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Social Anxiety, Not Just Shyness: 7 Ways To Take Care Of Social Phobia

Let’s not confuse social anxiety with shyness. Find out the debilitating effect of social phobia on mental health and gear up with the best remedial measures.

10 Books To Read If You’re Interested In Spirituality

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid spiritual reader, we have a suggestion for everyone! Discover our must-read list for everyone wanting to connect with their inner self.

10 Arm Exercises To Tone Your Arms Without Any Equipment

Searching for arm exercises that don’t require any equipment? Here’s the perfect workout to tone your arms at home easily.

Learn All About Intermittent Fasting Including Benefits, Types & Diet

Here are solutions to all your queries, doubts and inhibitions about intermittent fasting!

8 Social Media Habits You Need To Quit Right Now

You don’t need a full-blown digital detox. We teach you how to protect yourself from the drama, stress and stirring up of insecurities online.

Fortis Infertility Specialist Dr Tomar Helps You Choose The Right Birth Control For Your Needs

Learn all about birth control methods and its importance with Infertility Specialist Dr Sushma Tomar!

15 Keto Recipes To Help You Lose Weight The Yummy Way

Achieve your weight loss goals with delicious and filling keto-friendly recipes!

Expert Talk: Nutritionist Simrun Chopra Recommends 5 Nutrients Women Must Include In Their Diet

Real foods versus supplements. What is better? Nutritionist Simrun Chopra tells you.

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