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    Expert TalkExpert Talk: 9 Benefits Of Protein Water (& What It Is &...

    Expert Talk: 9 Benefits Of Protein Water (& What It Is & Its Uses)


    The weather has definitely gotten hotter and dryer, and what better way than to hydrate with a much-needed glass of Protein Water? Yes, you read that right! A cooling, hydrating, and deliciously flavoured water infused with something you constantly lack – protein. The human body always requires the goodness of protein in a hassle-free refreshing form, to help strike a balance between daily life and the nutrition you need to keep up with it. Apart from providing you with nourishing and replenishing your protein intake, it is just what you need to drive away from the summer heat. However, that does not imply that it is suitable only during summer. Irrespective of the season, your body is always on the lookout for balanced nutrition and protein infusion to keep you fit, whatever your age is. 

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Ananth B Prabhala, Founder of Aquatein, India’s First Protein Water, explains what protein water is, its benefits, what sets it apart from regular drinking water, and who it is for, and more.

    What Is Protein Water?

    The name says it all. Protein water is water that is enriched with protein. You must have heard that protein is an essential macronutrient and should be adequately consumed daily for the healthy functioning of your body. However, a majority of us fall short in consuming the necessary amounts of protein. This affects your health in the long run. Protein water helps you meet your daily protein requirements on the go, eliminating the hassle of spending time chewing protein-rich food. The technology integrated into protein water makes consuming this macronutrient easy and convenient. Apart from nutrition, it also creates a no-nonsense solution for everyone that is accessible, easy to consume, low on calories and shaker-free. 

    9 Benefits Of Protein Water

    1. High Protein Content

    Protein water is the easiest way for you to consume protein, while you’re workout and otherwise, giving your body what it needs the most.

    2. Easily Digestible Protein

    There are certain proteins like fish that are easy to digest, thus, proving to be light on your digestive system. On the other hand, there are other protein sources like lentils, red meat, etc. that take more time to digest. Protein water is made of easily digestible proteins that help you power through the day, unlike most ready-to-eat proteins that require you to consume loads of water after its consumption.

    3. A Blend Of Hydration, Health, Convenience & Taste

    Protein water was created for the modern-day need where health, taste and convenience are required simultaneously. It’s made to give you the nutrients you require, along with hydration. Besides, its yummy taste makes you want to drink more of it every now and then, enabling you to meet your daily water as well as protein intake. 

    4. Perfect Workout Companion

    Protein water is a perfect workout companion whether you train with weights, get your heart pumping with a cardiovascular routine or any other way you choose to stay healthy. It keeps your thirst quenched while providing the protein in a light, refreshing, fat-free, carb-free form.

    5. Low In Calories

    Protein water enables you to take in what’s needed without the heavy calorie load from fillers, usually present in most alternative protein sources. What’s more, you can avoid the overload of sugar. 

    6. Increased Metabolism

    It gives you the satiety you need, preventing the intake of empty calories when on the move.

    7. Hassle-Free

    Protein-enriched water plays an important role to ensure that you stay consistent with healthy habits. The more convenient it is for an active user, the less effort they have to put in keeping up with the routine.

    8. Refreshing

    One would always want something refreshing and tasty during or post-workout. With refreshing fruit flavours, water just becomes tastier for consumption.

    9. Gluten & Lactose-Free

    Protein water is often keto-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, and 100% vegetarian, ensuring that it is suitable for all. It is also devoid of carbs, fats, and hormones.

    Who Can Have It? Only Athletes?

    Athletes do need more protein. However, everyone else needs protein too, to maintain the healthy functioning of their bodies. The thumb rule says that the average requirement of protein among every individual is 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. From an individual training rigorously to someone over 60 just wanting to stay healthy to a woman looking to maintain a nutritious diet to a professional keeping up with long hours, protein is essential to all.

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