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    Category: Mental Health

    7 Tareeke To Handle Rejection, The Right Way

    Yeh mere saath hi kyon hota hai? - chimes your heart and soul every time you face a rejection. But don't let it affect your physical and mental wellbeing because it's so not worth it.

    Expert Talk: 7 Ways to De-Stress & Keep Away OCD & Control Issues, A Psychiatrist Explains

    The terms ‘OCD’ (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ‘Control Issues’ are often interchangeably used because they are wrongly interpreted as the same. However, what remains common between them is that they are both triggered by stress.

    Expert Talk: 16 Lifestyle Mantras To Keep Stress-Induced Diabetes At Bay

    There are various factors that cause diabetes. But did you know that stress can be one of these factors that can contribute to this medical condition?

    Mind Matters: Commonness Of Possible Depression Symptoms & 5 Mental Health Platforms

    When the possible symptoms of depression do occur, they are simply branded as PMS, mood swings, falana falana as an easy way out. Here's how our audience identified with various possible depression symptoms and a list of mental health platforms, in case you need help.

    TC46 Unplugged: My Battle Scars Caused By Micro-Aggression & Sexually-Coloured Verbal Abuse At Work

    The workplace, our second home, plays an essential role in nurturing our mental health. Being a misfit at the workplace can cause trauma and snowball into a mental health problem.

    Expert Talk: 12 Badiya Exercises You Can Do At Home to Ease Stress & Anxiety

    Since the mind and the body are all interconnected, getting affected with one takes a toll on the other automatically. Here are 12 exercises to relieve stress and anxiety, while keeping you physically fit.

    12 Chhota Changes That Can Make A Bada Difference To Your Health

    On World Health Day (7th April), let's take a shapath to introduce small changes that will make a huge difference to our lives.

    Having Lunch At The Work Desk Is Not Lunchtime At All

    Bas do minute aur!...Bas abhi chalti hoon! And this “do minute aur” turns into several minutes, if not hours, until you find yourself having lunch at your work desk. Read on to know its long-term consequences.

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