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    Category: Skin Care

    5 DIY Body Oils To Add To Your Winter Skincare Routine If You Have Khushk Twacha

    Move over moisturiser; it's the season to oil up! Here are body oil DIYs and store-bought body oils we recommend.

    Guide 101 On Including Collagen In Your Daily Dietary & Skin Care Routine

    The Channel 46 caught up with Dr Saru Singh, Aesthetic Physician, who shares the basics of everything you need to know about collagen - its benefits, factors that affect its production, how to boost its production, and more.

    Beauty Nuskhe: 11 Home Remedies To Combat Dry Skin During Winters

    The Channel 46 caught up with Supriya Malik, Founder of Indulgeo Essentials, who enlists 11 DIY desi remedies to keep your skin hydrated and healthy-looking during winters.

    Dermatologist Warns Against Viral Beauty Trend Of Using Menstrual Blood As A Face Mask

    Due to the growing debate on the efficiency of period blood face masks, The Channel 46 caught up with Dr Smriti Naswa Singh, Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetic Dermatologist, Fortis Hospital, to bust the myth that period blood is beneficial for a healthy skin. Also, know about benefits of menstrual blood face mask, which are completely misleading.

    11 Winter Skincare Tips For A Healthy-Looking Twacha

    The Channel 46 caught up with Desiree Stordahl, Director of Applied Research & Education at Paula's Choice, who guides you with 11 tried-and-true tips to get your skin through winter.

    6 Effective DIYs To Soothe Nasty Shoe Bites (& 7 Tips To Prevent Them)

    Shoe shopping is nothing short of therapeutic. But this wonderful experience is often overshadowed by a little fear at the back of our minds. What if my brand-new shoes end up giving me shoe bites!? here are 6 hacks to soothe them at home and 7 preventive tips.

    10 Roz Ke Habits You Should Avoid To Prevent Your Skin From Ageing Faster

    Your skin is a tough fighter. Alag alag type ki har problems ke saath deal karne ke bad bhi, it bounces back to good health. Everyday heat, pollution and external damaging elements all cause harm to our skin. However, do you know, you’ve unconsciously picked up habits that impact your skin health. Read on to know about these and how they affect your skin health.

    Buzz 46: 5 Skincare Secrets From Boss Lady Sushmita Sen On Her 47th Birthday

    From being India’s first Miss Universe in 1994 to adopting a daughter in her early 20s soon after winning the pageant to her phenomenal performance on OTT - Sushmita Sen has stayed relevant through all these decades and that too in style. Quite apparently, the Boss Girl has never overlooked self-care. Here are 5 of Sushmita’s beauty secrets that you should know more about.

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