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Quiz: Do You Suffer From Anxiety? Find Out Now!


Is It Social Anxiety Or Stress? Let's Find Out.

If you’re going on a first date or making a big presentation at work, it is normal to feel nervous. Public speaking is a stressor for most people, but feeling panicked at the thought of having to carry out your daily routine can get difficult. Answer the following questions as honestly as possible to find out what the issue is.
You have to walk into a room full of strangers. How anxious are you?
If you’re called upon to speak in a professional work environment, does your heartbeat increase or do you start sweating?
How often do you start a conversation with a stranger or a casual acquaintance?
Do you have trouble sleeping because you are occupied with your stress or anxiety?
Does the idea of romantic relationships cause you to panic?
Have you ever skipped important social events just because you did not want to meet people?
How often do you experience nausea and lightheadedness before entering into an unfamiliar social situation, like a job interview or client meeting?
Do you find yourself unable to relax and decompress, especially in the presence of other people?
Do you spend a significant amount of time analysing your interactions with others after a social event?
Do you experience negative and intrusive thoughts that affect your mental health or well-being?



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