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Your Guide To Using Panty Liners Better Vaginal Hygiene Ke Liye


Maintaining intimate hygiene is important to avoid discomfort and keep away infections, rashes and irritation. And when it comes to vaginal hygiene, panty liners have become all the rage. These thin pads made of absorbent material are designed to arrest light period, spotting and vaginal discharge to keep you feeling fresh and dry down there. 

If you still haven’t tried one of these, it’s better to gather a little information before you begin. Here is everything you need to know about panty liner uses, advantages, side effects and more! 

6 Uses Of Panty Liners

Panty liners are used for maintaining intimate hygiene and can help keep away that annoying moist feeling around your private parts. Here are a few panty liner uses you should know about: 

  1. To maintain vaginal hygiene and keep away dampness and moisture around your lady parts. 
  2. To avoid staining in case you have irregular periods. 
  3. As protection from the postpartum flow. 
  4. Wondering if you can use panty liners for periods. You can use panty liners as an alternative to pads or tampons during light menses or for spotting. This may happen as your period is about to begin or during the last day of menses. 
  5. To avoid soiling your panties, if you experience urinary incontinence. 
  6. As a measure of protection from post-coital staining. 

6 Benefits Of Panty Liners

Guide 101 On Panty Liners

Confused about whether you should use panty liners or not? Maybe these benefits can help you make up your mind. 

  1. Panty liners can keep away excess moisture down there and keep you feeling fresh and easy throughout the day. 
  2. They absorb vaginal discharge and sweat so that you don’t have to deal with that irritating wetness between your legs. 
  3. Starting your period when you are totally unprepared can be messy. But If you use panty liners regularly, unexpected periods will not be a problem. You will not have to worry about leakage or staining. 
  4. Panty liners can be helpful during the last days of your period when all you notice is some light flow or spotting. You don’t need pads or tampons to deal with this situation. Panty liners are a better option here as they are usually more comfortable and flexible than pads. 
  5. Panty liners come in handy during postpartum flow. 
  6. You can use panty liners along with tampons, pads and menstrual cups for extra protection during heavy flow. 

3 Salient Differences Between Panty Liners & Menstrual Pads

Panty LinersMenstrual Pads
1. Panty liners are made to protect against vaginal discharge, precipitation, light flow and spotting.
2. Panty liners are more compact and flexible than pads.
3. Panty liner uses include being your daily companion for better vaginal hygiene. 
1. Pads are designed to arrest heavy flow during periods.
2. Pads are generally bigger and thicker so that they can absorb heavy period flow. 
3. These are used only when you are on your periods

8 Dos & Don’ts Of Using Panty Liners

To use panty liners the right way, you need to be aware of when to use them as well as when not to use panty liners.

6 Dos Of Using Panty Liners

If you are wondering if can you wear panty liners every day, the answer is yes! 

  1. Use panty liners if you often feel wet or moist down there or experience vaginal discharge. 
  2. They also come in handy if you tend to get sweaty down there. 
  3. You can wear it before and after your period starts. It will save you from staining in case your period starts unexpectedly. 
  4. Wearing panty liners during the last days of your period is sufficient to soak in the blood from spotting or light flow.
  5. You can also wear it during workouts to arrest vaginal discharge and for keeping things dry around your lady bits. 
  6. On days of heavy period flow, using pantry liners along with your tampon or menstrual cup can offer extra protection against leakage.

2 Don’ts Of Using Panty Liners

  1. Experts advise against wearing panty liners to bed. Your skin could see this break to breathe!
  2. Never count on panty liners to offer protection against the heavy period flow. 

4-Step Process For Using Panty Liners

Not sure how to use panty liner? It’s quite simple, actually. Using pantry liners is more or less the same as using a sanitary pad. Here’s how to wear panty liners the right way:

  1. Wash your hands. 
  2. Peel off the protective strip at the back to expose the adhesive bottom. 
  3. Firmly stick the liner to your panty. 
  4. Make sure to wash your hands after changing your panty liner. 

It is recommended that you change your panty liner every 3 to 5 hours. 

6 Possible Disadvantages & Side Effects

While using panty liners is safe, there are a few things you need to know before you start: 

  1. The best panty liners are the non-scented ones. Scented panty liners can disturb the pH balance of your vagina. 
  2. Do not use panty liners if you are prone to chronic yeast infections. Since these prevent airflow and trap moisture, panty liners may worsen your condition. 
  3. In some cases, panty liners may cause irritation, redness and itching due to continuous rubbing against the labia. 
  4. Panty liners can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. In that case, always choose organic cotton panty liners. These are the best panty liners for daily use. 
  5. While panty liners can be used regularly, consider giving it a break for a few days every once in a while to let your skin breathe. 
  6. Another quality of the best panty liners is that they allow ample airflow so that your skin can breathe. Always make sure to choose panty liners made of breathable material. 

Feeling wet down there all the time can be quite discomforting. Thanks to panty liners, you don’t need to sit there and suffer in silence. They are a safe, effective and affordable way to maintain proper intimate hygiene so that you can live it up every day!

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