moment, you can increase the pace of your lip movements. You can even use your tongue if that’s what turns out the both of you.

2. Ice Kiss 

Want to try something different and have more fun than just pressing your lips against each other? Here’s one way! Ice kiss, as the name suggests, implies kissing your partner with ice as a prop. Get a cube of ice and start kissing your partner with it in your mouth. Of course, your mouth will feel cold because of the ice but trust the process and continue. As you keep kissing the ice will melt in your mouth till the point it disappears. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

3. Lippy Trace 

If being spicy is more your thing and you like it a bit wild and sassy, try the lippy trace. You start by using your tongue to trace your partner’s lips. This is not a kiss where you just keep on repeating this exact process but more of what you will do before you start the actual kiss. It is like foreplay for a kiss, making your partner crave for more. 

4. American Kiss

10 Different Kissing Styles You Can Master

This one is also as intense as the French kiss but more appropriate for you if you don’t like tongue action while kissing. This is also for you if you are wondering how to kiss for the first time. You let your partner hold you by the waist and pin them closer to your body. You bend a little backward but get your partner’s support as they have a hand on your back. And then, bam, you go into action mode!

5. Peck Kiss

If you don’t know how to kiss for the first time or initiate it. You can start by peck-kissing your partner. This is especially for those couples who don’t have enough kissing experience and haven’t got their heads around how to French kiss. For this, just bring your lips to your partner’s and kiss them like you would kiss their cheek. 

6. Hickey 

While it is not really a kiss, it still makes the list as it is probably the boldest of them all. It is one of the very different types of kisses. You start by sucking an area on your partner’s body till it turns red. This can be on the neck or chest, or anywhere else, according to your partner’s preference. 

7. Sweet Kiss 

All kisses are sweet and romantic but this one really involves eating something sweet when you kiss your partner. One of the lip kiss benefits here is that you get to eat chocolates, ice cream, mousse, cream, anything that satiates both your sweet cravings. The combination of something sweet to taste along with your partner’s lips is exhilarating. 

8. Spiderman Kiss

One of the kissing benefits is that you get to recreate your favourite kissing scene from a movie. This kiss is inspired by the movie Spiderman. For this kiss, one of you must be upside down, so that your lower lip is on their upper lip and vice versa. This kiss is for you if you want to get experimental with kissing. Definitely not for you if you are wondering how to kiss for the first time. 

9. Lizzy Kiss

If you and your partner are now on a higher level of physical intimacy and know how to kiss, this is something for y’all to try. This is definitely something crazy out of all the different types of kisses. For this kiss, you and your partner can remove your tongues and kiss each other without involving your lips. Yes, true to its name, Lizzy kiss is inspired by how lizards kiss. 

10. Jawline Kiss 

This isn’t one of the more popular kisses. But if you’re interested to know about different types of kisses and their meaning, you should know this one is not just playful, but also ekes out a few breathless laughs. But if done in an extremely sensual mood, it can lead to something more. You start with kissing your partner’s neck and head to their jawline and then the back of the ear, tickling all his sensitive nerve ends.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before The Kiss

  1. Make sure you don’t have bad breath. Follow this oral hygiene routine, brush your teeth, floss well, scrape your tongue with a tongue cleaner and end it with a mouthwash. 
  2. Make sure your lips are moisturised. Scrub off the dead skin of your lips and use your favourite lip balm if you’re expecting to kiss your partner today. 
  3. If you’re wearing lipstick choose a lighter shade for the day. Especially if you don’t want to kiss your partner and see that your dark lipstick is all over their face. If you and your partner don’t mind that, please rock your favourite dark shade. 
  4. One thing you can try while you’re kissing is to touch your partner’s neck. It might help get them more in the mood. 
  5. Be yourself, don’t rush into the kiss. Take your time to get comfortable around your partner and then let things flow.

A kiss can make you feel like the lead character in a rom-com movie or it might be awkward especially if it’s your first. The more you and your partner engage in physical romance the better you get at it. Practice makes perfect, remember? So don’t stress, just make sure you feel great while you are at it, and also focus on whether your partner is having a great time with you.

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