Expert TalkExpert Talk: 5 Tips To Prepare Your Body For Menopause

Expert Talk: 5 Tips To Prepare Your Body For Menopause

Menopause is that period of a woman’s life which marks the end of the menstrual cycle. It generally happens when a woman reaches the age of the 40s to 50s. It can be a difficult period, as it comes up with some uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sleep problems, weight gain, slowed metabolism, thinning hair and dry skin, and loss of breast fullness.  These are a few common things that women go through during menopause.

The Channel 46 collaborated with Dr Swetha MP, Consultant – Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, who discusses how you can prepare your body for menopause in advance to reduce its difficult side effects to some extent when it happens.

5 Tips To Prepare Your Body For Menopause

When we talk about one’s preparation for this period, it can be a little deceptive as everyone during the beginning of our teenage years tries to educate us on what menstruation is, what should be done and what not to be. Some are true and while some others are misleading, but at that age, we lack the knowledge of it and thus fail to decide for ourselves. But with growth, our bodies keep changing, and knowing about it becomes easier.  The basic self-care which we have known is the primary way to prepare for not only menopause but every other foreseen health condition, which occurs when we start to mellow down. 

1. Healthy Lifestyle

Expert Talk: 5 Tips To Prepare Your Body For Menopause

Eating healthy, exercising daily, and learning how your metabolism works are important factors to take note of. As we grow old, these things become more important. Apart from your physical health, you also need to keep a check on your mental well-being. 

2. Manage Your Symptoms

The symptoms of menopause can be despicable for a woman. Low metabolism, weight gain, and other visible physical changes can put a woman in a more confusing and self-doubting position. In a situation like this, it is very important for you to act accordingly to manage your symptoms.

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3. Take Care Of Your Bones

Expert Talk: 5 Tips To Prepare Your Body For Menopause

Your bone density begins to go down as you age. This rapid decline of it can come up with a number of other complications. Since menopause comes up with decline in the oestrogen levels, your bone strength can rapidly decline. Make sure to take adequate action to maintain it. 

4. Motivate Yourself

As already mentioned previously, menopause comes up with a lot of physical and mental stress. At such times, it is very important for you to motivate yourself and know how the cycle of life works, this is how human bodies are, and this is how we make ourselves bigger beyond how we look and what goes through with our bodies. This is because, as we grow old with all the learnings and experiences, knowledge about menopause is also something we gain with age. We tend to not normalise and find it difficult with what ageing brings with it, but it starts with you embracing it and realising how beautiful it can be. What it takes is to simply change your perception of it. 

In many cases, women are in denial as they measure menopause as equal to ageing. But in reality, this isn’t the case. The true acceptance of one’s age lies in accepting the fact that menopause is just the end of menstruation and not the end of life. When you accept it with open arms and a full heart, then naturally the symptoms and effects which you face because of menopause seem to be much smaller than how you interpret it as. A strong mind overpowers every difficult situation.

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5. Find Support Around You

It also comes with the responsibility of your family to provide you with the right environment and support, whether you’re a wife, a daughter, a mother or a friend. This is essential for you to keep believing that you are as beautiful as you were before you hit menopause. A true indication of womanhood is embracing all parts of it. Even in the 21st century, society still hesitates to talk about periods openly. It is high time that we start having conversations and spread awareness about menopause, start educating each and everyone to embrace it without the shame of ageing, and start being aware of this phase of life too.

No matter what you do, menopause is an inevitable part of your life, and it will happen when the time comes. The best thing you can do is to prepare well for it, physically and mentally. You would want to be at the prime of your physical and mental health during this time and that would surely come from the healthy changes you adapt to. It all starts with taking good care of your health and finding the support you need.

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