Buzz 46Buzz 46: 5 Skin & Hair Care Tips From Birthday Girl Sara...

Buzz 46: 5 Skin & Hair Care Tips From Birthday Girl Sara Ali Khan

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5 Skin & Hair Care Tips From Birthday Girl Sara Ali Khan
Sara Ali Khan isn't just one of the most popular actresses in B-Town. She’s also an icon a lot of young girls look up to. One thing Sara has been very vocal about is her journey with teenage weight gain, acne and PCOS to becoming a diva in the true sense. On her birthday (12th August), we're sharing her hair & skin secrets that we’re sure you’d want to know too!
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1. Eat Healthy & Workout
In many of her interviews, Sara has spoken about her teenage battles with obesity and unhealthy eating. And how she adopted a healthy lifestyle, with a high-fibre and protein diet (Sara absolutely loves her eggs and chicken!) and exercise (pilates in her favourite fitness activity) to lose weight and stay in shape. However, the right diet and exercise routine can also play a major role in giving you glowing skin and that beautiful hair you've always wanted. So start eating healthy, and working out today!
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2. Less Is More!
Sara says that one of the key things she learned from her mother Amrita Singh and her grandmother Sharmila Tagore is the importance of a minimalist beauty routine. And that's something you can apply to your daily routine too. It might be tempting to try every Instagram trend, or buy every new product on the market. But keep it simple. Apply only what your skin and hair truly need (It might even be a good idea to consult an expert for this), instead of putting an entire khichdi of products - which will do you more harm than good.
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3. Onion For The Hair
Pyaaz or kanda -whatever you may call it, onion isn’t just a staple ingredient in most desi kitchens. It’s also a powerful beauty product - especially for the hair. It helps curb hair fall and gives you shiny tresses. Apply it as part of a hair pack (with ingredients like dahi or aloe vera gel or oil), or you can even apply it directly to your scalp (but remember to wash it off quickly), and see the results. These days you can even find several hair oils, shampoos and conditioners containing onion extract (in case you don't want to use the actual vegetable).
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4. Natural Products
Sara believes in using natural products that are free from synthetic materials and chemical ingredients like parabens and sulphates. She’s very picky about the products she picks, and you should too! Be sure to check labels consistently and be aware if what you’re putting on your hair and skin are actually harmful chemicals.
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5. Consult A Doctor
Sometimes hair and skin issues may be deeper than just your lifestyle. For instance, Sara had PCOS during her teenage years (which normally leads to facial hair, weight gain and irregular periods - all of which show on the face and hair). It might be a good idea to pay a routine visit to a good dermatologist, and have them review your hair and skin before you self-diagnose.
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