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10 Fun Facts About Newborn Babies

Newborn babies are a mystery, not just for the mommy but everyone around too. Here are some interesting facts that will enlighten and amuse you.

Expert Talk: Lactation Consultant Arushi Agrawal Sets The Record Straight On 10 Common Breastfeeding Myths

From quantity and quality, to bottle fed behaviour to breast fed behaviour, there are numerous myths surrounding the different aspects of breastfeeding. It's about time you get some expert advice.

Everything You Need To Know About Baby Kicks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a nurturing adventure with new surprises every day. Find out when your baby will start kicking and what baby kicks feel like.

Expert Talk: Gynaecologist Dr Vijayakumar Explains What You Can Expect If You Go Into Preterm Labour

Preterm labour can result in the birth of premature babies and the earlier this happens, the greater the health risks for your baby. Dr Vijayakumar tells TC46 everything pregnant women must know about preterm labour.

Expert Talk: Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Parul Tank Discusses Perinatal Depression In Women During Pregnancy

The period just before and immediately after delivering a child is the peak time for the onset of depression among mothers. Dr Parul helps loved ones recognise warning signs and provides some solutions which can be implemented.

Expert Talk: Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Sachin Bhonsle’s Advice On How To Deal With Back Pain Post Delivery

Why does your back hurt so much after giving birth? If you're experiencing postpartum back pain, here is some much-needed information from an expert.

Go Mommy Roopika Sareen Shares Effective Desi Nuskhe She Used During Her Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Term

From remedies for hair fall and to increase breast milk supply to dealing with nausea, bloating and constipation, here's a first-hand account of desi nuskhe that worked for me.

Expert Talk: Dr Sushma Tomar & Dr Manjiri Mehta On When & How To Stop Breastfeeding A Baby

Weaning is the process of stopping feeding your baby with breast milk. Here is some expert advice on making this process easier for new mothers.

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