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How Much Do You Know About Being A Woman Blood Donor? Take This Quiz To Find Out!


Are These Statements True Or False?

You’ll be surprised to know that the first-ever data in 2008 released by WHO that speaks of gender distribution of blood donors in India says only 6% were women! Women are generally considered weaker and discouraged from donating blood. With a lot of unnecessary stigma attached around it, India has the lowest female blood donors in the world. People often worry about the hygiene of the needles & blood collection. They believe that blood donation might even compromise their health and immunity or they might not be able to replace the blood that they donated. Take the following quiz to find out if you’re a suitable candidate to donate blood and have your facts cleared once and for all. 

1. A woman should be between 18-65 years of age to donate blood.
2. Women who have PCOS or endometriosis cannot donate blood even if they are not in pain.
3. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have had a miscarriage in the last 6 months cannot donate blood.
4. Gay women can donate blood, but gay men can’t.
5. Major surgeries, including dental procedures make you an ineligible blood donor for 1 month.
6. You can donate blood even if you’ve previously received a blood transfusion.
7. You cannot donate blood for 24 hours after drinking alcohol, and up to 48 hours if you’ve had drugs of any kind.
8. You can donate blood if you’ve tested positive for HIV.
9. The blood you donate takes 1 year to get regenerated.
10. You should weigh at least 50 kgs; not be underweight for your height and age.

Issued as a Public Service Announcement in the interest of the health of individuals and ensuring that there is ample amount of blood available for those in distress. 



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