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5 Signs Your Partner Is Not Good For Your Mental Health & Self-Esteem

Every individual, irrespective of how pro he is at deception, will leave hints that he is not genuine. So, there’s no way you should allow yourself to get deceived, if you keep your senses open. Notice his behaviour, his body language, where he is looking, how he’s talking, and even the silences. Everything. Look beyond the words and sweet talk and there’s no way you can look past his actions, provided you are open to accepting the subtle yet clear signs that he’s not the right one for you. 

Know more about these 5 signs that you’re dating the wrong guy. 

1. Never Messages Or Calls You First

5 Signs Your Partner Is Not Good For Your Mental Health & Self-Esteem

You’re new in a relationship and you observe that you’re always the only person to take the initiative to call and message him first, or you’ve suddenly noticed your partner going cold turkey, it’s a clear red flag that he isn’t into you or isn’t into you anymore. In a healthy relationship, the effort to stay in touch lies with both the partners because it’s a clear indicator that you both care about each other’s well-being and that you want to be there for each other. Without that, it’s just you who’s invested in the relationship.

2. Disappears Without A Reason

You’ve been going great for a few days or months or years and then, all of a sudden, he stops replying to your messages. You both may have been seemingly invested in the relationship until now or you may have been the only one to keep touch with him. Whatever be the case, him pulling a disappearing act on you without informing you isn’t healthy behaviour. However, there can be two reasons behind this. Either he has lost interest in you and has moved on or is temporarily unavailable because something urgent needs him attention. If it’s the former, it’s completely unjustified for him to ghost you. In case it’s the latter, communication is important here too. The best and the only way to not leave you hanging in the middle of nowhere is to mentally prepare you that he wouldn’t be around for a few days.

If you are experiencing a situation like this for the first time, ask him whether everything is alright. Later, when your relationship is back to where it was before, tell him that if such a scenario arises in the future, he should let you know rather than disappearing into thin hair without rhyme or reason. However, if he repeats the same again, it’s a definite red flag. It shows that he is not invested in the relationship and just doesn’t bother about your well-being. There’s just one thing you can do here. Pull the plug on the relationship immediately. 

3. His Eyes Rove

If you frequently notice him noticing other girls constantly even when in your presence, imagine what he would be like when you’re not around. You guys are out on a date and he keeps staring at every woman steaded around or is passing by. Doing this even on a first date should make it apparent to you that he is looking for a casual fling and committing is far from his kind. Irrespective of how well you hit off right from the beginning or the endless similarities that you share, don’t give him a second chance. 

4. You Feel Something’s Not Quite Right

5 Signs Your Partner Is Not Good For Your Mental Health & Self-Esteem

We all have our sixth sense and it’s important to listen to them closely at all times. Because your subconscious never misleads you. Even if you try to think practically and gather all your efforts to convince yourself that everything is alright, you’re just trying to forcefully make yourself believe that is good for you. Thi stems from the fear that you will have to give up on your love for him and start searching for a new relationship right from scratch. But in doing this, there’s only harm that you’re doing yourself. You would rather get rid of him immediately and show yourself self-love because you deserve it.

5. He Never Listens To You

Arey, uska itna kaam rehta hai ki meri baat sunne ke liye bhi energy nahi hota hai”. This is just you dowsing your own conscience and mind that’s telling you he’s not the one. Because of the same reason again. You would rather “adjust” and accept the way things are rather than nurture the thought of not seeing him ever again and then experience the immense emotional turmoil that will follow. 

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