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11 Definitive Ways To Stop Overthinking, Once & For All!

Apart from being such a waste of time, it brings out a flurry of negative emotions and drowns you under them, keeping you away from maintaining a positive frame of mind. #BeALittleMore conscious of how you can stop overthinking with these 11 wise hacks.

Woman. Not Superwoman.

"When one woman chooses to prioritise work over family, it is not because she is selfish enough to not care about building and enjoying her family life." Read on to know the author's take on how women are endless judged for every decision that they make regarding the multifarious tasks that they are expected to excel in.

5 Reasons Wearing Pretty Intimate Wear Is Good For Your Mental Health (& Our Top Picks For Some #Shararat)

Psychologists believe that wearing sexy intimate wear can be very therapeutic and great for your mental health. Here's how they contribute to your mental well-being & our 5 picks from Shararat that will make it a reality for you.

Expert Talk: A Psychiatrist’s Advice On How To Cope With The Loss Of A Child

The Channel 46 collaborated with Dr Fabian Almeida, Consultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Hospital, who shares tips that may help parents navigate the tragic incident of losing a child.

6 Tips To Prevent Stress Eating

Emotional hunger or stress eating is hunger which is a byproduct of the mind. It is a situation where the body asks you to consume unhealthy foods as a coping mechanism to deal with difficult moments. Know its causes, its effects on health, and how to keep it under control.

TC46 Unplugged: “When I Shared My Miscarriage Story, Many Women Known To Me Said They Had Been Through The Same Thing”

The only objective of me sharing my experience is to spread awareness about miscarriages being far more common than what people might believe. I expect to reach out to those in need of solace during these tough times. Read about the author's tormenting experience of a miscarriage and how she feels that we, as a society, need to open up about this subject to mentally prepare other couples to cope with a similar situation, should it arise.

Buzz 46: 8 Mental Health Platforms For LGBTQIA+ Community Members Who May Be Struggling

More than society, the pain of being disowned by their own family and friends is enormous to say the least. This spear balls into a full-blow mental health problem that is more widespread and more serious than you might think it is. On World Mental Health Day (10th October), here is a list of 8 platforms in India that people from the LGBTQIA+ community can seek help from for their dwindling mental health.

TC46 Unplugged: A Daughter-In-Law Will Never Be Treated Like A Daughter

"Despite being diagnosed of depression, my mother-in-law didn’t stop harassing me, egging me on towards trying to commit suicide twice." Read the author's story about harassment by in-laws that led to depression and suicidal tendencies, and how she overcome her mental health condition.

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