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9 Ways To Be Body Positive & Love Your Shape

Self-love is the first step on the path to greater health. This entails adopting a body-positive perspective and learning to embrace your appearance as it is right now, perceived imperfections and all. Your ideas come first, followed by your words, and then your action. The relationship you have with yourself can be built throughout the course of your lifetime, since you spend more time with yourself than anybody else.

The Channel 46 caught up with Ms Devina Kaur, Author of Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious, who shares 9 sexy & brilliant ways to build self-acceptance and body confidence and love yourself.

1. Know Your Worth

9 Ways To Be Body Positive & Love Your Shape
Image Courtesy: Ms Devina Kaur, Author of Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious

It’s very important to remember that self-love also includes having respect for your inner self as well as your physical features. That entails getting to love every aspect of yourself, even the parts you don’t like, and developing a relationship with yourself. 

2. Acceptance

How can we love and accept people if we don’t love and accept ourselves first? It’s important for you to accept yourself and your body the way you are. Self-acceptance leads to more self-love.

3. Self-Awareness

You must first become self-aware, which means that you understand who you are, what motivates you, and what you want to achieve in your life. Developing self-awareness helps us feel better about our personality. With more inner confidence, we will build a better relationship with our bodies, the exercise we do, the thoughts we think and the food we eat. 

4. Self-Respect

You must know and internalise the message that you do not have to tolerate disrespect from anyone, especially yourself. If you have no respect for yourself, how can you expect others to respect you? The more you know and accept yourself, the more inner confidence and self-love you gain. Your emotions, desires, and darkness are all part of you. Know yourself so you can live your truest self-expression! The more self-love you have, the more love you share with yourself and others. Love is the answer. Remember, each of us is the superstar in our own lives.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

9 Ways To Be Body Positive & Love Your Shape

Make it a routine to take care of your body each day. You can take care of yourself emotionally, psychologically, and even physically. Taking care of your body needs enables you to accept and appreciate your body. Make yourself the priority in your everyday life if you want to be your best self. 

6. Strengthen Your Relationship With Yourself

Maintain a positive body image and send love and light to anyone who chooses to be negative about you. Your inner confidence will increase as you strengthen your relationship with yourself. You can start taking pictures of yourself every day to remind yourself that you are beautiful and that no one can change it.

7. Unveiling

Sometimes we can struggle with extreme emotions due to the size and shape of our bodies. However, being authentic, and unveiling your true self and your vulnerabilities neutralises anxiety. It is the driving force that pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. You unveil your flaws and weaknesses. You do not want to project the false, “perfect” version of yourself. You would rather share your uniqueness. 

8. Show Yourself Some Gratitude

The road to self-love is not always simple, but you can try basic exercises to get to know your body better. Look in the mirror, and repeat the slogan “always sexy, always brilliant.” It doesn’t matter how you look or how your double chin makes you feel. Instead of disliking yourself for what you don’t have, decide to stand in front of the mirror and express some gratitude for what you do have. 

9. Photo Therapy

Self-portraits (dressed or naked) are the ultimate way to begin accepting your sexy brilliant self. At first, you may feel shy or silly. But with time, you will start to strike that perfect pose and flash that brilliant smile. You will know how to stand to get the “best version” of yourself. You will laugh into the camera and instantly feel happier. You will literally watch your confidence grow.

If you want to regain your body confidence, know, accept, and adore who you truly are! Exercise daily, eat healthy, and love your body for the gift that it is.

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