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Desi Nuskhe: 6 Homemade Body Butter Recipes To Combat Dry, Dull Skin During Winters

Keen on keeping your skin soft and supple during the winter? Follow these simple DIY recipes to whip up your own body butters and let your skin enjoy the sinful indulgence of these creamy beauties.

Expert Talk: All Your Questions About Face Oils Answered By Kama Ayurveda’s Dr Sharad Kulkarni

Contrary to popular belief, face oils are not simply mega moisturisers. In fact, the right face oil can be absolutely life-changing. Here’s some holy grail expert opinion about face oils.

9 Essential Tips To Keep Your New Born’s Skin Healthy

Are you a worried mother with a newborn, concerned about their skincare? Well, let's get you rid of all the worries with adequate tips and tricks.

Skincare Glossary 2020: Paula’s Choice Helps You Understand The Trending Terms Doing The Rounds In The Beauty Industry

Hyaluronic Acid, BHA, AHA, mineral oil and so many skincare terms have been floating around and are being recommended for use. Here's a guide that will help you make an informed decision about your next purchase.

5 DIY Makeup Removers With An Essential Guide & Must-Try Recommendations

Having that perfect glowing, healthy skin free from the harsh chemicals of makeup is a dream for many. Here’s how to choose the right makeup removers and use it effectively for great results.

Is Your Skincare Routine Winter-Friendly? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Whether you like it or not, winter has already arrived and it’s time to switch up your skincare routine. Take this quiz to check if you have your winter skin care basics right!

10 Home Remedies For Blackheads That Actually Work!

Blackheads making your skin lose it’s glow? These quick tips are great for getting healthy, beautiful skin.

Self-Starter: Why Jui Bhansali’s Experts-Led Platform Smudg Is Just What The Beauty Industry Needs

We caught up with the boss girl to discuss what life's been like since she began her entrepreneurial journey, some of her biggest milestones, and her advice for aspirants looking to enter the space of beauty.

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