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    HealthSexGorom Lagche: 7 Face-Off Sex Positions That Aren't Missionary

    Gorom Lagche: 7 Face-Off Sex Positions That Aren’t Missionary

    Dal-sabzi badhiya hai. Par roz roz wahi ek hi dal, ek hi sabzi khana? Naah! You need a change of taste, right? And so does every aspect of your life. Like the missionary. An exciting variation in your sex life is just what you need to keep it spicy between the sheet, which strengthens the bond with your partner and nurtures your relationship. 

    Here are 7 face-off sex positions that ensure the same level of intimacy as the missionary, without the sex position feeling like a bore.

    1. Stand & Deliver

    • Let your partner position himself between your legs in a standing position while you lie down on your back.
    • Let him penetrate you.
    • Try experimenting with the different variations of the Stand & Deliver by placing either or both your legs on his shoulders.
    • Apart from enabling manual clitoral stimulation, you can even introduce your vibrator, if that’s what appeals to you.

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    2. Shoot The Moon

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    • A slight variation of the Stand & Deliver, the only difference being that your partner needs to hold your ankles during penetration.
    • One of the most ideal positions for deep penetration, introduce your own ideas to make it more pleasurable for the both of you.

    3. Locked & Loaded

    • Similar to the Classic Missionary, what makes this position different is that both you and your partner (who’s over you) need to keep your legs pressed together. 
    • Minimal space between the legs of both the partners create the perfect opportunity for maximum clitoral stimulation, which can be adjusted and controlled through the movement of the hips.

    4. The Launch Pad

    • Rather than keep your legs flat on the surface where you’re lying or placing it over the shoulders of your partner, here you rest it on his chest.
    • This enables you, the female, to decide on and control the depth of the penetration. If your partner is about to penetrate you beyond your level of comfort, you can simply push your feet against his chest as a clear sign of saying “no”.

    5. The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

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    • The difference between a Classic Missionary and CAT lies in the fact that, unlike the former that focuses on thrusting, the latter involves your partner grinding against your clitoris.
    • Direct clitoral stimulation makes for the perfect recipe for the both of you to get off.

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    6. The Pretzel

    • Lie on your side while your partner straddles your bottom leg. 
    • You can now bend your upper leg around your partner’s waist before he penetrates you. 
    • This one is like a dream for you because it allows your partner unhindered access to every part of your body – clitoris, breasts, buttocks, literally everywhere. 

    7. The Spread Eagle

    • Lie on your back and spread your legs wide apart in the shape of a V. 
    • Let your partner rest his hands, one on either side over your shoulders. 
    • Quite a versatile one that works wonders for both vaginal and anal penetration, this position is a must-try if you enjoy deep penetration.

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