HealthExpert Talk: 15 Medical Symptoms That Have Indians Turning To Homeopathy For...

Expert Talk: 15 Medical Symptoms That Have Indians Turning To Homeopathy For Long-Term Relief

Homoeopathy is an alternative medicine that dates back as long as 200 years. With its origin in India, it claims to stimulate the power of healing in the wake of diseases through the administration of substances that mimic the symptoms of those health conditions in healthy individuals. It is an integral part of the alternative medicine called AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy). The Ministry of Ayush in India recognises Homeopathy as an effective method of medical treatment. 

On World Homeopathy Day (10th April), The Channel 46 has collaborated with Dr S. P. Banerjee, Homeopathy Expert, Kolkata, to offer advice on the advantages of Homeopathic treatment, and medications that are prescribed for various medical symptoms expected, relief post-treatment, and side effects.

The Advantages Of Homeopathy

Prompt Action For Treating Diseases With Homeopathic Medications Gives Relief
  1. In many cases, it has been observed that prompt action for treating diseases with Homeopathic medications gives relief
  2. It has also been noticed that Homeopathic medicines work at the root of the diseases 
  3. Homoeopathic medicines cause lesser abuse than other medicines 
  4. Miasme-based Homeopathic treatment is effective for the entire human system – of the body and the mind, both
  5. Homoeopathy is cost-effective, which implies that the Indian masses can easily bear the cost of treatment

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How Homeopathy Approaches Health

The basic theory of Homeopathy is based on “similia similibus curantur”. This means that one selected remedy can help the patient come back to her normal physiological health from her pathological condition. One medicine that has the power to develop the pathological symptoms of a medical condition in an individual can also cure a patient with similar pathological symptoms.

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A List Of Medical Conditions With Their Prescribed Homeopathic Medication

For Medical Conditions With Below Symptoms:

  • Profuse sweat on head and face, palms and soles with bad odour 
  • Irritable, obstinate and nervous behaviour
  • Deficient nutrition loss of assimilating power
  • Susceptibility to cold and cough
  • The trouble with worms at the time of dentition of babies

Prescribed Medication: Silicea

For Medical Conditions With Below Symptoms:

  • A history of skin diseases that manifest through symptoms like bleeding and burning
  • Serious skin conditions 
  • Dislike for taking baths despite soaring temperatures
  • Aggravation of symptoms due to rising temperatures
  • Inability to be exposed to the sun

Prescribed Medication: Sulphur

For Medical Conditions With Below Symptoms:

  • Aggravation of symptoms at night
  • Aggravation of symptoms due to hot and cold temperatures
  • Excessive perspiration, without relief   
  • Mercurial odour in sweat 
  • Tremor of the head or other extremities 

Prescribed Medication: Merc Sol

Expected Relief After Treatment & Possible Side-Effects

  • For acute symptoms, one can expect to get relief within a day or two
  • For chronic ailments, it takes time to get relief. This duration can extend between one month and six months, depending upon whether the patient has been diagnosed with one or more miasmatic complication or are associated with mental or physical trauma
  • There are no side effects of Homeopathic treatment if proper miasmatic remedy or potentisation has been prescribed

Disclaimer: Please take the medications only after consultation with a Homeopathy expert.

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