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    How Safe Are Sex Toys & Hygiene Tips If You’re Going Solo With One

    Sex toys are a great tool for enriching your path of sexual self-knowledge and enhancing self-pleasure. The last few years have seen a drastic change in the attitude towards these devices. Women are becoming more and more open to the idea of using sex gear for sexual satisfaction. 

    However, If you are still sceptical of using these devices and are not sure about how safe they are, you aren’t the only one! From the misconception that sex toys are needed only if you have problems in your sex life to the rumor that these devices can end up ‘stretching your vagina’, sex toys have been given a bad name. 

    Luckily, times are changing and fiction is fast being replaced by facts! More and more women are opening up to the idea of exploring the world of sex toys. Not only single women but also those who have a partner are also willing to new explore ways to spice up their sex life. 

    Whether it is sexual intercourse or having fun with sex toys, your health and  safety To help you out, we have curated a list of facts that you need to be aware of to ensure safe usage of sex toys!

    Crucial Safety Tips for Sex Toys Users

    Here are a few things you must keep in mind while choosing and using sex toys.

    1. Buy Sex Toys From A Credible Brand

    Before you buy a sex toy, make sure to do some research and find reputable manufacturers that are transparent about what they are selling. Companies offer detailed information about how to use, how to clean and what manufacturing materials can be trusted. If you are shopping online, make sure you read the customer reviews before making a purchase. 

    2. Know The Materials

    Make sure the manufacturer is transparent about the materials that are being used to make the sex toy. Consumers generally prefer avoiding materials like phthalates, certain types of plastic etc. 

    3. Use The Sex Toys As Per The Directions

    Read the instructions that come along with your sex toys carefully, especially if you are new. If you feel uncomfortable, stop. It may take some time to ease in before you begin to enjoy yourself. 

    4. Consider Using A Condom

    If you are using phallic-shaped toys, consider covering them up with a condom before use. This becomes extremely important if you are sharing the toys with a partner. Make sure you change the condom if you are going to change the body parts where you’ll be using the toy (example: switching from oral to vaginal use). 

    4. Avoid Using Household Items

    Experts suggest using household items as sex toys should be avoided. 

    5. Choose What’s Right For You

    To decide whether a certain sex toy is ideal for you, all you need to do is listen to your body. If you feel discomfort, itching or burning, it is recommended that you discontinue using that toy. 

    6. Quality Matters

    Look out for unintentional sharp ends or bumps on your toy before use as these may lead to injuries. A high-quality sex toy will be smooth (some are ridged in a streamlined manner), easy to clean and unbreakable. 

    7. Prefer Single Person Use

    Not sharing your sex toys with others helps decrease the chances of infections and STIs. If possible, avoid sharing your toys with others.

    8. Wash Sex Toys Regularly

    Experts recommend cleaning sex toys after and before every use as well as between every partner to avoid UTI, STIs and other infections.

    9. Dry The Toys Before Storing

    Make sure you dry them out well before storing as dampness may lead to mold growth. 

    10. Proper washing And Storage

    Sex toys often come with manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and washing. If you are not sure how to clean your sex toy, a soapy warm water wash seems ideal. 

    Here Is A Quick Guide On How To Clean And Store Different Sex Toys

    Toys Made Of Porous Material:

    • Cotton: Clean cotton sex toys with cold water and soap and store them in a clean container or your drawer.
    • Jelly rubber, elastomer, latex and Cyberskin: These toys can be cleaned using water (at room temperature) and a soapy washcloth. Store these toys separately in a lint-free fabric bag. Avoid plastic containers.  
    • Leather: Spot clean leather toys with a damp and soapy cloth. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not keep these toys in plastic. 
    • PVC and vinyl: clean these toys using warm water and a soapy washcloth and store them in a lint-free fabric bag. 

    For Toys Made of Non-Porous Material:

    • ABS plastic: These toys can be cleaned using warm water and soap or a good quality sex toy cleaner and stored in a lint-free fabric bag.
    • Crystal, wood or stone: Warm water and soap can also be used to clean toys made of crystal, wood or stone. Store them safely in a lint-free fabric bag or a padded container.
    • Glass, stainless steel, silicon, pyrex: motorized toys can be cleaned using warm water and soap or a good quality sex toy cleaner while non-motorized ones can also be cleaned with boiling water or in the dishwater. Store glass and Pyrex toys in a lint-free fabric bag or a padded container. Any clean container can be used to keep stainless steel and silicone toys. 
    • Nylon: Clean nylon sex toys in the machine or hand wash them with soap. Store these toys in your drawer or any clean container. 


    Choosing top quality sex toys from a reliable manufacturer is one point you should never compromise on. But the work doesn’t stop there!  Once you have finally purchased your pleasure device, it is vital to ensure it is cleaned and stored properly after every use.

     Putting a little effort into proper cleaning and storage of your sex gear will not only help keep them in topic condition but also save you from numerous infections and ailments. Have fun and be safe!

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