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    7 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl On Her Period (If You Want To Live)

    Things just for a toss during those few days every month. Oh wait, that’s an understatement. Although the repercussions vary between women, from somehow-putting-up to outright intolerable, these days are challenging for the men around us too. Because they don’t experience what we do and, hence, don’t realise what it is actually like. 

    Know more about these 7 things that you should never say to a girl mahine ke unn dinon mein

    1. Just look at the way you’re talking to me!

    Hormones, guys! When the hormones are at work, especially at this time, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop her from acting out. The reality is she’s not trying to be rude, mean, and unlike herself by choice. It just happens and is totally out of her control. The only thing you can do is to hold on to your patience, show kindness, and cut her some slack for these few days. Support her instead of snapping back. 

    2. Baby, I’ve heard sex now can be great.

    Let her propose the idea instead of you taking the initiative first. You’d rather broach the topic when she’s not on her period and see whether she’s open to the idea. And then, if she is, tell her to initiate the same while she’s menstruating. This way, you both would be able to make the most of period sex, when she wants to, rather than you having to infuriate her at a time when the days are challenging for her anyway.

    3. You just ate!!!

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    That sounds blasphemous to a girl on her period. “Ate just now, so what!!!” would be her reaction. Her weight woes are discarded at the backburner, so is her patience, sense of restraint, determination, and a host of other emotions that help her stay put together during the other days of the month. Rather than being judgemental or making her conscious of actions like overeating, even if it comes from a place of concern, will only aggravate her already-out-of-control mood swings. Instead, treat her whatever dessert or snack she wants to get a hands on. She may not smile or thank you right away, but rest assured she’s taken a note of you being there for her.

    4. Would you be able to make plans today because…?

    Urrghh! As if she’s not experiencing enough of the roller coaster ride that you need to remind her of her. She’s trying to get over whatever she is going through and making plans to go out, possibly to keep her mind off the niggling pain and irritation. It’s taken that you’re asking this question out of concern. But understand that she is going thorough enough to be able to recognise it at this point of time.

    5. Buck up!

    How about a word of advice for you? Man up. Put your mind to good use and realise that period days are immensely challenging for women. From pulling themselves out of bed every morning to every task she has to look into to all her reactions, everything feels like an insurmountable mountain for her. Every slack in her footsteps, every mess she makes, every annoying reaction from her – she isn’t doing them deliberately. And, in all likelihood, she doesn’t even realise most of the times that she’s not herself.

    6. You look like a mess!

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    Hell, yeah! So? For some, they bloat like you wouldn’t believe your eyes, while for others, their breasts inflate. Not that we like our “new selves” but we cannot help it. So, the least you can do is point it out as if we aren’t aware of it already. This is not the time when you should make her  conscious of not being presentable, of not taking care of herself, not acting like an adult, because all of these sound blah to her.

    7. You look fine…just look at yourself in the mirror.

    That’s exactly what she’s trying to avoid doing. The shapeless homewear to leave enough breathing space for her amply bloated tummy, that mop of hair on the head that looks like cobweb, sitting for hours on end like a sloth with a slumped back, with all the burden of the world on her face. It isn’t a pretty sight. At times, she realises she’s an absolute nutcase, in terms of her behaviour and appearance. It’s apparent that you’re trying to pick her up but this ain’t gonna work during these days of the month. So, just sit back and try to relax, because it’s a passing phase.

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